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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Day To Quilt

Took the day off from yard work.  I think it can be without me for one day don't you?

Quilted a customer quilt using a panto "Meandering Jasmine" by Patricia Ritter - Urban

Beautiful soft colors in this quilt.

I had to laugh to myself when I saw it. All of a sudden everything I see or do has something to do with Trip Around The World.  Before this past few weeks I had rarely seen TATW quilts.  Now they are popping up all over.   The last visit to Clinton shop, she was working on one, I did the many trips for Liz, and have seen a few more on CT along with this one.  Like they say "Whats old is new again"

It doesn't matter how old the pattern is or how often its been made, a different fabric can make it new and exciting again.

In addition babysat our great grandson Tavyn today. It was a real joy to have him with us.

One of his favorite activities vacuuming and who am I to argue. Even though he uses a quick vac and hits the same spot for about 10 min, that one spot is super clean.

Felt good to quilt today, I think maybe tomorrow I will spend some more time in my room.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One More Done

Between yesterday and today, progress!!!!!

No Idea what they are called but beautiful.  The color is actually a deep purple not blue but you know how well my camera takes purple pictures (not) 

Thought these were going to be ruined from the big storm yesterday, but  still looking good
Yesterday we had downpours not once but twice.  This morning I went out in my bathrobe and slippers to survey the damage and thought for sure the roses were done for and the peonies were all on the ground like somebody sat on them.  I knew I had my work cut out for me today.

Managed to tie up the roses and the peonies and they are looking beautiful again.  Finished off another flower bed. Sigh making progress and its really starting to show.

My lovely LL Diane came over and she worked on the mound  its looking good.  Not done but oh so much better. More photos to follow when its really presentable.

I have another bed I started yesterday morning at around 7 and worked until around 2 in the afternoon.  About 3 more hours and that one will be finished and ready for its photo shoot.

Yes yes yes I'm still quilting.  First thing tomorrow I have a customer quilt to do along with more blocks for LQS demo quilt Six Flags.

Now I have 2 addictions quilting, my first love and now gardening.

I couldn't garden Saturday, went to bridal shower, Sunday was way too hot to even try. Which was perfect for sewing.   After 2 days of not pulling a weed, I had to start right in on Monday.

My new routine, up early sew and hour or 2 or 3 and then head outside and play in the dirt.

Housework, hmmm not so much.  I do manage to get some done but not as much as before the warm weather started.  Just not a high priority now.  I am after all one person and until I get my "cape" I'm not claiming to be superwoman. So I pick my battles and fight one at a time.

Enjoying myself - Yes!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Big Improvement!!!!!!!

Remember the before??

Here is the after:

The red roses just keep popping more and more flowers.  What a difference after all the weeding is done and the mulching finished.  Love it.  I sit out there when the sun is low and just enjoy being next to the roses.  The potentilla  bushes  are doing well too since I trimmed out the dead and pulled out the weeds growing up through them..

I guess the hard work is starting to really show an improvement.  Never thought it would look so good.

On to the next patch of weeds/flowers.  Started the north side mulching but ran out of time and energy.  Will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday now.

Bridal shower tomorrow, Sunday its going to be in the 90's no way working outside.  Monday 80's maybe can handle it but Tuesday sounds perfect for outside work.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just A Few Updates

Been gone almost the entire day today and when I got home too pooped to accomplish anything.

I did quilt Annette's Snowman quilt yesterday. Sewwwww cute,  (pun intended)

She did a great job on this and she is going to embellish with buttons and stars I believe.  Look forward to seeing finished piece.

I also managed to finish yet another flower bed yesterday.  I was going to take a picture because it looks so good, but have to wait.  I have a pile of weeds in front of it and that would just take away from how it really looks.  Each time one is completed I get a sense that there will be an end to this someday.  Its so satisfying seeing how pretty everything is looking.   Don't get the impression I'm almost done, because I'm not.  There is so much more to do, but at least now I can see some results and headway.

I will show you some before/after and yet to be done:

Roses in front of the house. I have half weeded here and more to do and then the mulching.

Wait until you see the after pictures. Ohhh  so much nicer than these pics.

Tomorrow much to do in the yard, and then I must get some more sewing done or visa versa.    More than likely I will be getting up early and doing some sewing first then play outside.

Almost finished with the Many Trips half blocks.  This morning I laid the blocks out on my floor and discovered more blocks are needed to complete the quilt.  Liz asked me to make  the extra blocks needed and the extra half blocks.  My goal is to get these done tomorrow or Friday by the latest.

At least that is the plan, we will see how much gets done.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Sew In May

Yesterday was our CT monthly Sunday Sew In.  Just in case you don't remember what that is.  Once a month my fun on line quilters group has a sew day.  We each go to our sewing room/studios and sew on a project or projects and post results and pictures throughout the day.  Now you wouldn't think sewing all day and reporting to people you have never met wouldn't be fun, but I'm telling you it is.

