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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More From OZ

Whoo hoo mailman brought me my order of the Australian Fabrics.  First thing last night  I color matched the fabrics for the blocks.   Now for the cutting and assembly.  Managed to cut and assemble 12 blocks, only 20 more and all blocks will be assembled.

Told myself I'm not going to lay out the blocks until I have them all ready.  Well that didn't last long.  Couldn't resists putting some on the design board.

Now you know this isn't going to be the final placement. I will probably spend as much time arranging and rearranging these blocks before I start sewing the rows together.  I enjoy looking at these blocks.

Worked a little on Mosaic this morning, but couldn't keep my mind on it, had to stop and start with Athena's Puzzle again

In addition to making 2 quilts at once, I made another bag yesterday.

Cut the pattern down a little and made this smaller version, which I think is pretty cute.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Putting my nose to the grindstone, finally completed "Gems" my newest design.  I had originally planned on calling this Gemstones, but decided to shorten it to just Gems.  No matter what the name, I'm happy with the results.

 This small lap quilt took longer than planned. My fault, I got distracted with other projects, which has been happening quite frequently lately.

I start a project, and all of a sudden I get a brain storm which takes me away from one project, just to start another.  FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS Jean!

Loaded on LA frame this morning and couldn't decide how to quilt this. Finally decided on all over feathers.  Not only does it look good, but it gave me a chance to practice feathers again.  Getting more comfortable each time I stitch feathers.

Now comes the hard part, typing up the pattern instructions.  I really enjoy coming up with new quilt patterns, but I really dislike writing the instructions. Im always so concerned I dont have the correct yardage or cutting instructions.  Even though I take notes when working the pattern I still have to go over and over the yardage and assembly process and then put into clear and understandable language before sending it off to Sandi, the amazing woman that produces my patterns in a legible format......  Thank You Sandi for making my patterns look so good and easy to understand.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Karate Kylee

Kylee tested for her yellow belt today and I got to go along and actually remembered my camera and to take some pictures.

Ive never been to a Karate testing before, so I couldn't say for sure how she did and she wont know until the scores are totaled.  She will be informed of how she did.  Like I said I don't know for certain, but what I saw I thought she did great, or is that just me.  Her biggest problem she had to deal with was the little boy testing next to her, he was all over the place and kept falling into her, but she dealt with it, and still completed all of her moves

Grandma thinks she looks pretty darn cute no matter what she is doing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter and Sewing

Just so we don't get ahead of ourselves thinking 40degree plus weather does not mean spring is here, it only means mother nature is fooling with us again.

This is early morning in beautiful Newville Wisconsin

Its beautiful isn't it, just the reminder its not over yet.

After looking at all the winter wonderland, headed for the sewing room and managed to get a few more blocks made of "Mosaic".

While working on the new pattern blocks, I kept thinking about all the scraps in my scrap drawer and decided to start sewing pieces together for more bags.  I have so many scraps and strips and squares and ends of 3piece strips couldn't resist just digging in and sewing.

All the pieces are cut and ready for assembly of another scrappy bag.  Also digging through my stash cupboard and finding more fabrics that might become bags.

I'm thinking anyone of these combinations will make some beautiful bags

Retook picture of the purple/lavender bag and sent on to friend Barb to see if she is interested in any of these fabrics or this bag.

Here yet another scrappy that will be put together soon.

 I really like the way Scrappy Bags look and better yet it gets rid of many pieces and scraps piling up in my drawer.  There are enough scraps to make 20 or more bags, why go out and buy fabrics when I can make beautiful bags with what I have.  But don't be surprised if I still buy fabrics that I just cant resist when going through fabric and quilt shops.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When Will I Learn Or Remember

Went to our monthly sew day with the girls.  We had a great time as usual.  3 of us made bags and 2 were working on quilts.

Now here is the dilemma - I took my camera so I could take pictures and share.  Got so involved with talking and sewing forgot to take ANY pictures. Now isn't that stupid of me AGAIN!!!!!

Next time I'm going to put someone else in charge of pictures, or at least someone to remind me to take them.

