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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Not really for twins and not really identical but petty close -  Customer made these 2 quilts for a husband and wife.

They are both outdoors people, hunting and fishing so these are so appropriate.

Last night was guild night and as usual most enjoyable.

Of course there is the "eating out" with quilting friends before meeting.

Somehow meeting with other quilters has to include a good meal.

Funny how that works

This weekend is our retreat weekend and I'm so looking forward to it.

I have 2 projects cut and ready and taking along a few more just in case........    You never know how long it will take and I might get bored with only a few projects.  Yeah like that is going to happen.

 Again with the food, we have our meals, and snacks planned and no way anyone is going to be hungry the entire weekend.

Brrrrrr its cold out - cant do any yard work unless I put on a parka - so Gus and I are in for a few days -  however, there are new occupants in my pond.

No not fish - a pair of mallards have taken over the pond.  Momma and pappa - come and swim and rest leave and come back off and on all day.

Normally I would be chasing them out but seeing as there are no fish its fun to watch them.

I'm a little concerned right now -  Momma is missing she came with poppa this morning, but now its only poppa out there and he keeps calling for her but she hasn't shown up.

What could have happened to her????   I hope she is OK and comes back he seems so lonesome without her.

While taking these photos there were flurries coming down,   Gees get over it will you and bring back the warm weather.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quilting For Donna

Another completed one for SIL Donna Kallner aka
using her gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.

Variation Rail Fence pattern - quilted with panto Fern Gully -  one of my favorite pantos.

Love the movement this stitching gives the quilt.

Yesterday took Gus outside and we played for 3 hrs.  Blowing bubbles - writing with sidewalk chalk, played in sandbox -  I wonder if he was as tired as I, when he got home.

Its so beautiful out again today, after nap time we will head back out. 

Now I have the entire pond fenced in - not to keep out birds of prey this year, but to keep Gus out.  He is so curious now and moves a lot faster than gma thinks possible.  The other day he climbed up the backside of the pond and was looking down into the water,  Yikes - scared the ....... out of me.

Hence - more fencing has been purchased and installed - giving this lady less stress.  

It might even be possible to do some minor yard work while he plays this afternoon.  I wont have to be constantly watching the pond.

That doesn't mean I can take my eyes off him for a minute, those little legs can really travel and before you know it he is not where he was seconds ago.

Hmmmm still considering dog harness.  Although at this point I don't think it would work for him.  Smarty pants would probably figure out how to get out of it.

He manages to take everything apart now.   Toys have a new look after he get through redesigning them.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grand Illusion

That is the name of the pattern by Bonnie Hunter for this perfectly awesome quilt.

Customer did an amazing wonderful job piecing this.

She tells me it was a mystery quilt -  I have never done a mystery quilt - but if this is the results I may have to consider it one day.  If anyone is looking for this - Bonnie Hunter has it on her blog.

I have not been idle since my last charity quilt, I have moved on to more of my own - busting scraps still, but making some really large sized quilts for me.

Hanging in my closet are 3 of my own quilts to be quilted and I just started another one.

My plan!......   To have a quilt for MY bed for the change of seasons and holidays.    I'm currently working on a red, white, blue for the 4th of July -  its coming together nicely.  Fingers crossed I will actually have it done by this 4th of July.

For now I'm  just waiting for it to warm up a little outside, then its time tackle a few flower beds cleanup.

The only way I'm going to make it outside is if I totally ignore my sewing room.  Not an easy task for sure.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Charity Blah Blah Blah

Yes a couple more -  I don't know how many I will be making but for now its fun to do and its busting some of my scraps.

2 bindings are finished and these 2 need to be bound.

I have to send out a huge shout out of thanks to Tim Vance - Annette's husband - they came over today and installed my new overhead 8 ft light for my sewing room - its unbelievable the lighting I'm getting in that room.
Thanks Tim and Annette!!!!!

Couldn't resist loading the quilt and under the Bright Lights finished it in no time.

There is a problem however,  now that the lighting is so bright it shows all and I do mean all of the dust and mess - right down to the cobwebs in the corners.

Guess I will have to spend some time cleaning !!!