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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Fun

Today skipped exercise class to go (guess what) work on a new quilt pattern.  Sister-in-law Alice and I spent from 9 am to 5 pm, break at noon for lunch on a Buggy Barn pattern.  Neither one of us have ever done one before, so it was a learning as you go experience.

We really enjoyed the entire process and I will definitely be doing more Buggy Barns in the future.  This is the project we chose to work on for the Barn Chick quilt group we recently joined.  Meeting every 3 months at Loose Threads in Milton.

Only have 8 of 12 squares finished. So tomorrow will be working on the remainder of the squares and adding sashing.  This work in progress is sitting on my design board and waiting for me.  The prints are much prettier than what shows here, hopefully, when finished will get a better pic.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drunkards Path

Bright Autumn colors used in this Drunkards Path pattern.  Bright oranges, reds, greens, yellows, golds, browns all the colors of fall.   I love the fall season, the colors the smells, the cool crisp days.  Always sad when all the leaves have dropped, but enjoy the colors while they last.

 Quilt size is 63x76 and fits regular size bed as a top. First photo is actually on my queen size bed, or can be used as a lap quilt cuddle up on chilly winter nights.  The backing is a wild floral, with, again, colors of fall.  I used a large meandering stitch.

I do the Drunkards Path different than most people.

Most people use a template to cut the half circles etc.  I simply applique a circle to a square and then cut into fourths.  I personally like the appliqued circle with a zig zag stitch.  This adds to the pattern and defines each piece.  It takes me hours to arrange on my quilt board the pattern.  I am very fussy placing each piece next to the other to arrange a pleasing color combination.

Again, you need to imagine these photos brighter and more vibrant.  I've decided it's not the camera, it's the lighting in my house.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fish Boil

Well another great family get together.  Had Fish Boil at our house yesterday afternoon.

Good food, thanks to all who brought dishes to pass.  Great fun with family, with lots of memories and laughing.

Watch the fire flare.  This is done to boil over the water that removes the oil from the fish.  You wouldn't believe how good this all tastes.  Boil potatoes, carrots, onion and finally add fish and cook and boil. MMMMMM good.

The weather was cool but dry.  Perfect for sitting around a fire. 

This is my favorite time of year.  Love the smell of autumn and the cool days and even cooler nights.  But I really don't like whats coming next.  I am not a winter person.  Don't like cold or much snow.  Its easier though, now that I don't have to drive to a job

Mess is all cleaned up from party. Later today, going to the apple orchard to get me some honey crips. MMMMM again

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kitchen is done

So much work.  We worked until midnight last night but we finally have the kitchen I wanted when we first bought this house. 

Here Wayne is working last night, we put on the final touches, added backsplash under cabinets and around stove.

I now have the prettiest little kitchen ever. New floors, counter tops and attractive backsplash.  Next step new curtains and maybe fresh coat of paint.  But that will wait for awhile, for now I am happy with the way it is.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Still remodeling

Finally have the kitchen and dining room flooring in, looks awesome, but by the end of Saturday installation, Wayne and I were worn out.  We didn't do the installation, hired it done, but had to move the 2 rooms of furniture out of rooms before the installation.  In addition, made beds, did dishes, washed 3 loads of clothes, vacuumed twice and wiped down the new flooring.  By end of day, I was not in the best of moods, so went to bed at 8:30 to avoid an silly tired arguments, that I knew was going to happen.  We were kinda snipping at each other over small silly things.

Here are the results:    

Next step, ordered new kitchen counter, and looking at copper/tin for back splash and surround stove.  Really really really hoping we can get this done by Saturday.  We are hosting a Fish Boil in our backyard and would like to show off the finished kitchen.

Ever had a fish boil?  I hadn't until a few years ago.  Never thought I would like boiled fish, but boy was I surprised.  Tastes wonderful and really looking forward to this weekend.  Inviting the entire family, again, and a few close friends.  Looking at weather report, and so far so good, no rain for Saturday or Sunday.  The way the fish is boiled is really funny, cooked over an open wood fire in a big pot, and just when the fish is all cooked, just before serving, throw kerosene on the wood fire and watch the fire explode this causes the water to boil over.  Its quite a sight to see.  Some restaurants  in Door County do this every year.  I think you can find a link to this on the net.  Just enter search fish boil Door County and you will find several sights to view with photos.

Still working on another quilt "Drunkards Path" using all fall colors.  So far all done except the outer border, and of course the quilting part.  Hope to have finished in next few day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brown Beauty

Beautiful brown, taupe, and light brown quilt.  This quilt measures 85 x 107 and is designed and sewn by my sister-in-law Alice.  She embroidered flowers in some of the squares. 

Alice (we call her Dee Dee) owns an embroidery machine and is looking to upgrade next year.  While we were at the Madison quilt show last week, she spent time looking at new machines.  Wow, I thought Long Arm machines were expensive.  The embroidery machines run $7000 and up for the size she is looking for.  I was amazed at how much can be done on one of these beauties.  If I could afford one, I would consider getting one of these.   However, I will just stick to my little Singer sewing machine and my Tin Lizzie long arm quilter. 

If I had one more (toy) to play with, wouldn't have enough time in the day or week to do all I wanted to do.  Its hard enough now to get everything done, that needs to be done.   One of which is housework staring me in the face.  Dust is forming and floors need to be vacuumed (what again).  Haven't fixed a special meal in weeks.  Quickie hamburgers, BLTs and what ever else I can manage to make in 30min or less is whats happening here.  Maybe I will be a good little wife and fix steaks on the grill tonight.  That might make Wayne happy and it doesn't take much time to prep. steak, fresh tomatoes and fried potatoes.  Sounds like a plan.

Must get busy doing the wifely things now.  Tonight is the first show of the new season, Survivor.  This is one of our favorite shows and looking forward to the first show.

