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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Athena's Puzzle

WHOO HOOO  Its finally quilted, just need the binding put on and its ready for the Edgerton Quilt Show.

This has been a long time waiting for me to quilt, but finally, finally loaded it and quilted it. Starting yesterday morning and worked a few hours before having to leave.

Finished this morning.

At first I thought about quilting with one of my pretty pantos, however, because the fabrics are so busy and colorful, I thought a panto design would just disappear.  I chose my old time favorite, Swirls.

I was right, the stitching almost disappears in the quilt, so glad I didn't spend the extra hours needed to do a panto.

Yesterday we went to our granddaughter Lexi's birthday party.  She has turned two and bad grandma forgot her camera. Can you believe it. Me without a camera.  I'm hoping Deena will post some fb pictures that I can copy and add to my picture folder.

Yesterday was pretty much a great day all through the day.  Quilting,  seeing grand kids, Packer game that we won by one point.  Nailbitting heart attack game but we won.  AND - I sold one of my quilts on Etsy.

Summer Breeze is sold!!!!  - I have had an Etsy store off and on for a few years and this is my very first sale.

Lets think positive, that its only the beginning of more sales.

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