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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Duplicate Day Dreams

Finished the quilt top of 2nd Day Dreams.  Getting ready to quilt it.

I have listed the quilt on and listed the t-shirt quilt for demo, trying to get orders to do more of these quilts.  Never ever used Etsy before, so should be interesting as to how well it goes.  I am not familiar with Pay Pal, so for now not using them as payment plan.  I will be checking it out, as I see everyone uses them.  It will take me time to peruse pay pal before I feel comfortable in signing up.  Perhaps will call my sister-in-law Donna "Two Red Threads", I know she uses them.

No work out class for me today.    Got all ready to go and find out Wayne has parked the Explorer (he is selling this vehicle) in front of garage door and by the time I find where he put the key, already running late.  Then the car wouldn't start.  So just gave up and decided no work out for me.  He was sleeping and as a good wife didn't want to wake him, so thought no problem, move the car out of my way and off I go.  NOT

MEN, always ready to find a problem with others.  When he finally awoke, asked why I didn't go workout and explained the reason.  Of course, first thing out of his mouth, "what did you screw up with the car"  Duh, open car door, insert key, turn key to start car. Nothing, so of course must be MY FAULT.  He goes out to see what the dummy did to his car.  Oops, ground wire loose on car.  Do I get an apology for not screwing up the car. Of Course Not. 

I think I will go to sewing room and see what trouble I can get into there. For real, I am going through some stash and see what I can come up with and put on Etsy.  I have enough quilts for myself, and no plans on making any for family members, so why not try selling some. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Pic, quilt I did last year for one of my customers.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

TShirt Quilt Milton Girls Basketball

T-Shirt quilt all done.  This was my first attempt at doing a T-Shirt quilt.  No Problem.  Give me a challenge and I will meet that challenge.  The size of this is 62x76 with 12 shirts, sashing and borders.

Would do all of these I could.  Enjoyed the process and especially the result.  Added a little touch to each square with an embroidery design stitch before quilting.

I hope this goes to school with her UW Madison and her classmates all want one. 

Anyone interested in having one of these made, contact me

Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Is Well

Took the Day Dreams quilt to work out class yesterday, and it was well received.  Everyone loved it, just as I thought.

After work out class went to Tin Lizzie dealer with all my test quilting to show Pat the problems I have been having.  She made some suggestions, one of which, change out tension components with the bobbin rewind tension components.  She felt, because I use my machine so often, I might be actually wearing out some of the tension wheels.  I did the change out this morning, and actually has made improvements on stitches, so will order new tension wheels.

This means I will be spending the rest of today in my sewing room, finishing the T-Shirt quilt and possibly finishing the quilt top of the second Day Dreams quilt.  Now that everything is running smoothly with the TL want to get as much done as possibly.

So its off to my sewing room for rest of today.

Don't know if you have seen this one before, so thought I would post pics of one of the quilts I did for daughter Stacy..

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Its finished size 82x82. Again colors are much bolder and deeper than shows

This quilt is going to be a gift to my bff Nettie for her birthday.  I am making a duplicate and will be selling on  

This quilt is awesome.  I used a variegated thread to enhance the beauty of the quilts colors.  Overall landscape stitching except for flowers  I outlined the flowers and filled in veins of flowers using free motion quilting.  The backing is a deep purple batik, and really shows the stitching on the backside of quilt.

I took many photos to try to capture all of this quilts beauty.  I don't think I was successful, but its the best I can do.

Before I post to Etsy I am going to have some one else take better pics to publish.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is my quilt cursed

So happy yesterday, I am back to quilting.  I messed around with the tension for 2 days and finally got the right combination for top and bottom tension. 

Don't have a clue as to why it was so out of whack, but got it fixed.  So I happily began quilting. 

This is going to be one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever done.  I am doing a customized stitching and worked on it for a few hours yesterday.  Very pleased with the way it looks.

Now comes the curse.  I am using a King Tut Variegated "Passion Fruit" thread.  Down to a 6" border to finish and would you believe, ran out of thread.  As I am quilting along, I can see thread is getting low, and I pray please, please, please let me finish before all the tread is gone.   Prayer was not answered.  For some reason, this quilt just doesn't want to get finished. 

It will take 2 to 3 days to get thread delivered.  None of the quilt stores has this thread in stock. Ordered on line, and also had placed an order with Life's A Stitch, last week as I knew I would need to do the second identical quilt.  So there it sits on my quilting table looking gorgeous and unfinished.  I can't do any other quilting until thread arrives and I finish this one.

