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Monday, February 7, 2011

Log Cabin Star


Wayne and I waited all day in nervous anticipation for our beloved Packers to play in the big game.

Let me just say, it was one of the most nerve racking games.  Wayne actually had to take nitro towards the end of the game.  Heart condition, not a good thing to have while watching a close game.  Good news is he is OK.

Last time they won the Super Bowl, we owned the Packer Inn Bar in Rio. 1997. Such excitement.

I could have done without the half time show. Didn't care for it at all.  Where they come up with some of these acts for the most important football game of the year, I just don't know. But that's just my opinion, I'm sure some people, mostly younger than me, probably enjoyed it.  Although checking all the Face Book comments, there weren't many who did.

Now for today's quilting report.  Finished the sewing of Merry-Go-Round, need to purchase backing  before quilting.

I did manage to quilt a New Customer's quilt brought to me on Saturday.

This is a really big quilt.  97x114 - fit on my queen size bed with plenty of overhang. Could have even done a pillow tuck.  I used a large meandering, as requested and it turned out beautiful.


Pam Parins-Fisher said...

Great job Jeannie. Beautiful! Hope hubby is still feeling okay. We had a party here in Florida yesterday. Think we woke up many in the neighborhood with our hoots and howls and yells of Go Pack Go!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Thanks, hubby ok, sitting around house like a lump, while I work on quilts. He is good for 1 day of helping around the house, the rest of the week he rest. Wasnt that an exciting game. Too exciting, but bottom line we won.