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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wall Hanging

Finished quilting the wall hanging:  I made this small quilt hanging 36x36 in a few hours (right photo).  Like most if not all quilters we never throw away scraps from other quilts.  Last November I had made a quilt for my daughter Stacy.(see above photo)   This quilt was done On Point, so  for the wall hanging I used the cut off point ends.  Sashed with extra batik material used on yet another quilt.

Simple looping stitch on the sashing and large swirl pattern on each of the squares.  I think this turned out quite pretty.  Still have to sew on the binding, but that wont take long at all.

Next week, June 3rd, going to visit brother and sister-in-law.  Donna (Two Red Threads) has requested quilting a whole cloth as she has an idea, fabric painting on pre quilted material.  I finished the whole cloth using various free hand quilt designs, and I am looking forward to playing with her new idea.

I will report on how this all turns out when I return.  In the meantime, have no new projects to work on, just sew bindings on the 4 patch and this wall hanging.  I will be taking them with me to do the hand sewing.  Even on vacation, I like to keep my hands busy. There will be time when I will be sitting around with nothing to do, so I always take some small projects along, just in case.

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