That's why I think I am cursed for now. 

OK, so I cant do any quilting today.  But I have other plans.  Wayne and I are going shopping for the laminate flooring we are putting in our kitchen and dinning room. 

Even if I can't get my quilts done, my home improvements are moving right along.

Highlight of my week, Little Tavyn came to visit great grandma for a few hours.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Frustration plus

I've found the time to start quilting the awesome quilt I previously told you about.

Frustration comes with a new tension problem with my Tin Lizzie.  Just when I get one thing working just right, something else goes wrong.  At first I thought it was just me, but I spoke to another long arm quilter, and she is an expert. She has 2 different long arms, none of which are a Tin Lizzie.

Her advise was to keep at it.  It took her, and most other long arm quilters, 3 years to work out all the bugs from tension and imperfect stitches. 

The strange thing about my long arm, it will work beautifully for 2 or 3 quilts, no problems and perfect stitches.  Then boom out of nowhere it decides to give me imperfect stitches and a huge headache.

The quilt I am doing is so special, and I am doing a custom stitching to bring out the beauty of it.  Which means, when I start to remove stitches, I have an enormous job ahead, with all the extra detail stitches used in customizing.

Do I sound like I am belly aching?  Well you are right. Time to vent a little, so I can get it off my chest and go to bed.

So far the venting hasn't helped and I am still too keyed up to sleep.

Enough of this.   If anyone is interested in checking out the new quilt guild, there is a website you can look at:  I am already looking forward to the next meeting.

If you have trouble finding their website, you can find it on My Blog List.

Friday, August 20, 2010

T-Shirt quilt

I finished sewing of the t-shirt quilt. It turned out great, not able to quilt it yet.  Wasn't sure what size it was going to be so, did not purchase the backing yet.  Will be doing so tomorrow, along with more batting.  Wait until you see it.  Really did a good job and added a little extra touch to it.

I'm ready to quilt this quilt and the other quilt I told you about.  The one with all the vibrant colors.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day of quilting, pending any interruptions.

I worked on t-shirt until noon today.    Took a break and spent time on net looking for unusual materials. 

I'm getting into this vibrant modern look.

Just for kicks, went on Etsy to see what quilts are selling for.  You wouldn't believe some of the prices listed.  A couple of quilts are listed for $10,000.00.  And to look at them, cant see how they could possibly be worth this amount of money.  If that's the case, I should be selling my quilts for at least this much.  Nothing special to merit this kind of asking price.  Unless I'm missing something, there is no way seller should be asking these prices.  I will watch Etsy to see if and when these quilts get sold.  If they do, I'm going to start selling every quilt I own. Just kidding, would feel so guilty asking that kind of price for any quilt, unless it was made of gold or an antique, vintage, well preserved quilt.

If anyone knows the reason for these asking prices, I would love to hear from you with an explanation.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Quilt Guild

Went to the first meeting of new quilt guild "Friendship Stars Quilt Guild" Milton, WI.  Meetings are held in the Milton House, Milton WI.
They are just starting up with new memberships.  I think its going to be a good group of quilters and look forward to the meetings and sharing with them many ideas.

I have never belonged to a guild before, but have been thinking about joining one for a long time.  Once I heard it was going to be in Milton, I knew this was the one I wanted to check out.

Of course at end of meeting there is a show and tell, and the groups organizers brought the show and tell items.  Next meeting I anticipate many more show and tells, and I will bring something to the meeting.

This morning went to workout class, and then came home to my sewing room.  Started the T-Shirt quilt for a customer.  It is going along quite well, and will have ready for quilting by tomorrow afternoon.  I worked in my sewing room from 10am until 4pm.  The only reason I quite was to fix supper and get ready to go to the guild meeting.  If I hadn't had to do this, would have finished the quilt this afternoon.

This is the first T-shirt quilt I have ever done, and I am quite pleased with the outcome of my first one.  Pics to follow upon completion.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Carpet and tile done 

Really luv the new carpet, didn't realize how much the color matched the dog.  Like my brother said, its important to have your carpet match the hairs on your dog, less noticeable.   Installers did a great job and so helpful moving the furniture and especially moving my machine.

Started sewing right after work out this morning.  Feels good being back in my sewing room.  I am working on the most awesome quilt.  The most vibrant colors you will ever see all in one quilt.  Went to quilt store today to buy the backing.  Going to JoAnns's tomorrow for the batting, and should be able to get quilted before end of week or early weekend.

