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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keeping Busy

Just 2 more full days before I leave for Houston.  Getting so excited, I have to keep myself busy so I don't just sit and think about it.  This way the time flies and I'm not bored.

Had our sew day with the girls Thursday.

Here is what I was working on from scraps I brought along

Did just the top at the sew day, came home and finished off with backing and trim.

Put on table with a fall decoration and look how cute that is:

Have a few more to make, and really want to get a few with Christmas theme going

Julie stopped by with a larger carry on suitcase for my trip.  Yay as the one I was going to use was a little smaller and totally cramped with everything that I'm taking with me.

Now with the additional space I can actually bring some purchases home with me.  The plan was to ship anything I bought in Houston back to my home.  Now it gets to come with me.

Haven't a clue what I will buy, but you just know I will be spending some money. Right?

We have been planning this trip since around January or February and Now its almost here.

Like I said before, I wont believe I'm going until I'm sitting on the plane.  Which brings up another subject.  I have never flown before, so glad I have an experienced traveler (Julie) going with me.  She can lead me around and keep me out of trouble.

Sew ( pun ) if you don't hear from me for a while its because I'm not here I'm in Houston.  Will be back Nov 5th late evening.

Tuesday the 6th will be unpacking and of course checking in with all of my friends and family, real and net.

In the meantime I will still be sewing and quilting until departure. Leaving 5:30am Wed. You and I know I cant possibly let any day go by without sewing something.

Actually Im thinking tomorrow morning, I will load one of my small quilts that has been hanging on the to do door for quite some time.

Have a dentist appointment at 1:00 but that still leaves hours and hours that I can be sewing.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Adding A Little Spice

Quilted another Tshirt quilt today for Teri.

Instead of the usual meandering all over I looked at the quilt and decided it needed a bit more attention.

She did such a wonderful job on the Dresden Plate I wanted to make it special.

Kinda fancy for Tshirt but so glad I did it this way.

Today I start the countdown for real.  I will be leaving for Houston next Wednesday Oct 31st and you can not believe how excited I am getting.

Every day before I leave I have things to do, which will help to pass the time and keep me from jumping out of my skin with excitement.

Today it was quilting.  Tomorrow, I must go do more shopping for TX and for here.  Don't want to leave Wayne without his favorite foods.  He told me he only needs hamburger, eggs, hot dogs, and tomato soup.

Oh well if that is all he wants that is what he shall have.

Sunday is Packer day of course, Monday I have a dentist appointment, and Tuesday I clean houses.

Tuesday afternoon packing!  Oh my when I put it down on black and white its even closer than I think.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need A Nap

Seriously I do!!!

Another one of those early early mornings.  Awoke at 3 and could not get back to sleep, so what do I do when that happens?  Yes start sewing.  That is what was keeping me awake.  Thinking of things I wanted to get finished.

First made these Christmas looking table toppers

Well at least they are red and green.  Maybe I should look for more Christmas fabrics.  Even if they don't have jingle bells all over them they look very festive.

Next: 10 Sewing travel bags. I am still sewing on the little Velcro tabs.

And here is Millie checking out the new quilt.

Move over Millie I'm crawling in with you.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Year Has Come And Gone

Edgerton Quilt Show - whew finally over and it was to my thinking a success!!!!

It always amazes me when I go to a show how many different quilts are shown. Never do you see duplicates, and each of the quilters has not seen what others will be bringing and showing. So again how can that be each so different and beautiful.

There were more but I don't think you want to see all 52 photos. Just let me say they were are beautiful and each quilter deserves a ribbon.

Ky, unfortunately did not win this year.  There were other little girls entered. Although, (grandmas opinion) Ky put much more work into hers than the winner.

Ky is checking out the competition (winner) she was a little 8 year old and she sewed sashing around some pretty vegetable fabrics.

Now this has made Ky even more determined to work on an even better quilt for next year.  LOL she is so competitive.  What disappointed her was the simplicity of the winner quilt.  She felt if there had more work involved she would not have been so disappointed.   I had to have a long talk with her about competition and how a viewers choice judging works.  Lesson in life I guess.  We have to remember Ky, although looks older, is still only 11 and thinks like an 11 year old.

She did, however, win a raffle basket, which eased some of her pain.

My booth was pretty busy all day and I did sell some of my table toppers (thanks Alicia) and quite a few of my patterns.  Handed out all of my cards. Lets hope I drummed up some business.

Whoop whoop - sold 2 of my quilts. Thanks to you know who you are.

Also sold one of 5 quilt ladders that a friend of mine makes. They are beautiful, I have one and love it.

If anyone is interested in these ladders, contact me and I will give you the information on how to contact Darran Sellers.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oops Almost Forgot

Yes I have been really busy getting everything ready for the quilt show this Saturday.

In doing so I almost forgot to show you a couple of wall hangings I quilted for one of my customers, Liz.

She has patterns for every month of the year and made these for her home.

This is May

Fourth of July

I really really like these. How nice to have a change of wall covering for each month.  She said she is not doing all 12 but, I for one, would love to see what the others look like.

Tonight I set up my booth and am ready for tomorrow.  You will also find these quilt ladders for sale at my booth.

One of my customers husband makes and sells these and they are truly beautiful.  I hope I can sell all 5 before the show is over.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Clean Out Scraps

2 days ago I had good intention of straightening out a box and bags of scraps and stash that have been given to me by good quilting friends.

I wound up doing just the opposite - I destroyed my sewing room and started a scrappy quilt.

So far I have 16 blocks made 12 are sewn together into a quilt and 4 more to be added, thinking that might be big enough

I managed to clean out one entire shopping  bag of scraps - tossing the tiny pieces that will probably never get used in  anything.

Now I have to get back in there and clean up the mess I made only to do it another day.

This Saturday (don't forget) is the Edgerton Quilt Show at the Middle School and I will be doing more of the same. Demo how to make these scrappy blocks.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kylee's Quilts Are Ready For The Show

Whew push push push, pressure, pressure, pressure.  But its done.  Finished the quilting on Ky's quilt this morning and now to add the sleeve and we can finally say we are ready for the show.

Washed it to give it a used quilty look.