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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just In Time And More!!!!!

Well almost anyway  Between Quilting and other projects I managed to get some Easter projects completed

For my good friend Annette Vance -  I custom quilted this for her   she did a terrific job with colors and fabrics on this one!

As some may have already seen if you are on FB with me - I have become an Egg Ornament factory.

I tend to over achieve when I find a new project - this is one of those times.  Cant help myself I keep making variations of these no sew egg ornaments.  The thing is..  as soon as I finish one I think of someone else I should be giving one to so back to the cutting board and fabric.  Im sure there are more people I should be making one for but so far here are the ones that are completed.

this one is mine and its a 5" instead of the other smaller versions

Isnt this just another Crazy March

Here is what we had on Thursday

and then  2 days later Im doing this

Thats just nuts isnt it!!!!

Good Easter Morning!!!!!  -  I get to take the day off from cooking  (Im bringing dessert)  - Toby and Sarah are doing the cooking this  Easter - heading over to their house later today - but for now  - getting some customer work done.  Its about time!    I have been distracted getting Easter projects done.  

Monday, March 21, 2016


Whew got it done just in time -- well at least next year I will be able to put it out earlier

Isnt this just the cutest thing?

I love these wreaths -  Im way ahead for July hahahahaha  have had that one done for months.

This week Im being little miss crafty -  also made this cute fabric box - saw a video on you tube - (I watch a lot of you tube)

this comes in handy next to phone - pens, note pads pills for the dog little miscellaneous items

The pattern just calls for an 18" square - but instead of using a solid piece I used scraps - why not? Although I wasnt really paying that much attention to the designs of fabrics, there is actually some winter/Christmas fabrics - oh well - I can always make another one.

This take only an hour or 2 to make.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quilt Talk

Nothing  better than to meet a new customer -  one of my existing customers has "spread the word" among her quilting friends, and today they both came to see me and to drop off 2 quilt tops.

There are times when a quilter comes she drops off the top a quick in and out - 10 min and we are through.

And then there are times when the conversation just goes on and on from one topic to another.  These are always fun times.

Today was one of the "fun fun fun" days.

After the greetings of hi how are you's we proceed to look at my quilts hanging and laying all around - at last we finally get to see what she has brought me -  wow loving them, and chose pantos - yes pantos - and thread color.

From there we see more of my folded stored quilts along with projects I will be working on.  Discussed upcoming shows and events.  Who has been where and who is going where.  Houston, Paducah, MSQC etc etc.

Eventually the conversation goes towards my brother Bill's woodwork - table and shaker box -  by the way Bill - they loved them and you may be hearing from them.

2 hours later we are still discussing quilting, crocheting, knitting, etc etc etc.  Never get tired of talking to ladies with same interests and time just flew by.

Thanks Sandy for bringing  me a new "friend".

Now back to what I have completed:

Yesterday I quilted this top for good friend Candy Schroeder -  I have told her this before but I will mention again, always enjoy working on one of Candy's.  She pieces so well and her quilt tops are always squared up perfectly.

duh me forgot to ask the pattern name -  I free motion quilted this with swirl/flowers

I wish the colors had come through better - they are much darker deeper golds/reds/greens

Well that was fun - today I have to play on computer setting up some forms for guild.

Not fun!!!!  But will give it a go and see how far I get - lol -  why why do I always end up volunteering.

My motto has been don't volunteer but lately I cant keep my mouth shut

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I Know This Is A Repeat

I have already shown you the Orphan Block Quilt, however, as of this morning it is now bound and hung in the prominent wall in living room welcoming Spring!!

A quilt will take on a different look once it is hung up to view rather than an oblong look lying on a floor.

close ups of sections

Now here is a baby quilt I completed yesterday for a customer -  I think they are Brewers  fans -what do you think?
Minky Backing

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Winter Santa Scene

Customers quilt 56x66 -  actually I had quilted one identical to this - sister in law to this customer  -

Different stitching for the most part, customer did not want it to look exactly like her sister in laws

Spring has sprung!!! -  Yesterday Kylee, Gus and I went out to work in the yard -  poop collection - lol - managed to convince Ky to take on that job -  I did pay her - 

Gus and I proceeded to walk around with his little red wagon (forgot my phone in house no pics) to pick up sticks and limbs

The yard is as full of sticks as it was dog poop - but for now we managed to get the front yard cleared of these 2 lovely droppings.

Our intention was to continue on today, however, Gus is not feeling well so he and his sister are staying home with Sarah.

Walking around the yard I did see flowers have sprung up -  the yellow  winter aconites are blooming - surprised the heck out of me because just a few days ago we had snow all over

Tulips and daffodil's are already popping up - haven't taken the time to look for crocus but I'm sure they are out there.

Maybe after I clean up inside I will go outside and do some flower bed tending.   As I said to Kylee yesterday "and so it begins"

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Where Did I Leave Off!?

Ever have one of those days??? No matter what I touched today it went wrong and its only 9:30 am -

Working on a binding and label for one of my own -  forgot to protect my iron from the sticky glue applique paper - ugh -  cut wrong amount for binding - printed label on wrong side of transfer fabric - and to top it off  my IPAD wont transfer pictures to my computer -

I did manage to get all of these errors of the day corrected and instead of transferring from Ipad - I was allowed to transfer from my phone.  Good thing the Ipad talks to the Iphone or pictures would be stuck in never never Icloud land.

So here goes today mini quilt show:

Starting with my own personal "Orphan Blocks" quilt -  over a long period of time I collected and am still collecting blocks that I have made that have not been used in other quilts.  Some of the blocks I made just to practice a pattern.  Not sure how it would turn out and rather than cut into the good expensive fabrics intended for that project - I make a practice block from excess fabrics on hand.

Other blocks were given to me from a birthday block swap - too few to actually make a quilt, so I just saved them.

Still others a friend gave me because she made them but had no use for them.  Lucky me


close up of back showing some of the customized stitching

sometimes when I quilt one of my own I use that time to play around with some customizing - sometimes it works and sometimes I think - what was I thinking!!!!?????

Next customer string quilt


On to the next 2  

Customer quilts but I cant mention names these are presents yet to be delivered

back showing free hand wood grain stitching  I watched a you tube on how to and was able to do this stitching
You tube give me lots of new ideas

And finally a brand new to me customer - Deb is a new quilter and she did an excellent job on this one

close up of stitching

So ends todays show - back to seeing how much trouble I can get into -  I think the safest thing to do today is hand bind the quilt now that I have binding sewn to quilt front.