Here is what I did on my sew day:

1) finished a second practice block for Many Trips Around The World

2) finished the baby quilt I was working on last week with the girls sew day
3) We did a jelly roll race, I was not a contestant because I was giving a prize to the person who finished in the shortest amount of time. AND if I was racing, the roll I bought was only 20 strips not 40 as required in the race.

Small but cute. I will finish off with some borders and decide what to do with it later.

4) Finished 2 more half blocks of Trips for Liz

Ky came over in the afternoon and we finally got to sew together

She has started another quilt

Her goal is to make 2 quilts and another wall hanging for the Edgerton Quilt show this year.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Working On Instructions

Ok after several web searches I have come to the conclusion the name of the quilt I'm working on is Many Trips Around The World, and yet cant find written instructions for this other than the typical Tube scrappy method.  This is not done by making a tube, but rather in strips and dropping a square for each strip added, and removing the extra square/squares after dropping down a square.  The removed pieces are then used to make a second, reverse color block. So you get a 2fer from each strip piecing and cutting.

The minimal instructions that Liz gave me with the pieces is of some help, but for the most part I have to figure most of it on my own.

This morning I decided to make a whole block instead of just the half blocks needed to complete the rows.  Using some of my scraps, here is what I made.

So I did it, and while making this I took notes, so I'm almost ready to type up instructions for future use and to pass along to many of my CT friends who have asked for the pattern.

Tomorrow is our SEW IN SUNDAY on CT.  First on the menu is clean my sewing room.  Wayne peek in this morning while I was working on the block and asked me "what happened to your room its a mess".  As usual when I am looking for fabrics to play with I wind up tearing everything apart, that which was once neat and tidy is now a total disaster.   Searching through the 2 boxes Liz gave me I managed to make everything Topsy turvey.  Pieces of fabrics scattered everywhere,not to mention the pieces I am working on for Liz.

After the clean up (which I might get done tonight)  I will be doing a jelly roll race quilt top along with some of the other girls on CT.  I'm not actually racing, but some of them are and I have offered a prize to the person with the fastest time.  I will send or email one of my patterns to the winner.

The jelly roll will only take about 45min to an hour, probably for me longer as I have not sewn my strips together yet.

From there I will move on to finish the borders on a baby quilt I started Thursday at our girls sew day at the Gathering Place.

Then I will continue working on Liz's pieces. Each half block takes almost an hour to make.  However, I am getting faster at making them now that I know what I'm doing.

Maybe, just maybe, Ky can come over tomorrow and we can get some sewing done.

Thanks to my beautiful granddaughters Brittany and Kylee, we managed to get more flower beds completed today, even in this heat. Its now over 90 and I'm feeling it.  We worked for quite a while outside until I couldn't take it anymore. But every little bit helps. I was so happy to have their help cut my work time in half today.  Britt said she will try to come more often when she has some days off and will help with more.  That would be so terrific. The work goes faster when you have someone working with you, not just because they are helping, but the chatting while working makes it seem less like work.

They say plants do grow better when you talk to them, mine should be super happy plants as I talk to them all the time while cleaning up around them.  Telling them Im doing my best to save them from the nasty weeds and once freed tell them there now you grow and flourish. Im probably loosing it just a little.

Maybe by the end of the summer I might actually have this yard done. LOL seriously we are making headway and its starting to show.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quilting vs Gardening

Well not really.  I am trying to keep a balance for both.

Just so you can keep up with what is happening, more pics of the progress and not so much progress:

Actually making a headway on the flower beds.  Yesterday I planted all of the containers with annuals.  Even with all the flowers in this yard, still need those annuals for that spark of color here and there.  Finished laying mulch in some areas in the front of the house, and also mulched a few sections in back of house.

Roses are starting to bloom, and if all the buds open all at once its going to be an explosion of color

Didn't know the name of this little yellow bloom, but friend on CT found it.  Alum Molly, or Golden Garlic Jeanine

Iris are blooming on the pond mound

Peonies almost ready to open, some are open in other sections of the yard

this is a portion of the pond mound still not touched by human hand, soon dear plants soon

A portion that has been cleared on the pond mound

More waiting for the magic touch or I should say any ones magic touch

yep more

One flower bed that is still waiting for me to save it
I will get you pictures of all the pretty work that has been completed.

Now back to quilting:  Liz brought me blocks to a quilt that needs to be assembled.  She however could not figure out how to do the end pieces which are 1/2 blocks for a on point quilt.  Stayed up last night just to get it straight in my head.  Finally dawned on me ( no not at dawn) and this morning I managed to put 2 1/2 blocks together and lay the quilt out in rows for on point assembly.