Tomorrow must remember to go to the Friendship Stars Quilt Guild.  With all that's been going on, almost forgot about it.   I will have to write a note and put it in my sewing room and another on refrigerator so I don't forget to go.  I will be taking something for show and tell, just haven't decided what it will be.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking Forward

Currently working on a large 84x107 quilt for customer.

This is taking time, but its going to be worth it.  Unfortunately, for what ever reason, my back and hips are hurting more than usual and am unable to work for more than 30 min or more.  So resting up for the remainder of day and will hit it bright and early tomorrow morning.  I prefer to do my quilting early morning anyway.

Sunday my grand daughter brought over my great grandson for Grandparents day visit.  We celebrated with pizza and chocolate milk.

Tavyn is 3 and getting potty trained. Doing very well.  He especially likes doing the "potty dance" afterwards.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretty Purple Kitty

Baby/crib blanket complete. 47x 57 nice baby or toddler blankie.  Soft flannel and chenille with cute kitty squares. I used 3 different quilting stitches for this cute kitty.  Hoops, loops, swirls makes for a nice design front and back of quilt.

Its football Sunday, and I finished the binding during the Bears game.  Taking a break from the Packers game to post this and posted to Etsy for sale.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quilt Show

Got home a little while ago from Madison Quilt Show.  I always enjoy this show.

But I gotta tell you, took my life in my hands getting there, between traffic on beltline 12/18 for the Badger Football Game and the Quilt show, bumper to bumper traffic.

Show started 9am, I got there 9:01am and parking lot was already half full.  These ladies must have either slept in their car or got there couple hours before it opened.  But I fooled them, I have a handicap sticker and got right up front. HAHAHAHA.    However,  found out one thing, people who tailgate you on road are probably the same people who tailgate you walking.  Dee Dee swears one lady was so close behind her, she could feel her breath on her neck. I said it before, women on a mission are dangerous.

Show  was worth going, the quilt exhibits are amazing. Especially those who do the HAND quilting. Just awesome.  I used to do hand quilting years ago, and maybe some day would tackle again, but the quilts we saw were full size and larger.  Can't imagine how long must have taken for some of these to be complete.  My hat is off to those wonderful ladies. 

Wish I was a little younger and in better shape.  By the time we left, my hip was hurting so bad felt like it was on fire.  But, enjoyed the show anyway.  And yes will go again, fight through the pain and do it all over again.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rick Rack

Pretty greens, raspberry, floral makes up this Rick Rack pattern quilt.  Using 3 strip sewing and laying squares out into a rick rack pattern makes this a sweet quilt.  Size is 67 x79, so nice lap quilt or top to a full size bed on top of a coverlet.  Stitching pattern curves and loops, all free hand.  I don't have a perfect stitch computerized quilter, and I like it this way.  I enjoy doing the stitching using only my imagination.

The materials were from the stash my friend gave me, she didn't know what to use them for, so she gave them to me.  I love it when people give me nice quilting material and I can come up with a pretty quilt.

Wouldn't any women, college girl, teen or little girl love to curl up with this quilt on a cool night.

This quilt is going on Etsy for sale

One down and 2 more to finish for my Etsy shop. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Working On Many Projects

I don't have anything completely finished yet.  Still working on 2, one lap top and a baby/crib toddler size.

They are sewn just need to get quilted.  Then its back to my cupboard of stash. I am planning on attacking this stash and using as much as I can, either scrappy or designed, which ever works for whats  there.  And there is plenty of it, so will be busy with what I have before I even think about buying anymore material.  (Right, wait until I see something I just have to have. 

The Madison Quilt show is next weekend, and 3 of us are going Saturday morning, just to look and get ideas.  It never works out that way, usually end up buying something.  We are not crazy enough to go on Thursday, first day, or Friday.  This is when all the first comers go and have to be there first or they just might miss something.  Its usually so crazy you take your life in your hands.  Women on a mission are dangerous and you don't want to get in their way.  We like to go, stroll along and really see the show, not rush from booth to booth looking, shopping and grabbing in front of that person behind you, that just might get that piece of material or kit or gadget before you do.  BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY ITS NUTS ON THE FIRST DAY.   Even the vendors fear for their lives, but they put up with all the crazy and wouldn't miss it for anything.  However, by Saturday they look forward to the more relaxed atmosphere and friendly shoppers.

I really have to vac my room today,  Chenille is so messy and threads all around.  Hubby would have a fit if he saw the new carpeting with all the mess.  I have to remind him that's what happens when you sew.

I look like a bushy sheep. Feel like I should be baaaaah instead of talking.   So its time for a hair cut again.  Will have to make time today and see Sarah.  She will make me look human again.

Sometimes I feel like I am letting life go by without my being a participant, only because I spend so much time doing just sewing.  I have got to remind myself, there is life outside my sewing room.  So for the rest of today, I am going to do a little ( and I mean little) housework and get out of here, see people, Sarah and Toby and my girl Kylee.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Geared Up

The push is on.  Several projects in the works for my booth at the Edgerton Quilt Show Oct 23rd.
Pansy Star

Been finishing customers orders, have a few to do and then I will be finishing my own that I have been working on.  More ideas in my head for the show and to sell.

Falling Leaves
I have opened my Etsy account and have only 2 quilts so far.  This morning I finished the sewing of a quilt top that will go up for sale on Etsy, and if it isn't sold by the time of show, will have in my booth for display along with a few more that I have  completed and more I will be sewing.

These are some of the quilts that will be in booth and one in the show.  Haven't decided which one to use as the show quilt yet, but think its going to be the Falling Leaves. 

Batik 4 patch

Double Irish Star
Baby quilt
Need a few more before show, but I'm working on them and sure I will be ready by October'