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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Morning Sunday

Been doing a few things around here since last wrote.

I have actually loaded a quilt onto the quilting table.  No its not the one I just did on blog, but  a scrappy quilt finished before going into the hosp for the knee operation.  It took some time as I had to take a few rests in between each process. 

This one is taking a little more time than usual.  Finished the first 15" pass and then had to quite, and since then I have been busy (for a change) doing other things. I will post some photos as soon as I can.  Trying out a new free motion design I learned from Leah Day blog.  While I have been sitting around resting my leg, I view several of my favorite quilt sites and blogs and Leah has a new design every day, she is working on a free motion design for 365 days.  This is a new design for me so I like to do all practicing on my own quilts, rather than a paying customer, just in case.

On Friday evening, hubby and I watching TV (what else is new) and I mentioned to him there was a dim line across the top of screen and I betcha the TV is finally going to give out.  We have had that TV for 20 or more years. Cant say that about too many appliances anymore.  Saturday, poof screen goes to black.

Now remember both of us have had recent operations, his back, my knee, so we aren't in any condition to set up a new TV and remove the big old clunker.  So, we went to a local small business TV shop.  Purchased just what we wanted and for the price I was expecting.  It was delivered to our home within 15 min. from time of purchase, hooked up and ready to go.  I always try to shop small local shops instead of those big box stores.  You get so much more service, plus if something goes wrong, you can always call them.  Cant do that with Walmart, Target etc.  We do have to purchase a new stand for the new flat screen as does not fit into our old TV center. You know what I'm talking about that huge piece of furniture, that takes up 3/4 of a wall to house your TV and knick knacks.  The new 32" wont fit in the space provided.  Awe, I was well aware of that when went shopping for the new TV.  I hate that TV center.  Poor Wayne, didn't even see it coming when we purchased the new TV.  But I think he is happy with the flat screen and is looking forward to freeing up some space once we get the new smaller stand.  Anyway, talk about service.  The man that sold us the TV and delivered (no charge) said to call him back after we have the new stand, and he will return and again set up on new stand and remove the old clunker.  You cant get that kind of service but from small local stores. Love it.

Besides buying a new TV on Saturday, had a full day.  Our 9 year old granddaughter Kylee came for the day.  She went grocery shopping with Gma.  While I'm riding around in the electric cart, she is helping me get things off shelves.  Believe me, she was a huge help.

Later that day we took a trip to Rio.  To see our other granddaughters dance recital.  Emma age 6 and Brooklynn age 10.  We took Kylee with us.  It was wonderful.  You have to be a mom or grandma to really appreciate these recitals (or grandpa). It was so cute. I especially love watching the littler ones, ages 4, 5.  They are so adorable.  We truly enjoyed the recital.  After, we went out to eat with the rest of the family, Ken (son) Deena (daughter-in-law) and grandson Luke age 5.  That was also enjoyable.  We haven't been able to spend much time with Ken and his family since or old age ailments. But hopefully that will change soon.   On the way home we dropped Kylee off at her dads and headed for home.  All in all it was a pretty good day.

I promise you and myself, tomorrow I'm back in quilting room and finishing the scrappy quilt stitching

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