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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Its Isnt Just About The Sewing

I know I know I talk all the time about the quilts the quilting etc etc etc.  But in the back of my mind and until  just the other day it really came to me.

Quilting and sewing isn't just about making pretty things.

Its also about socializing!!!!   We humans need and search out companionship.  Either as couples, family or friends.

Its in our every fiber of our being, its as needed as breathing.

For some people its getting together once a month to play cards, or out for drinks.  There are boaters, snowmobilers, cyclists, runners, birds watchers, and the list goes on. It doesn't matter, if we enjoy any activity we search out others who enjoy that same activity.

History shows quilting wasn't just about one woman making "blankets" for warmth  No it would be a group of women working together for a common cause, to sew, eat and enjoy each others company.  To discuss their lives, husbands, children, world events.

Its really no different now.  Put a few quilters together and yes we are talking about quilts, but before its over we have solved the worlds problems and cured cancer.

We are a very social group of people, and one of our most enjoyable events is
Shop Hopping with friends.

I did that just the other day with 3 of my good friends.  We went to Barrington IL, thanks to Candy Schroeder (who is always designated driver it seems)

She took us to her old stopping grounds where we met up with yet another friend Ruth Borck.

3 quilts shops and a good restaurant and you have, for us quilters, a perfect day. And yes we did solve the worlds problems, if only some one would listen.