I have two of the same quilts to do, one for my bff Nettie for her birthday and the other for me.  I think I might sell this one on Etsy.  Have ordered more material to do yet another.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Reunion

Yesterday we had a family reunion with my side of family.  Haven't seen some of these people since my mom passed away 5 years ago,

Great food, great fun and family  I wont bore you with all 80 photos, but here is one of my immediate family.  One of my grand daughters is getting so tall, I was standing behind her and only the top of my head is showing.

Tomorrow is the final day of carpet install.  They will be arriving at 8 am and will be doing MY SEWING ROOM.  I am so nervous about having to move all of what is there including my big long arm.  But they did such a good job of moving furniture and installing upstairs carpet, I'm sure everything will be fine.  Can't wait until it's all done so I can get back to quilting.

I have client coming Wed. morning with a stack of Tshirts, she wants me to make her a quilt from these. Should be fun.

This morning met my cousin, wife, daughter, my brother and wife for breakfast.  They had to travel to the reunion and stayed in motel overnight.  After breakfast cousin, wife and daughter came to my house to see my quilts.  Of course I have no problem in showing off my quilts.  After all the oohs and aaahs, we had more chatting to do, and then they left for home.

I'm pooped.  Between the changes to my house and getting ready for the family reunion, I'm ready for a long rest.  Not going to happen for long, have to get ready for tomorrow morning

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buggy Barn Quilt

Last night went to Loose Threads Quilt Shop and joined a group called Barn Chicks.

This group gets together only once every 3 months.  Picks a pattern from Buggy Barn patterns.  Each member does a wall hanging or any size quilt they want and brings to the next meeting.  Also, does a a show and tell of other projects working on or completed. 

I have not been involved in any classes or groups for a while thought this would be fun.  I am not one to join groups where you have to meet each week, I like the freedom of once every 3 months. 

Was also advised there is a new guild starting in Milton, breaking away from the Janesville Rock Valley Quilt Guild.  I think I will go to the first meeting and see what this is all about.

Been sitting in my own little world/house for too long, need to get out and socialize again.  After all the junk went through last year, so ready to meet and greet new people.

Been going to gym everyday and working out with a bunch of girls.  These work outs are really helping me in flexibility.  Much needed exercise is going to be good for me.  Also, more socializing.  Most of the girls in the class go for coffee after workouts.   Plan on going for the coffee clutch only a few times a week.  After working out, I am energized and manage to get more done when I get home if I come straight home.  If I stop for the coffee, not as energized and tend to waste away the morning.  They are a great bunch of gals, and enjoy talking with them.  We all have so many different interests, and yet so much in common.

Tin Lizzie has a new carriage and encoders as of last night.  Greg repair man came and fixed me up again, so ready to get quilting again.  Will have to wait until next week after finish the flooring.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New flooring

Yesterday was the start of the new ceramic flooring being laid.  Poor man worked all day in heat, had to leave door open because of the dust created sawing the cement board used to level floors. He finally gets his work done late yesterday afternoon, and is ready to leave. 

Stupid me, we have had the upstairs blocked off with baby gate so Belle (dog) wouldn't go downstairs and walk on flooring.  Well, I wanted to say goodbye and peek from stairs at new floor, opened gate and dang dog almost knocked me over to get down there.  I screamed at her and so did floor man, she pounded her 80lbs down and onto the new floor.  Lucky he only had to replace 1 tile, she managed to squish it down and made it uneven.  So he fixed that and I shoved her in her bedroom for a few hours. So mad at her

Today, they are adding the grout to the floor and tomorrow we are good to go for walking on it again.  Looks great.  Friday the carpet gets laid, then back to normal by next week.

Repair man is coming tonight with a new carriage for my Tin Lizzie, with hopes this is the end of my problems.

I had a good compliment yesterday from the customer with the small lap quilt.  She belongs to a group, which I'm joining tonight "Barn Chicks".  The Chicks had a contest amongst themselves and displayed at Loose Threads their finished quilts.  Anyway, the owner of quilt shop and a few others asked her who did her quilting, as they thought it was beautiful.  Always like to hear the opinion of other quilters regarding my stitching. 

I am still new to this and need reassuring that people like my work.  Each day I gain more and more confidence.  Even though I hear all the time that my work is beautiful, I still need to hear it from other quilters.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Previous Works

As I previously mentioned I will probably not be doing any long arm quilting next week due to the new flooring coming. Starting Tuesday installers will install the ceramic tile and then from there the carpeting.

