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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just A Few Rules

One of the rules of quilting.  Measure twice cut once.

Well there is another unspoken rule:  Don't flip the fabric.

My own pattern, mind you and I tell myself each time a cut, don't flip the fabric.

Oops - I did it.  Discovered my mistake half way through cutting one of my strips.

The half squares on the left are wrong only because while cutting the sewn strips I flipped the fabrics, which resulted in the fabrics are now in the wrong place to be attached to the other half square triangle - the ones on the right are correct.

Lucky for me there is enough fabric to correct this mistake.  And lucky I only did it once during the cutting and construction of this quilt.

Five of seven rows completed.

If I stick with it (without making anymore mistakes)  I should have this ready to be quilted by tomorrow sometime.

The ones that are now a mistake, go to my stash to be used in something in the future.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

Although we have already done the family celebrating, and Wayne and I are home alone - its still been a very    nice Christmas day.

Made french toast for breakfast.

Nothing unusual for me to do some sewing.  You would think because its a special day I might not sew.  Not true. Today I'm playing in my sewing room, which is totally different than my usual sew days.

Made a new purse for me.

Stacy gave me a beautiful purse for Christmas, and have been using it for past few days.

Only one problem.  This purse, though beautiful, is quite heavy. Seriously, weighed it this morning and it is 3lbs, before I put in wallet, checkbook, phone etc.  After its loaded it must be at least 5-6 lbs.

So the new purse that I made comes in play.   I will keep the leather one for special occasions, and use the other for everyday. Especially shopping days.  By the time I finished going to the post office and shopping yesterday, I was worn out just from carrying the purse. I'm laughing for real, new purse is like doing arm lifts with weights, which makes for a pretty impressive weight training devise.

Leisurely sewing today. Can you believe, I have never ever, in all my years of sewing and quilting, made a log cabin quilt.

4 or more years ago, at a quilt show I purchased a special ruler just for making log cabin blocks.

For reasons unknown, I decided to give it a try.  (yeah I have nothing do in my sewing room)

Made this Log Cabin block from some Christmas Scraps sitting around.

In addition to working on Summer Breeze quilt

This is how I'm spending my Christmas day, not much different than most other days in the year, other than it is Christmas day.  While doing my sewing, I'm listening to Christmas music and reflecting on my family and friends.

Bff Nettie called me first thing, wishing each other a Merry Christmas and promise to get together real soon and do some serious sewing together.

Called our daughter Stacy and our son Ken wishing them a Merry Christmas.  I will be seeing Toby and Sarah later this afternoon, where we will be having a Christmas meal with them, and hugging and kissing Gus.  Not sure if Kylee will be there, hoping she is.  I always look forward to spending time with Ky.

My brothers called,  Don and SIL Cheryl, other brother Bill and SIl Donna and had nice long chats with each of them.

While this may not be a very exciting day, it has been a very special one.  I feel very blessed for having my family and friends near to me and in my heart.

Hoping you and your families have a Very Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Number 3 The Beginning

Now that the black/white is finished it was time to start number 3.  These are the fabrics to work with.

I have laid them out and shuffled and reshuffled to decide which pattern to use.  Went through 4 of my pattern books.  Still undecided.  Went through My own patterns.

Finally made a decision, still uncertain as to how it will look.

Fabric strips are cut

Now to decide which fabric gets sewn to which fabric.

Pattern chosen,  Summer Breeze, next test the color combinations and placements.

Here is the first block of many

This is going to be one awesome quilt.

When I first saw the fabrics I liked all of them, but not side by side.  They didn't seem to work together, until I put the first block together.  Now I love them.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Threadz Panto

Thought you might like to know what I'm talking about (for those that don't know) when I talk about pantos and quilting designs using pantos.

A Panto is a quilt design printed on a long paper that I put on my longarm table.  Normally my machine handles are on the front for my free motion, stencil quilting.  When using a panto, I move the handles to the back of the machine and follow the design with a laser light.

The only downside of quilting like this, I cant see the front of the quilt while quilting.  So while quilting from the back I frequently stop and see what has been stitched on the quilt.  One of my biggest wishes, someone would come up with a beeper for my tin lizzie to tell me when the bobbin is running low.  I cant see when the thread runs out and will often stitch quite a distance before I realize there is no bobbin thread.  After a period of time I have gotten to listen to the machine and when it sounds slightly different, I realize the bobbin is empty.  Unfortunately, I have stitched quite a ways before I realize the sound difference.

For this quilt I used the panto called Thriedz, designed by Patricia Ritter

This is another quilt going to CO - 2 of 5 finished

I have many pantos to chose from, looked at everyone and decided "Threadz" was the best choice for this quilt.  Funny...... I chose the same panto for the other quilt I made for CO.  Without realizing it when I started, but while I'm quilting along, it came to me it was the same panto.

Do you remember this one?

With the sharp lines and modern looking fabrics, I thought "Threadz" would be the perfect panto.

Now that the quilting is done for the day I'm baking the cookies I was going to bake the other day.

Also have to make the bed.   Yes it is still unmade at 3pm.

Up at 5:30 and proceeded to quilt.  Started it yesterday, but my back was giving me problems and could only do a row or 2 and then would have to sit and rest.  Finally gave up on it yesterday.  This morning I took a high powered pain pill just to get it done.   My mistake, the pill should be taken with food and I didn't.  By the time I was finished quilting, I was sick to my stomach and quite dizzy.

Wayne got up with me at 5:30 and he went back to bed around 8 for a nap, he got up and I crawled back in  for a nap, waiting for the pain pill to subside.

Finally around noon I got back up, .......... Wayne went back in for another nap.

