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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Now Thats A Lot Of Concerts

The Rag Tshirt quilt is completed - blocks cut/sewn into rows and clipped seams - ready for the customer to pick up.

Gus thought this was a game for him to walk from block to block =  He did say thats a pretty quilt grandma.

He especially liked the Lion king block

Monday, September 28, 2015

One Of A Mother's Memories

Recently a neighbor lady came to my house and dropped off 5 quilt tops and a box with blocks to be completed.

Her mother passed away - and while the family was cleaning out her house, found all of her unfinished and unquilted tops.

This is the first of many to be completed.

I hope when I'm gone my children will divide my quilts and cherish them as memories of me - and here's the big one -  anything not completed - find another quilter to get them finished.  Its not like I don't know a few - I'm sure they could find someone to get the job(s) done.

I have already given instructions to my quilting friends, to come into my house and clean out the stash - as I'm sure, my kids wont have a clue what to do with all the fabrics.

One friend - I wont name names - has put her bid in on the Long Arm - LOL - told her she would have to come for lessons before I die.

Stack and Whack pattern

free motion swirls

Lately Ive been thinking a lot about when I'm gone - maybe because recently I have completed and or quilted  tops for people that have lost loved ones.

My time is a long ways off so friends don't come and pick through the stash just yet.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

All Day Project

Normally I can get a large quilt done in 5 or 6 hours -  today, however, was a different story.

Fighting through the back pain - yes still sore from yesterday -  I did manage to get this awesome quilt done just a few minutes ago.

Here's how the day goes -  quilt a row - rest for around 20 min if not longer - quilt another row - rest - etc etc - for 13 rows.

Determination to get this finished today so I can deliver to customer tomorrow.

I know she is going to say I could have taken more time, but I know how important this quilt is to her.

Besides if I stopped doing what is needed because of pain I would not get much done around here.

Although I think I really messed it up yesterday.  I should be feeling a whole bunch better today, but Not!

Anyway, enough of the boo hoo

Stitched using a panto called Santa Anna Grande

Now for sitting back the rest of the night and watching Badgers Football.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Rescued Quilt

I have been quilting a Dresden plate for a customer -  while working on it I noticed the blades were all from clothing so there had to be a story behind the top - right?

Contacted the customer and she explained to me this quilt top - she rescued from a good will bag  - her friend was going to donate to gw.

The story goes:  Friend and her sister helped make this top with their mother.  The fabrics were from the two

sisters old clothing.

Not knowing what to do with the top the friend decided to donate - but lucky for the quilt my customer rescued it - sent it to me for quilting and now look at it.

The plate was hand appliqued using all strands of embroidery thread and then machine sewn to the background block.  - Raw edges not turned under - I think adds interest to the primitive look.

Customer is going to gift back to her friend - I'm hoping she will find value in the memories not just from the cloth fabrics but the making of the quilt with her mother.

It just goes to show you how quilters look at old tops - they can be made beautiful - so don't throw away grandma's or mom's unfinished tops, find a quilter and get them finished.  You will have yourself an heirloom that can be passed on to generation after generation with all the memories that go with it.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Daily Report

Number 2 for IN

Finished this yesterday - - lately it has been taking me 2 days to get a quilt completed - load one day - start a few rows and finish the next.

Too many interruptions I guess.   With several more to do and nobody is in a hurry I can take my time and not burn myself out quilting all day long.

Besides Im having too much fun playing with Gus and his "indoor sand"   One of the best presents I ever got him -   In case you dont know what Im talking about -  I found on the "net" kinetic sand and had to buy it for Gus.

I laughed so hard today though - while he was playing with his sand on a blanket on the floor - I answered the phone while I wasn't looking he had gone to the potty on his own, which he does all the time now.  Then he came back sat on the blanket  in the sand playing - when I noticed he was bare butt naked with his little boy parts covered in sand -  I had to wipe the sand off before putting his pants back on. While laughing so hard I almost peed.

He isn't shy obviously.  
This is NOT a pic of him butt naked 

I have to show you what a my friend Annette Vance made me -  we trade off projects for each other and she made me a ironing board cover - its so pretty I almost hate to iron on it, but I will!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015


I haven't seen a Thimbleberries quilt in ages - still lovely even as time goes by.

 I did a free motion all over feather stitching on this one - turned our pretty nice I think

This beauty is going to IN one of these fine days along with a couple more.

Its only Monday and my day is already booked - nails this morning, run to bank, some shopping for quilting supplies and a few groceries - meeting up with a friend to go to library to get more audible books.

Cant tell you how much I enjoy the audibles.  I still read at night before going to sleep, but its really great listening to a good book while I'm sewing on my domestic or knitting or any hand work -  LOL don't have to turn the page or hold a device just sit back and listen  Reminds me of the old radio programs, Yes I'm That Old - before television.

In addition time to load another customer quilt.

Oh and by the way Packers Beat The Bears - too bad Bear Fans - yay for Packers!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Winter Wall Hanging

Told you I was working today - been working on this since morning of Thursday - did a little then - a little yesterday and finished it working all day today

camera likes to flip them on their side

Ok on to the next one

Madison Quilt Expo

A year has gone by already!!!!!

Cant believe how fast the months are flying by now.

Attended the Madison Expo again this year with friends so get ready for your mini show:

Obviously these aren't all the quilts or even all the pictures I took - but you get the idea.

Now to start my own quilt show here at home  -  not really but I have quite a few customer quilts waiting for my attention, working on one now that is going to be very awesome.

While most of Edgerton will be going to Chili Mania I will  be staying at home working - gotta pay the bills and make the $$$$ for my next spending spree.  I have to laugh at myself when I say I'm working - its not work its play and I get paid to do it.

Oh and by the way here is the commercial for the day -  after picking up the vintage singer from repair Candy and I had to have lunch right?  So we went looking for the new BBQ place in Janesville - 
Back Yard BBQ - 1019 Kellogg Ave - there are no seating places so we took our food and headed for the park - sat at picnic table and enjoyed every bite of our pulled pork sandwiches.   If you like BBQ this is the place to go (other than my son's Toby he makes amazing smoked pork too but he doesn't do it every week) so next best place is the Backyard BBQ.

Didn't have to cook at all yesterday because, besides eating out for lunch,  went with some of my good friends for fish fry.

Gees I'm gonna have to start shopping for bigger clothes if this keeps up.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh Yes I Did

Yes with no difficulty at all I did change vehicles - went from one Jeep to another Jeep LOL -  I like jeeps

The other one was a Patriot,  I upgraded to the Compass.

Now my new one I love - I can raise the seat over the steering wheel - well not the actual seat - but my head and vision are up up up, a big plus there - the mirrors are of normal size so I can see beyond them without fear of hitting something as I turn a corner.  There are a few more bells and whistles - one being Sirius radio -  never thought I would be a fan but now I can listen to the 50's and 60's all the while I'm driving, so that part of the trade is another plus, along with the phone in the dash.

Not that I spend much if anytime on my cell phone while driving its a nice feature for the "just in case" times.

So its back to quilting - I have to pay for the new car you know!

What is it about Olaf that just make a person SMILE  - I know he makes me smile -  I quilted using a panto Snow Winds from

Free Motion meandering

And just in case you haven't seen my new Jeep