This is going to be one gorgeous quilt.

The instructions or lack of made it quite the challenge.  I'm loving the way it looks and I'm going to attempt making my own some day.

Today was Sew Day with the girls. Sorry no pictures this time.  (that's OK, hold the applause)  Just a few of us today, but I want to welcome Annette to our little sew group.  She is working on her quilt and making such headway.  She only needs to put on final borders and all done and ready for quilting.

Now the big news!!!!!!!   Drum Roll Please ...................................
I am definitely headed for Houston TX for the International Quilt Festival Nov1 - 5th.  Already have a room thanks to my friend Julie, and our plane tickets have been booked.   I cant tell you how excited I am about this trip. For so many reasons: First time ever flying - Meeting several of my online friends from Connected Threadz. If I counted right I think there will be 12 of us meeting for the first time.  Of course seeing the festival, and touring Houston.

Need to get the cash I will need for all of this fun, but it will happen.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Everyone

What will today bring?  For me its a cookout at our daughter's Stacy.

Looking forward to a day of relaxation (yeah right) Well at least I don't have to cook too much today.  Already started the house cleaning, laundry and the usual.

I am taking the day off from yard work.  Yesterday I spent 5 hours re cleaning the front of the house flower beds, some of them anyway, not all. Weeded and finally put down weed barrier and mulch.  LOL to do all of the front will take me another 20 hours maybe more.  My body was so sore last night, but its going to be so worth it. For now anyway I have one section weed free and looking so nice.  I will have to put in some annuals, all of the spring flowers have bloomed and gone for this season in this section.

Before going outside yesterday, here is what I completed in my sewing room:

Made the second bag for Emma's friend.  Just a little different so the girls don't mix them up

What is this???   A Burp Cloth for the new baby coming November.

A new customer and even better yet, new friend, gave me the pattern to make the burp cloth.  What a great idea.  

When I needed burp clothes for my babies, way too many years ago, I used a cloth diaper, towel or what ever I could throw over my shoulder.  Do they even make cloth diapers anymore.  I'm sure they do, but since throw aways are so easy, not too many mothers use cloth anymore. Although I don't know how they can afford them anymore.  I just googled cost of disposable in comparison to cloth. Here are the results:

From 0-30months $1551.00 add in wipes $1751.00   Cloth diapers and covers $249.00.  Wow had no idea disposables cost so very much.  However, not having to wash dirty diapers, might be considered priceless!

That's one expense I don't have to worry about. As a grandma I just get to enjoy and spend my money on fun things.  Like the baby quilts I'm planning and more burp clothes.

For me this is going to be one exceptionally exciting year.  New baby coming November 25th, AND Im seriously and I mean seriously thinking of taking a trip to Houston TX for the International Quilt Festival. November 1-4th.  

The exciting part of this trip is meeting up with so many of my online quilting friends from  My all time favorite quilting social group.

The only thing stopping me at this point is cash.  Need to save up some$$$$$$ for this trip.  So its a good thing I don't have to buy those diapers right? 

Friday, May 11, 2012

What Day Is It?

All week long I have been either one or even 2 days behind in the actual date.

What is it?  Is it because I don't have to punch a time clock at a job. Is it because I'm so occupied with my sewing and yard work I forget the days?  I don't know, but it is one of those weeks, I have to keep checking the calendar to make certain I don't miss something.

This morning is Friday, right?  .......... Yep just checked the calendar.

Here is a really pretty, pastel quilt I just finished for Liz, quilting friend and now new customer.

She didn't care how it was stitched, just put it together.  Using one of my favorites - swirls.  I could have done just a meandering, but this is so pretty it deserved a little more attention than just meandering.

Really love this quilt and the appliques are so perfect, as usual for Liz.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bag Just For Emma

Emma (our little gymnast) needs a personal bag for her personal belongings when going to the gym or meets.

Here is what I came up with

Wanted to match as close as I could her gymnastic outfit

Think it looks pretty good, what do you think?

Have another one to do just like it for one of her friends.

Last night we went to Diane and  Roger's to present Sharon with Joe's Tshirt memory quilt.  Dinner was delicious and we had a wonderful evening with our friends.

I'm happy to say Sharon loved it, although it did make her sad and cry a little. I am so pleased with the way it came out and hope it helps her, in some small way, to deal with her loss.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fast No Match Stars

Got this pattern from one of the girls on Connected Threads.  Each block only takes 10 min and you get 2 blocks from 2 color sets.

Used a variety of fabrics from my stash and just finished quilting this morning.  Just a small lap 62x62 or large wall hanging.

Pieced baking also fab from my stash

Practice practice practice, all over feathers.  They are getting easier to do each time I do them. They also look very pretty on this quilt.

This is going to be a present to someone, but I can't say who it is or I would ruin the surprise.