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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

After Christmas Blah!!!!!!!!!!

3 hrs and I have all of Christmas stored away again for another year.

Now the house looks blah -  it takes about a month before I get over not seeing all the extra bling - red/greens and shiny things

On the upbeat at least the house is  clean.

Way below zero today - which means its stay home and get working on rag quilt.

All the blocks (hopefully all) are cut and getting ready to "sandwich" them.

BTW - had a great weekend what with play day with Study Group on Saturday and my annual Quilters Christmas party Sunday and The Packers Won - which totally surprised me.

We always enjoy the show and tell and the gift exchange

Well now all the holiday celebrations - settle in for a long boring winter. Yuck

We will have to find another reason for a party and sew days just to get through it all.

Hmm let me think on that!!

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