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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Having The Best Weekend

Finally, finally its dry and warm and we were able to get out in our yard and do some necessary cleanup - front of house is all but done.  Just a few weeds to be pulled, (not like last years) but a few.

Worked from 10am to 5pm and believe me my body let me know it last night.  Ugh the hip pain lasted, even with taking pain meds, until 7am this morning.

Today was quilting day - 2 customer quilts completed

Cute little baby quilt quilted with free motion water ripples.

This simple design turned out gorgeous once it was quilted brought it to a whole new life.

Cleaned the fish pond and pulled  a few weeds, but decided I was not going to push too hard today.  Besides, 2 quilts in one day and gardening I think that's enough for anyone person don't you?

Let's keep our fingers crossed the weather has now actually turned the corner and we can say its Spring!!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Boy Gus

Watching Gus grow everyday he entertains us.

He loves his bouncy chair.

I hope this comes through, he bounces so high I think he will bounce right of it.

Uhhhh disregard date in picture, stupid me and stupid camera wont put in correct date automatically I have to insert date every time I use the camera or change setting do not use date and if I forget I can get any dates but the correct one.  If I change setting to automatic - it comes up with the year 2012. Stupid camera.

Life was simple when we didn't have digital cameras but then you would have to take your film to the drugstore to be developed wait a week to find out you took rotten pictures.  With digital you find out right a way you take rotten pictures, there is no waiting.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Why Buttercup?

Because that's the name of the Panto I used quilting this pretty top for customer

of course colors aren't true, the corner stones are a pretty pink, but you get the picture ( no pun intended)

Marilyn said she got the pattern from one of her quilt magazines and cant remember which one.  I have tons of magazines, should I be looking at them more closely?  They do have fantastic quilts/patterns in them, but who has the time.

There are so many many patterns to make, its totally impossible to make all the quilts I want to.

That is the fun of quilting for others.  I get to see these fantastic quilts and be a part of them forever.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Block Swap Connected Threadz

Sad face :(  only one birthday girl in March.

Happy face:)  here are the blocks I made her

She has received her blocks so its safe to share them with you.

Laurie actually lives in Janesville WI - so these blocks didn't have far to travel.

Been pretty busy going here there and everywhere past couple of days.

Monday night meeting with the Edgerton Quilt Committee

Tuesday a fabric shopping trip with some of my favorite sister quilters where we really stocked up on fabrics.

My purchases were a little boring compared to the fantastic fabrics purchased by the other girls.

My goal (success by the way)  backing for Kylee's quilt and solid black and white on white fabric -  I have been planning on stocking up on the black and white so they are here whenever I get in the mood to make something new - I have oodles of colored fabrics but little to none of the background black/white that I sometimes like using.

Now if I feel like creating something new I don't have to stop and go shopping.

Lets all say Yay!  or Aw because I don't need to shop.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amazing Bucky Badger

I'm not going to fill you in on anything just pictures will say it all...........

This amazing quilt was made by one of my regulars "Vicki Oaks" - I sincerely hope she enters this in a quilt show or many shows this year.

Awesome quilt loved working on it.

Oh the backing, the recipient of this quilt was awarded a WI golf scholarship.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Delectable Mountains

A while back I was given blocks already assembled along with a pattern(s) to put the blocks together into a quilt.  

There were plenty of completed blocks but not enough to make the pattern enclosed, so I, instead, put it together in Barn Raising pattern.

Quilted this morning using a panto called Fern Gully.

This is going to my neighbor across the road, its his aunt that made the blocks, plus he comes and helps plow once in a while when we have really heavy snow and never asks for anything in return.  

He doesn't get it though until sometime next week - binding first and then I'm taking to guild meeting for show and tell on Tuesday, in addition I have a pillow made from left over blocks that needs to be assembled.

Today heading up to Stoughton to the Skaalen Auxilary quilt show.  It will be my first show of the year.  

Next week we are planning on heading to the Monroe quilt show.  Tis the season you know.

Rock Valley Quilters Guild show is May 18-19 - still not sure what Im going to enter.  Either one that is already made or make one quickly to enter.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun Funky Churn Dash

This was one fun quilt to quilt for customer "Karla"

She used the brightest and fun fabrics I've seen in a quilt.

For a little 5yr old girl - requested I quilt with stars and flowers.

I could have taken a picture of each and every block, I liked them all so much.

Hoping you can get the idea of how cute this quilt is from the pictures here.

Now for the gripping for the day ......   Like you haven't heard this before.   Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other Day.

Oh how can I possibly get my flower beds ready for the new flowers if I don't clean out the old dead ones.

Time is not on my side this year.

First we had snow on all the beds, and poof before I get the chance to work on them it rains and continues to rain.

Meanwhile the spring flowers are popping up amongst the ugly dead twigs and leaves.

I'm not a very patient person these days, I have limited time and hours to do all I want to do.  If it were up to me I would be dressed and looking for the sun to come up just enough for me to see, then I would be outside doing my THING.  After a few hours I could still have the rest of the day to do what I love doing, "watching Gus grow".

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Edgerton Raffle Quilt 2013

Many weekends spent with several of the Edgerton Quilt Committee girls to make this years raffle quilt.

Sewing with friends, what can be better than that.

Finished the final quilting this morning:..................

A Great Group Effort!

Hoping we sell tons of tickets - the show this year is October 19th at the Edgerton Middle School (as usual)

Tickets will be available soon.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One More Scrappy

Quilted with my free motion all over feathers.....

In addition to quilting this large quilt, managed to machine sew the binding on the green/purple wall hanging.  I will hand turn and sew down the binding tonight - feet up and watching TV.

Don't know if I told you but we lost 4 of the fish in our KOI  pond and 2 frogs.  Took off the protective wire fencing and scooped out the dead fish and frogs. Aw!!!!  I'm gonna miss them.  Hopefully we can get everything up and running again and will purchase more KOI, cant imagine the summer without them.  With any luck some new frogs will move in.  I enjoy listening to them.

Wayne has been outside most of the afternoon, picking up dog doo doo and tree limbs.  There is no way he can finish it all today.  But its so nice to be able to get outside again even if it means cleaning up.

Walking around the house I saw some signs of spring, a few sprigs are popping through.  With a few more warm days we might be able to see some flowers.  There are a couple of early buds blooming but not many.

It shouldn't be long now and I will be working on the flower beds, early mornings of course - Gus will be able to come out and watch me play in the dirt once we get some really warm days.  I will plop him in his jumpy seat while I tend to the weeds and flowers.

I'm looking forward to spending time outside with Gus.  Should make for a fun summer.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scraps Pay It Forward

If you aren't using your scraps, or no like the ones you have, don't throw them away, give them away.

That is what I have been doing on a regular basis and they always come back to me in a beautiful quilt.

Talk about reversible - the front is the Tshirts but the back could be the front.  Again all with scraps and stash.

I think Teri made some very interesting filler blocks for her Tshirt quilt.

Just Swirls and Bling

Quilted one of the amazing hand dyed fabrics from Donna -

Let me tell you the picture DOES NOT do it justice.

You cant see the crystals scattered here and there, quilted with free motion swirls.  After attempting to do a Panto of swirls - I decided I'm much better making my own swirls rather than following and tracing a pre printed panto pattern.

Sew...., 5 min of quilting means 3 hours of ripping out the panto swirls and only 45min quilting my own swirls.

This, now wall hanging, is absolutely beautiful - once I get the binding on it, I will use it for display at home and eventually quilt show.   

A person just has to see these fabrics in person to really appreciate the vibrant colors.  Fingers crossed there will a oodles of interest and I can sell a ton of these for Donna.