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Monday, May 3, 2010

View from my dining room

I am still working on sewing together my 4patches from the 6.5 squares. I'm about 1/2 way through. Worked for a few hours this morning but had to call it quits for a while. The squares are looking good. You will use only 35 of the 39, 12.5 squares. Keep the extra 4 and make pillows from them.  When you have all 36 squares finished, you will have 5 squares across and 7 rows down.  Hopefully I will have all finished by tomorrow and can take you to the next step.

While doing dishes I looked out my dining room patio door and saw the goldfinch feeding.  Besides loving to quilt, my hubby and I are bird watchers. We have several feeders around our home for various birds to come and feed. During the winter months, we kept the thistle feeder out and the goldfinch came everyday. I had not realized they stayed around all winter, until I looked it up on Net. I discovered the males loose their bright yellow colors and look just like the females all winter. I know now to watch for their color change to tell me spring is coming.

We are waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive.  I have put out the feeder, they should be coming any day now.  They arrive around end of April and middle of May.  I will have to be quick to get a photo of them.

Today is another phys therapy day, not looking forward to it, but must do what I have to do.  Actually feeling pretty good today, and knee is bending better and better.

Have a good day, and happy quilting.

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