Here is the bag I made and finished adding buttons just a few seconds ago.

This bag was made from all red scrap strips and ends of 3 piece strips.

Pretty isn't it?

The other 2 bags were jsut as pretty and really hoping they bring them with them the next sew day.

Now for the girls quilting. Again, doing a great job and no pictures to show for it. Stupid me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Athena's Puzzle Progress

I have sewn 40 blocks of the 72 needed to complete Athena's Puzzle.  Now I have to order more fabrics to finish this quilt top.

Tipped camera to show how its suppose to look on point, after all blocks are completed I will trim off  all points.

This is going to be one different looking quilt.  It was pointed out to me the fabrics look like fireworks, I was thinking the same thing.

Part of my sewing today involved cutting out all the pieces needed for a bag.  Thursday is our monthly sew day with the girls and I'm going to make a bag from scraps.

Now here's something that has been happening quite often in our house.

Belle and Millie, same room, same couch, same time. 

Wayne and I still cant get over Millie being that close to Belle without freaking out.  She is so relaxed in our new home she has no concern about anything, including Belle.  The only time Millie gets excited is if Belle starts barking, then she hits the floor a running. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Craftsy Designer

I'M a "Craftsy Designer" - I have posted some of my patterns on a web site that lets you sell your patterns through efile PDF files using Pay Pal. I have added a BUTTON to my page that will take you to this link. 

I just started posting my patterns and so far have sold 5 on  line.  whoopee for me!!

Have to get a few more into print and I will be listing them there as well.  Not to mention is going to be listing some of my patterns on line as well.  We are still working out the pattern display and then they will be listed.

In the meantime I am of course working on my quilts of my own and quilting customer quilts.

3 years ago, when I was laid off from my everyday job, I had no idea where my life would be headed.  After going through the deep depression( lasted only 2 weeks) and then making the decision to do what I love the most - quilting, I can truly say "things always happen for a reason".

A question was asked on,   This BUTTON  is also on my page to the link (my favorite quilters group on  line."Whats your favorite part of quilt making/swing"?

So many answers to this question.

First love is the longarm quilting part. I love loading a quilt, whether it be a clients quilt or my own. The quilt, once loaded, tells me which design I should use to enhance the design of the quilt. Don't laugh it really happens that way.

2nd - designing new quilts.  Its always fun to get an idea in my head and going to my sewing room and start cutting and sewing pieces and finding just the right formula to make a new design.

3rd would be picking fabrics for a pattern.  Then the real fun begins, cutting and piecing blocks together.

I do (as most quilters have) parts of the quilting process that doesn't thrill me.  For me its putting on borders.  I don't know why but when I get to the borders I have to push myself to get them added, even though I know this is the final step to a quilt top.  Maybe because its the boring part.  You already have the beautiful blocks assembled and now you just add strips of fabrics to frame it. 

Speaking of, I better get back to my sewing room, I'm working on the fabrics from OZ.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lazy Hourglass Christmas Fabrics

Not much to say today.

Felt like doing some mindless quilting, so I loaded and quilted spirals on the Lazy Hourglass Christmas wall hanging.  Just have to put on binding and its finished.

Even though its waaaay past Christmas, I think I will take this with me to Clinton next week for demonstration of the "Lazy" pattern.

Here's the reminder folks, I'm teaching "Lightning Strike" pattern next week in Clinton - Twin Turtle Quilts Shop on Thursday the 23rd 10-4pm - if interested contact TTQ 608-290-1700  or contact me directly 608-561-6373.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pattern Has Been Chosen

Remember all those beautiful fabrics from Australia.

I finally chose just the perfect pattern for these fantastic fabrics.

Athena's Puzzle  I had made this pattern before using batiks:

I have 8 of 42 blocks finished today

So excited about making this quilt.  Pretty sure this is "the" one I'm going to put in the Edgerton Quilt Show this year.

Monday, February 13, 2012

#3 For Vicki

Exploding Pineapples:

I didn't intend to have this look so much like a feather pattern but it turned out that way.  I was going for teardrop pivots and the more I did the more it looked like a variation of feathers. So I just went with it.

