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Monday, May 24, 2010

Finished 4 Patch Mint Chip

Finally finished the stitching/quilting of this quilt.  I used a landscape design. This is like a meandering, however, using long flat lines, rather than the all over puzzle pieces normally used in meandering.  This also look like water in a stream.  I used a bright green backing, really shows the stitching off.

After loading this quilt on my quilting table, looked at it over and over, and in my mind just couldn't decide which design to use.  Finally I thought there was already so much pattern in the quilt wanted to do something simply, so as not to take away from the different material patterns.

Let me know what you think.

Finished this quilt yesterday morning, early, as we had plans for the day and I just didn't want to leave it unfinished.

We went on a motorcycle ride with  4 of our friends.  One of the ladies that rides with us is also a quilter, and of course before we jump on the bikes with our husbands, have to show her all that I have been doing.  She really liked this quilt and the landscape stitching. She agreed the photos really don't show how beautiful the colors are in this quilt.

It was a great day. I was a little concerned about how my new knee would handle the ride, but it was no problem.  So excited now that things are getting some what back to normal.  Yesterday was the first bike ride I have taken and now that I know it is not going to be a problem for my leg, we can plan on going more often.

It was a short ride, but long enough for first trip out.  Wayne said we rode a little over 100 miles.  His back was starting to hurt him, so we cut it short and headed for home.   Before going on our trip, Wayne wanted a photo of his bike, he luvs it so much. So here it is and here is Wayne.

Now back to quilting, working on a small wall hanging. Just started this morning, and ready to quilt, but have to purchase more batting.  Waiting for sale at local fabric store before buying anymore batting.

Now that I have put in 3 hours in sewing room, time to do some (ugh) housework.

I will show you how the wall hanging turns out as soon as I finish it.

Lets Quilt.

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