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Friday, May 7, 2010

Good News

Last month I made a quilt and donated to Mercy Hosp Benefit Ball.  Mercy holds a Benefit Ball each year and hold a silent auction for items donated.

The quilt I donated to the silent auction went for $1200.00.  I was so happy to hear it brought in this much money for the benefit  This year all monies raised will used to help the homeless shelter in Janesville WI.

The pattern I used was "Turning Twenty" and I stitched each individual piece separately in each block, did not use a running stitch.  The pictures don't really do it justice on how beautiful it turned out.

I have found out when you are in a business, you get  many requests for donations. I cant possibly honor all of these requests, but I have done a few donations for a good  cause and people I know personally.

Not sure if I will be sewing again today. Still have a few aches and pains that I am dealing with this morning. But if I do, I will certainly post what I do.

It's such a gloomy rain day today, I might just sort through some materials and maybe plan my next project. I'm hoping I will be able to actually do some quilting on the Tin Lizzie by next week. We will just have to see how I am feeling by then. 

I have so many stitch patterns running through my head, can't hardly wait to get back to my quilting machine.  It has been almost a month since I did my last quilt, it's like going through a with drawl. 

Even though it is a gloomy day, I wish you a good day and keep on quilting

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