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Monday, April 30, 2012

1 or 2 Wheel Chair Quilts

Very productive day today.

Free motion bubbles
Making a few wheel chair quilts for Edgerton LT patients, just finished quilting and binding this one this afternoon.

While gone this morning running errands the Crane came back I'm sure, because the pot with water lilies was turned over again.  We can only see 2 of the KOI.

Wayne and I found some fence wire and put a cover over the pond, now lets see that nasty bird come back. Hope it gets its feet caught in the wire and we can shoot the son of a gun.  I don't like killing any animal or bird but when they mess with my KOI I figure they are fair game. Hey they asked for it, not me.

It isn't pretty looking (the fencing) but if it save the fish its worth it.  I'm going to surround the outer edges with rocks in hopes to make it safer and look better. For today it will have to do.

This will also keep the ducks out of the pond. Not to mention, the KOI might not try to escape again.  Wayne said one was out again this morning when I was gone.  He put it back in.  Now I'm thinking they aren't jumping out but the Crane maybe picked it out of the pond and it was too big to swallow and dropped it.  Who Knows!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

3 In 1

Because I have been getting behind I thought I would combine all I have been doing past few days in one post:

Starting with today. We went to Reedsburg to watch Emma in her gymnastics meet - This is State meet and I'm happy to say she took all over 3rd in her class.  I must admit though I am not up to going to many of these.  This poor old gma is stiff and sore from sitting on bleachers all afternoon, and Wayne he couldn't handle it at all so he missed all but her first round. He had to go and sit in the lunch room where the chairs were somewhat more comfortable.  I took many videos but this one turned out the best even though I had to keep trying to film around the guy in front.  He was actually working the meet so I couldn't yell at him to sit down.

Yesterday I managed to sew together some blocks that had sitting in my scrap drawer for "wheel chair" lap quilts going to be given to Long Term patients in Edgerton along with a table topper.  These, of course, still have to be quilted.  Sorted through the package of flip flop batiks and have them ready to send on to next quilter on the flip flop list.   Sorted through tshirts that I'm going to be making a tshirt memory quilt for my friend Sharon.  She lost her husband Joe a few weeks past. Getting these ready to start her quilt.

Still working on the yard - which will be a never ending job this spring and summer.  But I think I'm gaining, LOL really I think its possible to keep the yard and flowers under a some what chaotic control.

Right now our biggest worry is finding a Crane in the pond.  Managed to chase it  out of there and Ky and Belle chased it out of the yard, but now the fish are in hiding.  I have only seen 2 since finding the Crane, and that was yesterday.  Even the 2 that are visible would not even come to the top to feed today.  Is it possible the crane came back today while we were gone.  I'm in great hopes that the fish are just buried deep into the bottom of the pond in the green moss/vegetation.

Keeping as close an eye on the pong as possible.   I am thinking we need a "motion" detector with lights and sirens.   It was suggested to me to put chicken wire over the opening for a while to see if that will keep them out and possible away forever.  Its something to think about.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Little Behind

Sorry just running a little behind on posting whats been happening.

First off would like to say Welcome Annette to the first sewing/quilt lesson.  We had a great time, and Im going to enjoy teaching her as much as I can in 4 lessons.   However, a person cant learn it all in 4 lessons, and I'm here for her with any additional questions and challenges she may have after lessons are over.

1st Lesson: Learning how to measure, square up and cut fabric.  Annette has the June Tailor slotted cut ruler, as do I but, this does not teach anyone how to square up fabrics when not using this amazing ruler. So its back to step one. How to use other rulers besides the slotted cut ruler.

Even though she has a pattern that left much to be desired re: cutting instructions we managed to get  enough cut to send her home with homework.  We used my design board to lay out each block for her to take home and sew together.

After her lesson using the other rulers,  I let her  use the slotted ruler to finish cutting pieces

 Yesterday was Sew Day with the Girls our once a month sew day

I finally made MY VERY OWN bag.  I promised myself this is not going to be given or sold to someone else as all of my other bags in the past.  Just to make sure, I transferred all of my "stuff" from my other purse to this one this morning.  I can truly say I love this bag.  With the pockets on the inside and outside, everything is so organized and so easy to find whats in the purse.  Unlike my other purse, once something got out of place in the that one, I had to empty the entire purse to find what I was looking for.

Liz showing her "charity" quilt.  She has asked if we would make  wheelchair quilts for  residents of the long term, nursing home in Edgerton.  We all agreed we would
She is also making these cute bags for walkers again for the residents of LT

Marge is doing hand sewn Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt

Another beautiful hand applique by Jane

Liz showing off her hand applique

Margie and Elaine are also working on appliques hmmmm there seemed to be a theme this last sew day

Henrietta working on her thangles ahh at least there was one other person  besides me that wasn't working on appliques

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amazing Applique

I can not do hand sewn applique worth a darn.  Its one of those "arts" that requires practice practice practice.

After quilting this beautiful quilt for Margie, I'm thinking its going to take more than just practice, need lessons from someone who knows (Margie).

She does an amazing job appliqueing and its always a pleasure to do one of her quilts. They are works of art.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stoughton Quilt Show

Kylee, I and 3 of my friends headed towards the big city of Stoughton for a first annual quilt show for Skaalen Homes.

A group of woman from several area churches held their first annual quilt show in support of the Skaalen Nursing home.

They had 120 exhibits, which is amazing for their first show.  I took over 60 pictures but wont post all of them, here a just a few of some of my favorites

Some of the quilts were actually made in the 1930's. We enjoyed the show very much and if this is their first year imagine what it will be like next year.