We are both up and showered for the day so I think its safe to make the bed now.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Big Storm

Perfect day to stay inside and work on the final Christmas presents.  No pictures - just in case the recipients read the blog.  I know they do.

We are getting hit with the "Big Storm"

And........ Its still snowing.

I really love days like today, as long as I don't have to go anyplace that is.  Been watching movies and crafting all day.

Wayne went out earlier and blew and shoveled snow.  Our daughter Stacy came by and helped.

Unfortunately you cant even tell they were there all signs of shoveling are gone.

I'm finished with the presents, now for a present to me.  I'm going to crochet myself a warm scarf.  This might be the year it will be needed.

After the strange winter last year, betting we are going to have the true Wisconsin winter. Cold, ice, snow, you know the usual.  Makes a person really appreciate when spring arrives.

Which reminds me.  We have been living here for an entire year and still enjoying the house and the yard, yes even with the snow.

Last year at this time, I was still settling the house and looking forward to the spring and summer.  Not even realizing how much work was going to be waiting for me.  No complaints though, the work was well worth the rewards.

2012 is almost over and I will be reflecting on what a year it was.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Had To Steal It!!!!

A friend of mine posted this and I just had to steal it!!!  Enjoy

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
The only one sleeping was the Quilters' dear spouse.
The Log Cabin stockings were almost completed,
"Just a few stitches left", our sweet quilter repeated,
"Then I can hang them and head off to finishing
The pillows I'm making, fulfilling Mom's wish
For something "quilty" to put on her couch",
As she pricked her poor finger, our quilter yelled, "Ouch!"

...When from out in the kitchen there arose such a crashing,
She sprang from her work, and she dropped all her sashing.
Away to the doorway she flew like a plane,
Wondering just what was happening and who she could blame.
When what to her wondering eyes should appear,
But Old Mrs. Claus and her bag of quilt-gear...

...With her elves bearing gifts, through the kitchen she came,
She directed and pointed and called them by name.
"Now Bernina, now Pfaff, new Elna, and Viking,
The Hoffman and Mumm should be just to her liking.
To the sewing room there, It's just back of the hall,
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!"

"My dear," said The Claus (as she like to be called),
There really is no need to worry at all.
Your projects will all be completed this night.
I'm terribly sorry we gave you a fright.
Sit down. Have some tea. It's relaxing, you'll see.
My friends and I've come a long way to help Thee.
She thought she was dreaming, our Dear Quilter did,
In fact she quite feared that she'd near flipped her lid!
But the flash of the needles and twist of the thread
Soon gave her to know she had nothing to dread.

They spoke no more words, but went straight to their sewing.
How the work went so quickly she had no way of knowing.
The stitches, how tiny! The corners, how straight!
This Claus-woman's talent was awfully great.
They finished the pillows, and then started a quilt.
Before they all knew it, the whole thing was built!
Now old Mrs. Claus, she knew the quilters real well,
And she knew they'd need help on this night most of all
So she said to our quilters, "Just move over, dear,
I've brought my own needle. We'll get done, never fear.
I told dear Santa about what quilters do.
How they plan all these projects but have other work too.
So he taught me his magic for doing things fast.
There, that pillow's done. Now this is the last."
They tidied their thread snips, and picked up the scraps
And chased our dear quilter's six cats from their laps.
They left behind gingerbread (just to be nice)
And the whole house smelled sweetly of Christmas and spice.
As they scurried away with their thimbles still gleaming
Dear Mrs. Claus paused, her cap ribbons streaming.
"Merry Christmas, my dear, now just have a ball!
Relax and enjoy. Happy Quilting to all!"

The end of all the Christmas quilts for customers, at least I think it is.  There is still time to do more if necessary.

Had a good day - finished the quilt, went to the bank, the post office, Joann's Fabrics, Walmart and home.  

Spending the rest of the day and night crocheting 

Even though our family Christmas is over doesn't mean all of my work is done.  I have many presents I'm working on to send off or deliver.

Tomorrow is suppose to be the beginning of a huge snowstorm, and all set to hunker down and stay inside.

Bring It On!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Day At Our House

Well not Christmas day, but our family Christmas.

Before the presents were opened

Britt liked her scarves and they look so nice on her

Gus enjoyed his first Christmas - He slept though almost all of it.

Kylee and Brooklynn  - Brooklynn is actually a year older than Kylee

LOL Managed to get a few pictures of Wayne's feet

We had a very nice day - and now,Wayne and I,  the celebrating is done.

Back to business - 2 quilts completed for customer today.

Winter wonderland outside - snowing, cold and looks icy too.  There is a guild meeting tonight, but I'm not up for driving in the dark with bad road conditions, so Ill be staying home with my feet up all nice and warm.

That's what I enjoy most about winter.  If I don't like the way it looks outside, I can stay in.  Which is exactly what I'm going to do.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis The Day Before Christmas

At least OUR family Christmas.

Everyone will be here for dinner and presents for the kids.  We stopped exchanging for adults years ago.

Even at that it took me until today to get all of the presents finished.

The bears, towel, scarves are done and finally the Candle Mat-or Wall Hanging Poinsettia

I really was not happy with this until I finished it this morning.  Added the gold veins and replacing center with filled in gold thread makes it look better than what was in the center.

Also managed to get all 4 quilts done for customer.  They are practically identical, so rather than take pictures of each individual I did a group photo.

Almost 11 am and I'm still in Jammie's - time to start the cleaning and cooking for tomorrow.  But first I better shower.

The customers are coming sometime today to pick up all their quilts and I don't think I should greet them they way I look right now.

Oh and I still have to put the bears and towels in their Christmas bags.

Thank the person who invented Bags for presents.  How else would you wrap a bear??