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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rock Valley Quilt Guild Challenge 2013

Taa Daaa - quilted my challenge quilt today, just need to bind and I'm ready for July show and tell.

The challenge, using the multi colored gold fabric, at least one diamond must be in the quilt and using favorite embellishment.

I used my own pattern Forever Diamonds (perfect huh) - and shiny gold thread.  This is not a metallic thread but a poly blend thread I purchased while in Houston - "Twisted" by Superior.

I could, if I wanted to add more embellishment using hot crystals.  Haven't made up my mind on that yet.  Once I get it bound I might lay a few crystals down to see how it would look.

Feels good to get one of my many UFO's finished - I guess rainy days are good for something.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grandchildren and Quilting "Perfect"

Yesterday we celebrated our great grandson Tavyn's 6th birthday:

Tavyn in his Iron Man "floaty shirt" and swim suit   The shirt has swim floatation padding right in  the shirt.  So he should be able to wear this swimming without the arm floatation's.  With supervision of course.

Grandma Stacy helping him put on his Pirate costume

Mommy Brittany bought him this awesome big wheel bike, yeah she really did buy it for him "yeah right"

The seat does adjust forward so he will be able to ride without mommy

If she will let him hahahahahaha

After the birthday party I finished a customer quilt:

Patriotic quilt - I quilted free motion loops, stars and waves that might also be fireworks.  Depending on how your mind works.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Birthday Blocks

Its safe to post now, they have received their Birthday Blocks:   April and May (because I forgot April posting BB's)

Diane: Waynesville NC
Lightning Strike without the hst in corners 

Made Up

Diane's bd was actually April, but hers were traveling back and forth from Miami to NC and didnt receive them until May

The rest are all May Birthday blocks
Patricia:  New Brunsfels, TX
Contrary Wife

Basket Weave

Wanda:  New Caney TX

The one on the left I made up the one on the right is Wishing Ring 2

Peggi:  Vancouver WA

Both of these are made up

Chrissy:  Pelham MA  
This one is made up

Snowball block

Making the Birthday Blocks for each of the girls is so much fun. I try to make a different block for each girl, some I make from patterns some I make up as I go along.

Wanda's made up block I love and plan on making an entire quilt with this block pattern.  As far as the made up blocks, I think they are original, haven't seen any blocks like them, but you just never know.  I just know I did not use a pattern to make them, so I consider them an original block.

If anyone knows they are actual pattern blocks, I would like to know, please shoot me a comment and let me know the name of the blocks.

Made 2 more BB's this morning, but cant show you them until the birthday girl gets them - June there are 2 Birthday girls.  Watch for them in the near future.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

You Could Have Knocked Me Over With A Thread

2nd day of Rock Valley Quilters Guild quilt show.

So many beautiful quilts and displayed so beautifully.

Took as many good pictures as I could - and some not so good but the show was fabulous.

Some people I know personally one ribbons and ta da -  to my very big surprise I actually won a ribbon this year.

2nd place Bed Quilt - Constructed and Long Arm Quilted By One Individual.

My pattern Lightning Strike:  When I was asked by guild to enter a quilt, I didn't have much to chose from as you know I have sold off or given away many many of my quilts.  So I pulled this off the quilt rack and sent it on.  Never imagined it would actually take a ribbon.

I can now say I have an award winning quilt and pattern - whoop whoop.

Although I am very excited and extremely honored - I, like I said was totally surprised.

The Best of Show - by Karla Nitz was jaw dropping beautiful

I had several of my customers showing their quilts - I think in total I had 8 quilts with my name as quilter on them.  Can we say happy dancing!!!!!

A good friend and customer of mine Vicki Oaks, also won a ribbon - I did not quilt this for her she had it done by a another professional with a computerized long arm.

This is a beautiful quilt - Tonga Nature BOM By Wing and a Prayer

I took many pictures some good some not so much -

There were many more, however, I did not take pictures of all of them it would take you a few days to go through all of them