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Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Have To Stay Strong

Even though the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing I cant go outside and play with my flowers.

Well it isn't that I Cant I just Wont!!!

Its a quilt and sew all day long day for me.  Yeah like I really hate doing that.

Priorities - work on customer quilts:

Finished these little cuties after church.

Uh oh, I'm at the lap top sitting right next to the window looking at my back yard.

No no turn away - you must stay in and play.

Tomorrow I will have Gus and we always go outside, so if I can hold off until then...................

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cancer Awareness Quilts

Quilted these for the church group. Their sale is during Edgerton Heritage/Tobacco Days. In the  park. I hope people come and support these wonderful ladies

Each has been quilted with a different quilting stitch

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some Days Are Just PERFECT

Early morning finished a customer quilt - Church group quilt the second horse quilt

Gus came for a short visit while his sister went for breakfast with Sarah.

Then it was our day together.

I took Ky with me to sew day with the girls in Milton, and she told me she really enjoyed being there with us old ladies.

She would be happy to come again, Really?

We loved having her there

 She tried her best to keep from having her picture taken but that didn't work.  Not when I'm determined.  So no getting away from gma and her camera

She worked on a quilt for the upcoming quilt shows, and I made a fabric book for Gus.  YES I actually finished something at sew day

One of the women (Candy)  was working on a beautiful "wedding quilt" - loved the colors and the block

After sewing we proceeded to head to the Cone Zone - for a cone.  Warning the medium is way big - LOL but we managed to get it eaten before melting.

Headed to Beloit to purchase some much needed thread for my Long Arm.

Returning home - digging up some plants to transplant at Sarah's

Toby called and invited me for supper - oh yes - Love eating at their house.  He is such a great cook.

Sarah was playing with Gus's curls and pulling up his hair till it was standing way tall.

He really cant be bothered when watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse.

That is until its time to eat sweet corn

He really is very vocal when eating corn.  Mmm mmm mmm mmm each bite.

Like I said some days are just perfect

Added note:  I told the kids that Wayne is hanging around and I'm OK with that.  For past week, while working outside I smell his "stinky" cigarettes.  And, occasionally in the house. I actually turned around the first time to see who was smoking near me.  His cigarettes were those cheap cigar, cigarettes and were the stinkiest cigs ever.  Sarah looked at me and Toby and then told me that Gpa has been watching over Gus - at the top of the stairs outside Gus room she has been smelling those stinky cigarettes for past 3 months.

Its nice to know he is watching over us.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

American Flag

This is going to be short and sweet:

Early morning quilting for customer:

This is going to be donated by Liz to the Veterans Housing in Janesville.

How generous and how beautiful

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strip Quilts One and Two

Before leaving for my mini vacation I received a bag with 2 quilt tops - not even looking at them until yesterday, I thought they were Tshirt tops.

Why?  don't know just because the lady that dropped them off (for a friend) usually brings me T's to do.

Imagine my surprise when I find these 2 adorable strip quilts.

Free motion flowers

Free motion ribbon swirls

So cute and loving the colors she used

Reminder to self, don't assume you know whats in the bag.

Rain rain rain, making it impossible to attack the weeds that are enjoying their simple life in my flower beds.

Grrr don't get too comfortable, I will be out soon to take care of business.

On the other hand the flowers are also loving this wet weather.  They seem to be holding their own but I'm sure would appreciate my assistance some time soon.

Want to see something yucky and scary?????

Paper wasp nest

this is where it did hang it even killed the branches it hung from

Before leaving on vacation while walking around the yard found this huge nest in the tree.  Called Diane and told her when everyone returns from their individual trips this needed to be taken care of.

Problem solved - high winds from storm took it down for us.  Apparently (I know nothing about these things) it was an empty nest.

Ugh now I have to get the courage to get close enough to bag it and put in garbage.  I'm not rushing into that.

Spring flowers are finished, and the beginning of early summer flowers -   I'm going to have a bumper crop of carnation poppies

They have scattered themselves in various parts of the flower beds.  Last year they didn't get to bloom.  Stacy pulled them as weeds last year.  Lucky, she didn't get the roots so they are in abundance this year.

Here is something else scary -

Pretty flowers yes,  abundance of weeds and this is just a small portion of the flower beds.  I seriously have to get out there in between the rain drops.  However, by the time Gus leaves I'm too tired and while he has been here it has rained so I cant even take him out with me.  If it isn't raining its too wet to have him running around.

Grip grip grip, right - all winter I waited for this and now grip grip grip.  But I have a real thing about weeds.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Great Mini Vacation

Had a terrific time with friends - left on Thursday and home on Sunday

Took a trip to Ferryville along the Mississippi.

Shopping shopping shopping, and a little gambling, tons of good food *yeah I needed that.

There are many more photos, just giving a little taste of the trip

Came home feeling so good about going away for a while and after saying goodbye to the girls, I jumped on the mower and mowed the lawn for over 3 hours.

I guess that means I'm home and back to my usual routine

Gus went out with me this morning to help me weed but he was more interested in playing with my new "old": watering can.