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Friday, February 27, 2015

Scrap Busting

As most, if not all, quilters know - there is a secret reproduction of scraps that occur without our knowledge as to how it happened.

You buy all this lovely yardage of fabric make some pretty quilts and before you know it - you have enough strips, squares and rectangles that magically turn into a mountain of scraps.  Too beautiful to throw away and yet not big enough to do anything with.

So you collect them and overnight, they reproduce into another mountain.  Oh my lord  where did all of these come from.

Did someone sneak into my house while I was sleeping and leave theirs with mine in hopes I wouldn't notice.

Just to be clear I do have some of my good friend quilters that honestly hand me bags of scraps and that is all well and good and I don't turn any scraps away.  They need a home too you know.

But in most cases the scraps that I'm currently using are all mine.  At least I think they are.  Then again maybe they are from someone else.  After awhile you lose track as to where that pretty plaid came from and when did I make a quilt with red batik????

No matter where they come from and no matter how much you use there is always an abundance more to play with, and if you leave them alone in a dark cabinet,, unsupervised, they reproduce.

So here is my current scrap buster and the name of pattern (not mine)  Reproduction Chain.

Appropriate huh?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Have Another Sneek Peek

At sew day with the girls on Tuesday I worked on my string quilt and yesterday I finished the top.

Borders are added and now I'm adding a little extra touch just to change it up a bit.

I purchased these precut/fused appliques in Houston from the booth while I was there for the quilt festival last Oct.

At the time of purchase I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do with them and which quilt to add them to, and it wasn't this one.

The original plan just didn't look like I wanted so tucked them away for another day.

Yesterday was that day.

These are super cute and super easy to add to your quilt, the only error can come from the user (that would be me).

Its a good thing one of my good friends came over by chance and she helped me lay out the design.

Even better, she took it home to do the final hand applique stitch around.  I'M terrible at hand stitching and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  Each of us has a talent and believe me hand stitching is Not Mine!

Also finished up a quilt for customer - Tshirt memory quilt.  These are very popular to make for grieving families. (I know from experience).

She even put some on the backing.

Brr brr bitter cold again today - stay inside and sew - that's the plan.  ON What??? Are you kidding I have 2 projects in the works right now and a small customer quilt to do.

Not to mention my red and white could be quilted -

Sew happy sewing day   (one of these days I will surprise you with something other than sewing - wouldn't that be cool?)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good News!!!

I have the best news ever for 2015

My good friend Annette and her husband Tim are returning to WI - I'm so excited to have them back home again.

She was here this past weekend, arrived Fri and left for IN Sunday with the plan of moving bag and baggage and hubby next Saturday.

When she returns she can pick up the quilt I just quilted for her - starting last night and finishing this morning.

Isn't this a fun looking quilt.  I used a panto called Folkart Flowers by Patricia Ritter

It seems I go in streaks as far as how I'm stitching these quilt tops.

For a period of time I will do free motion quilting and then its on to panto stitching.

It all depends on what the quilt top wants, "they do talk to me you know".

For the rest of the day I will be in my sewing room working on the string quilt I started ages ago.

Its an unofficial Sunday Sew In Day with the girlz

This is the year I work on UFO's and other not yet started projects.

After all of my fabric F.A.R.Ts last year I had better plan on getting some of that beautiful fabrics made up into even more beautiful quilts.

So follow along this year and see what develops each one will be different and each one as beautiful as the one before.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How About Those Thimbleberries

Customer told me she had started this over 10 years ago and finally getting those UFO's done.

I quilted using a panto - Curly Maple - by Denise Schillinger just loved working with this panto

Good job Candy on getting the job done!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Customer Quilt

Part 2 of today's post.

Customer rail fence quilt - I quilted using a panto - Gerber Daisy - by Dawna Sanders

Helen will display this at the Skaalen quilt show - coming in April and duh me already forgot the dates

Brrrrr cold today - so you know what that means.  I'm staying in - no place to go and wouldn't want to if there was.

Gee I wonder what I will do for the rest of the day??????

Show and Tell - Christmas in February Party

Yesterday was our Annual Christmas get together with my quilting friends.   We missed a few that couldn't make it but for those that did we had a great time, great food and even better show and tell.

LOL I didn't get my picture taken with my show and tells - boo hoo!

I did however show the quilts that you have already seen - my Christmas quilt - Floating Stars and the finished "top" of my Milton challenge quilt - Red and White Scrappy - which will be quilted as soon as I get the backing for it.

Included in our little gathering is a gift exchange - gift must be sewing related and each of got something really nice that of course as quilters/sewers we can always use more tools, fabrics, patterns etc.

Nobody left hungry and I think everyone went home happy -

Sad face - Annette Vance was supposed to be here - coming from IN - but she had a family funeral to attend and couldn't make it.

The good news it wont be long now and she will be moving back to WI, where, of course we will be getting together to celebrate her return,

Hey any excuse to have another party - hehehehehe

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Morning Making Wreaths

With Valentines Day coming and a party for the quilters this Saturday thought it appropriate to make a valentines wreath.  Now I have a wreath for all seasons - but running out of room to store them! 

In addition Britt's Birthday is coming up soon - March 2nd  - she requested gma make her an everyday wreath for her wall.

I like hers so much I should keep it!!!!!!   NOW its up to her to come and visit me if she wants it.

One way of getting company hehehehehehehehe.

Pretty?! -  And I only burned myself with hot glue 3x's  - ouchie - it seems I can never get away without the "burn" when working with hot glue

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Just Because!

Just because its that time of year again, where I go a little stir crazy!

Its not like I don't have anything to do, because I do.

Its just that it seems to be same thing day in day out.   This time of year I, probably, like everyone else, is getting that cabin fever.

Cant tell you how unbelievable quiet it seems when there is snow on the ground, the sun is not shining and I have nowhere to go.  Its just me and Belle and Millie - and they don't say much.

So of course what to do but sew - ee gads - I do that 365 days out of the year - well almost 365.

After finishing my Floating Stars (yes binding done) what else to do - continue working on my Red and White scrappy - and my mind wanders!!!

I'm thinking of the days coming this summer where I have several trips planned again this year.

Sometimes half the fun of going someplace is the planning on going.

That's what helps to keep me sane during these few months.

Part of the winter blues makes a person want to go someplace but not willing to make the effort to GO!

Magic wand! -  Tap tap tap - showered and dressed make up on  -  Magic wand! - Tap tap tap - house cleaned - Magic wand! - Tap tap tap - jump in car and go.................... Where???

Put away the magic wand and go back to the sewing room