Last night I organized all of of my photos in Picasa to albums.  It never  fails when I try to find a particular photo, it is mixed up with other photos and I have to keep paging through to find what I want. So the organization began.

Just for fun thought I would show you some of my past quilts that I had done before blogging.  I will post a few here and there, hope you enjoy.

This quilt has an oriental flare, and was one of my customers quilts. The picture doesn't do it justice.  The colors were so bright and vibrant, I wish my camera had taken better photo.

This was my booth at last year's quilt show in Edgerton.  Lady in photo is my BFF Nettie. She was a great help to me and stayed with me the entire day, handing out business cards and talking to people about my stitching.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Managed to complete the Sunflower quilt, even though I was having problems with encoder that controls the front to back stitches.

This is just a small lap quilt, but very bright and colorful.  Especially liked the stripped border.  This really made the quilt.

This customer prefers only meandering in most of her quilts, and so this  was done as requested.  However, to spice it up I let her choose her thread, and she chose a variegated which really added to the finished quilt.

Today, Nettie and I went to "Quilts In The Park"  I was told about this event by one of my customers, but she neglected to tell me where it was.  Last year it was in the park in Milton, and I assumed it was there again this year.  Wrong.  Went to park and found it was empty of any quilts.  After calling local quilt store, "Loose Threads" was informed this year it is being held in Ft Atkinson, at Jones park.

So off we travel to Ft, only 10 miles from Milton and we found the event.

This a small event with a few local quilt shops setting up booths and displays of quilts and kits.

We found the most striking quilt, and purchased the kit.  I bought 2, one for me and one for Nettie for her birthday present.  Each year we give each other a present on BD, and this year I have looked high and low for something that I know she would love.  I spotted this quilt from across the park and was drawn to it.  She saw the quilt hanging on display and fell for it.  So I grab the kit from her hands and told her this was going to be her BD present for this year.

We are always doing this to each other, basically taking each other shopping until we find what we like and then buy it for the other.  Works well, no guess work and everybody likes their present. 

Now of course, I have to make the quilt and quilt it for her before her birthday in October.

So I now have my next project(s).  The other kit, not sure if keeping for me or giving to my daughter or grand daughter. They would both love this quilt.  Wait until I post it.  It is beautiful and unusual. Never saw anything like this before.

After the trip to the park, we stopped at Loose Threads and again she found material, no pattern that she liked, so we basically decided how she wanted to make the quilt, and she purchased the material.

She has carpel tunnel and can not do any of her own cutting, so I do it for her and then she can sew the pieces together.  Which means I know have 3 quilts to cut. 

I will probably start the cutting of the 1st quilt next week, when carpet layers are working upstairs, I can be down in my sewing room working.

Looks Like A Busy Week Next Week., in addition to working out again in the mornings

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Been Waiting All Year

They have finally bloomed.  I have been waiting all year to see them again.  These are huge.  Tried to do a comparison on size with my dog  Belle, but she wouldn't cooperate and sit where I wanted her to.  These are almost as big as her head.

 We were afraid Wayne had ruined them when he ran over them with mower this early spring.  But they came back bigger and better than last year.  Just took a little longer to grow.

They are beautiful. Each bush (we have 2) have so many bulbs on them can't even count all of them

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pansies and Stars

Its finished. Remember when I showed you a peek of a quilt I was working on from material given to me and scrapes I had.

Well here it is:   this quilt measures 68 x 88 and will given as a gift to a special couple.

Simple meandering other than the stars, they are done with a free hand star.  Stars are appliqued and I used a really interesting double thread zig zag applique stitch.  Last December I purchased a new Singer sewing machine, and has many different design applique stitches.  Really liked the double thread stitch.  It really defines the stitch to the applique.

I have a few more projects that I will be pushing this week.  Why the rush? 

Starting next week we are having the entire house re carpeted, and laying laminate wood flooring in the kitchen and dining room.  Now the important part, my sewing room will be re carpeted, and a ceramic flooring laid in entry way.  So, before this happens, I want to finish more quilt projects as my machine will be put away while room is finished.  This is no easy process.  The machine weighs approx 50 lbs and will have to be taken off the long 10 ft table.  There is no place to move the table to, so installers will have to move from one end of room to the other when laying the carpet.  This is making me very nervous.  Hate having to mess around with my machine and table, but if I want the new carpet, it has to be done.

BFF Nettie, requested I finish a quilt for her before this happens.  She too is nervous about the whole process.  She knows how touchy this machine is, and fears another trip to repair.  God I Hope Not.

Just for fun, I will take before and after pictures of the house make over.