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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back In Business

Ah Ha My Lap Top is fixed and I can now post pictures to the blog

Lets start with my latest finished quilt.  The Binding Tool Star Quilt.    I made the blocks at the MSQC retreat last week and within a few days of being home I had the top put together.

Last night I finished the quilting.   Still practicing and improving my stitching I quilted it custom using a never before by me "curly feathers wreath" -  I have been wanting to try this stitching but was always hesitant not knowing if I could pull it off or not.  After all its my quilt and if I dont like it I could rip stitches out. Well let me tell you Im thrilled to the moon  how well it turned out - why was I so afraid of trying?

the rest of the quilt was stitched in the ditch on the braids, stippling in the small center squares and a sort of clam echo separating the braids.  This is a 65x65 wall hanging

Ok here is what I need -  wishing me good luck! - I entered this quilt in the Madison Expo Sept 8-10 -  its has to be approved before its accepted - so fingers crossed.

For years I have been encouraged by many people to submit a quilt to the expo, but I never really thought I was worthy.  At long last I feel I can put some of my quilts/quilting up against other quilters.

Big Head!!  no - just hoping they accept this -  I also sent in entry for another quilt -  my 33x33 Butter Cream

So now its wait and see if they are accepted.   

Even if they are not accepted at least I finally convinced myself to give it a try.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

After MSQC

This maybe short

Got home Friday night around 9pm from one of the best times ever. As you know I went with 22 other ladies to Missouri Star Quilt Co. Hamilton MO. On a quilters retreat

It was a trip that I had planned since last August. Seemed as if it would never get here but finally on Monday some of us headed to Hamilton. Others arrived on Tuesday.

We had such a good time.  When there are quilters getting together there is always specific things that happen. Sewing of course that is the purpose of the trip right. But that also means shopping. When you have 12 quilt shops available to you it's almost a requirement. And then there is food. After all we have to keep up our strength

Unfortunately I can not add any pictures to this blog post.  My lap top seems to have died while I was gone so I'm typing this on my iPad and I can not attach pictures.

So as soon as I can either fix or buy new laptop there will be pictures coming at a later date

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pre Travel Day

Almost ready to head out tomorrow morning

House is picked up waiting for cleaning lady to do her thing

Headed to Janesville for last minute shopping needed to take with me

A wedding this afternoon

All customer quilts are completed and picked up

Just have to do final packing of clothes and makeup and IM so ready !!

Missouri Star Quilt Co,  here we come  - been wanting to take this trip for over a year.  It took a lot of planning and coordinating but its finally almost here.

So you can expect an album full of pictures when I return

See you next week

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Excitement Is Building

Drum roll please -  Next Monday 23 of us are heading out to meet up at "the Missouri Star Quilt Co"  Hamilton MO - for a quilters retreat.

Its a good thing I'm not taking my sewing machine - renting one of theirs - because......  this is what is packed so far without my clothes -  who needs clothes at a retreat?

In this fabric bag are my projects (2) that I will be working on -  the white bag is a surprise for the other quilters and the Plastic baggie - thanking my good friend Candy Schroeder for a portable ironing board.  Small enough to sit next to me at my sewing station.

Imagine 23 quilters trying to use ironing boards possibly limit of 2 or 3 boards.  So for the smaller pieces I will be using my own personal board.

The plans for this retreat started last year August.  At the time it seemed so far off in the future and now its almost here.

Preparations of contracts, what to bring, who is coming and a place to stay the night before have all been taken care of.

Its just a matter of traveling to MO on Monday -  lucky for me I have a friend who comes to house and dog sit while I'm away.  No worries about whats happening on the home front while gone.

I, of course, will be busy up to the second I drive out of my driveway.

Customers quilting, yard work, watching and getting as many hugs and kisses from Gus.

The good news Ive almost completed yard work including planting my flowers for this season - (I'm not delusional) I know there will be more yard work when I return but for now I can leave without a second thought of work to be done

One of my favorite new plantings this year - a fairy garden -  here are the new plants for this year - look away if looking at my yard and flowers bore you.  I seem to feel the need to show them each and every year.

There are more pics but that's all for now -  time to get some work done inside - a new customer is coming over this afternoon with a top to be quilted

Oh forgot to mention one of my stops today was to take my small "Butter Cream" quilt to a photographer.
I have been talked into entering one of my quilts in  the Quilt Expo in Madison this year - Sept -  Ive  thought about doing this  for a  long time, but never felt my work was good enough.  Well it hasn't been accepted yet, have to get the pictures back and fill out the entry form just to be considered.  But if it is accepted I will let you know.  So fingers crossed I get in!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

This Is Something New

I quilter brought me a "memory" quilt - she used ties - again something new to me.

When she brought it to my house I didn't know she had not appliqued it to the background

After discussing with her our options we decided I would/could stitch the ties down as I'm quilting -  Again another first.   I had heard of using a long arm machine to do applique work but never tried it myself -  this was somewhat different however, because the ties were only pinned on not fixed down with anything but the pins.

UP for the challenge I proceed, and you know it wasn't so bad - attached ties using a straight line ruler everything laid down without problems and the background was meandered as were the circles and semi circles on the corner fans.

Each day it seem I learn something new.  

I must say my quilting ladies do keep me on my toes.

Monday, May 2, 2016

No I Dont Want To!!!!!

Housework is over rated right?

As I look around and see a thousand threads on the floor, bits of playdoh pieces under the table, dust I can write my name in.  So what should a person do?

Not housework thats for sure !!!!!

Instead I worked on a project Im taking to MSQC retreat - and cut all my pattern(s) fabrics. for the retreat. Savings space just in case fabric follows me home from Missouri.

Still have half a day of daylight - clean house - NO!!!

Instead I completed this

Made the leaves at some sewing days with friends, and instead of doing what needs to be done, I put it all together yesterday afternoon and into the night.  I followed the instructions from the pattern but,  Either they were incorrect or my placement was too close because half way through ran out of leaves .  Lucky I still had fabrics left to use.  Barely skimmed out enough but I managed although I had to cheat a little and make some leaves smaller than the others - only I can tell.  And if you are riding by on horseback you will never know.