Now all 3 of Vicki's are finished, hope she likes them as much as I do.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vicki's Rail Fence

Vicki's Rail Fence using the fabs from AZ. These are fabulous fabs:

I did a special customizing on this quilt.  It just called for something special.

Took me all day from 6am to 5pm, but I think it was worth the effort.

One more to do for Vicki, probably tomorrow.  Still don't know what or how I will quilt this, I never know until I load the quilt on the frame and then I decide what to do with it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vicki's Indian Design

This is a pattern I truly would love to have:

I turned it in different directions for the photo to show you the different look you get by turning.  Using the "Landscape" "Water" stitching gives it (to me) that southwestern look.

Vicki went on her own F.A.R.T. while vacationing in AZ.  Love the fabrics and colors.   This is just one of 3 she has brought to me to be quilted.

Finished early this morning and time to load another.

Company is coming this afternoon.  I get to meet one of my CT thriendz (not misspelled a new term we have come up with for friends of CT) Julie is coming over to see my setup and show me one of her quilts she will be quilting.  We talk on the CT social network all the time and now we get to meet in person.

So looking forward to seeing her.  I'm pretty sure we have met at a quilt show, but this is the first time we get to meet as Thriendz.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road Tripping All Day With Wayne

Now that we have moved a whole 5 miles farther away from Janesville than we were, I don't just jump in the car and run here and there like I used to.  NO I plan a day of errands and shopping and do it all at once if possible.

Its not so much the miles, just don't like taking the time to do errands.

Today Wayne and I blew off the dust from us and left the house and did just that. Ran here, there, and  everywhere.

Left at noon and home at 5:30.  That's a full day. We accomplished so much and sometimes its nice to do it together.

Lunch with hubby was the first stop, then off to Roger and Diane's, picked up dry corn on cob to feed the squirrels. Its not that we like them that much, but they are destroying our bird feeder and we hope by giving them more to eat they might leave the feeder alone. At least that's our hope. If not they just might get a sting in their little behinds with a pellet.

Then we hit Janesville with a vengeance.  For me its fabric stores, hobby lobby, and officee max for ink for printer.  Wayne,  Menard's for some necessary items for the house and he had to fill up on cheap Jelly Beans and nuts.  Thanks Big Guy, you really are supporting me in my diet.!!!!!!

While in Hobby Lobby, (went for buttons) I found this fabric that I just could not pass by, on sale

I'm thinking "Mosaic" pattern for this gorgeous fabric.  I don't know why, but all of a sudden I'm really loving Paisley fabrics.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Panto Or Not To Panto

As you know I do mostly free motion quilting, but to spice it up a little I decided to do a Panto on this customer quilt

I haven't done pantos in 2 years and thought it was time to expand my craft.  Pantos are beautiful but they do present a little challenge compared to free motion.  Free motion I just stitch what I want where I want and it works.  With pantos you have to follow the lines (as best you can) and know where to start and stop and also make sure that when you get to the bottom of the quilt you can fit in a final pass without leaving too little or to much at the end of the quilt.

Very happy with the results of this panto "Ambrosia" from Urban Elementz and yes I will do a panto again, and still do my free motion when I feel it calls for it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Need More Fabrics

Spent a few hours the other day, sorted, folded, labeled and organized my fabric stash.

Now I have all this wonderful room. So it was suggested to me by my CT thriendz I should probably go on a F.A.R.T.  I'm thinking they are right.  Its way too bare.  It looks pretty darn neat right now. Just wondering how long it will take me to mess it all up again.
In the mood to make another tote bag, and using more of my extras "pattern practice pieces"
Remember these pieces?
This is what I used to make the bag.  There wasn't enough fabric to make more of these and I'm not a purple person anyway, so I cleared out the pieces from my stash drawer and used them up.   Looks pretty good as a bag.

Now I have to clean my sewing room. I managed to trash  it pretty good and have a customer quilt to load on the frame today or tomorrow morning.

Still working on Gemstones.  Just a few more blocks and Ill be putting that together.