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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mille Has Been Found

After a sleepless night and worrying about Mille, Diane our LL told me where the stove fits in between cabinets, there is a lazy susan in corner and the cabinets do not fit against wall, there is an opening there that would could not see.  We had pushed stove in place, so yesterday pulled stove back out and kept calling for her. She finally let out a few meows and peeked out. There she was.  So happy we found her.  Took another 4 hours to get her to come out of there, but she is out and happy again.

She has investigated the entire house and seems happy again.  She is no longer screaming at us, just sweet little meows as she looks over her new home.

Everything almost in place and ready to start my normal routine. 

Just itching to get sewing again.  This morning, with the suggestion from Diane, hung almost all of my design wall, using just Tpins pushed through the Styrofoam and into the wall.  Need to cut one of the styro lengthwise, hang it and put the batting on and design wall will be done.

Just a little more organizing in sewing room. Monday for sure I will be sewing and quilting and cant wait to get back at it.

I will post pictures when everything is where it should be, until I change my mind and move things around again.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A few loose ends

Finally we have moved into the new house. I love it!!!!!!

We just have a few more things at the old. LOL mostly Wayne's clothes, mine are here.

Take down the drapes and some curtains and hang them here.  Clean up the old place, lock it up and never look back.

Wayne asked me if I felt bad about leaving our home. He thought he would, but not so much.  I told him I was fine with the move because we are going to a better place.

There are some wonderful memories from the old house. But like I told Wayne, its just a house and our memories go with us.

It was an exhausting day yesterday, but thank goodness Stacy came and pitched in AGAIN. She just kept helping and helping. I could not have gotten through all of this if weren't for all the help she gave me.

Not taking anything away from Toby, had he not helped we would have had a terrible time moving my big longarm machine and frame. So a big thanks to him.

Stacy even put all of my fabrics and supplies in the large cupboards while we went to the old place to get yet more things.

Before she left I gave her a big hug and laughingly told her she was my favorite child.  We both had a good laugh over that, she said yeah because I do things for you.

There is a sad note to our move.  Millie our cat is missing.  I brought her over and put her in the bathroom with litter box and door shut.  She was so upset over being moved she kept meowing it was more like a mad loud deep meow. Like she was really telling everybody off. One angry cat!!!

She left the bathroom, hid in a closet which we moved her out of while straightening it. She went from there to the kitchen where she yelled at Wayne and we haven't seen her since.  We are hoping she went into the attached garage and is hiding in there.  We have searched every nook and cranny of the house and she is just not in here any place.

Poor Millie, we have been calling her over and over throughout the house and garage, and walked all around outside, but no Millie.   She is an inside cat and has never been outside since the day we got her. Been declawed so if she is outside, she couldn't defend herself, not to mention she would have no clue what to do.

I'm missing her so very much and praying she is inside the garage and we will find her today.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas

Ho hum, its the day after Christmas and as usual spent the day doing what?  Not shopping, not returning presents, not eating left overs, no I did more moving. LOL this is getting ridiculous. My life is consumed by this move.  When your getting older it just takes longer.  Wayne and I have moved something everyday since the 15th of this month.  When your old  or older than we were when we moved in here, you can only do so much and then we have to stop and rest.

The good news, we are almost to an end. Stacy (daughter) came again this morning and we did another Hugh kick butt pack and move.  Now you would think with all of this, we would be finished, but oh no.  Its still goes on.

Tomorrow, my new dryer gets delivered to the new house between 8:30 and 10:30 am. Which means I have to go and wait for the delivery.  2 hours of down time would be good if I could sort and put things away, but I'm at a standstill.  I can not put anymore away until the furniture comes on Thursday, because everything that is there now, needs to be put on or in or around the furniture.

Both houses look like someone has come in and stolen just the items they wanted and left the rest. At this point, I almost wish someone would come to the old house and steal the rest, then I would take the insurance money and just buy more and have it delivered. 

Poor Wayne ( and me ) we are exhausted, he is in his TV chair, snoring away. I don't have the heart to wake him.  Its too early to go to bed so let him nap and I will wake him in time to go to bed. LOL again.

One thing is for sure, once I get the house settled, which shouldn't take too long, I am going to be sewing and quilting up a storm.

So dear friends, nothing important or interesting to post, but soon I hope. Sigh!!!!!!!  I have not even taken the time to look at the blogs I follow, where there is always something fun to see.  If you would like to watch a very interesting and helpful video, watch this one.  Lisa Calle shows how to do feather filler, I watched this several times and now can do these Free hand feathers on an overall quilt.  I have, since watching her video quilted 3 quilts doing the feather filler.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Lizzie

No pictures, not much to say except:  MY TIN LIZZIE IS MOVED AND IN HER NEW HOME.

I have been so nervous about moving my Longarm, it was making me sick to my stomach.

Thanks to our son Toby, we got her moved today and she is ready to be put to work. 

Next week Thursday is the final day of moving.

 I will be so happy to have this all over with.

Maybe the next time I post, I will have pictures of my new place and setup.

In the meantime, should I forget to say it:


Thursday, December 22, 2011

My New Fabrics

My Spoonflower fabrics arrived yesterday.

They are so beautiful, and what make them even more special, my Sister-in-law Donna Kallner designed these wonderful fabrics.

I love them so much, and will have to order more. I'm already thinking of a new pattern to use these in.

All of that will have to be on hold, still in the moving process.  Our daughter Stacy came to help yesterday and between the 2 of us we did some real kick butt moving.  OMG she is a worker and so strong. Lifting boxes that I thought two people or a man should be lifting.  We hauled 4 loads between using her truck and my van.

Then she proceeded to help decorate the walls.  I value her opinion, she has a wonderful eye for decorating.

Now all my old wall pictures/prints/ quilts and nick knacks look brand new, hanging in new location and new arrangements. It starting to look like somebody lives there.

Today its grocery shopping, or we don't eat, laundry or we go naked and buy a bed for Belle.  We are only going to have 1 bedroom, the other is my sewing room and there is no way Belle will be sleeping in the same bed with Wayne and I.  She is going to be one P O'd dog.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011 Is Over For Me

Sigh!!! Another family Christmas if over.  I love having all of us together and yesterday was our family Christmas. Like most families its filled with food, presents for the little ones, football and for me the joy of having everyone in one place at one time.
All my hard work paid off, (I think) the grand kids liked their new fleece blankets. Its always so difficult to get good pictures, so much going on paper everywhere, everybody moving around  all at the same time, it makes your head swirl, trying to take it all in.   Boy I'm getting old!!!!!!!

Stacy made me a beautiful mosaic Christmas tree.  Its the only tree I'm going to have this year.  We actually dropped it off on the way home to the new house, one less thing to move.

The picture doesn't do it justice. Its gorgeous.  She made each woman in the family a mosaic Christmas ornament, and stupid me, with all the comotion going on no pictures.  I always have an after thought why didn't I take more posed pictures.  Because my mind is consumed with planning, packing and moving.  

Next year I'm hoping to be more composed, relaxed and really enjoy the day.  That's my promise to me.

2 of  my favorite presents I gave this year, was the doll made by one of my Connected Threadz friend, and Tavyn's cape.

She is adorable, and I think Lexi liked her. Hard to tell with a one year old, she was so busy nothing could hold her attention for more than a few seconds yesterday.

Time goes by so fast, I am feeling like I'm not using my time with my little ones like I should be.

Instead of a New Years resolution, I'm making a Jean's resolution.  Find ways to spend more time with my grand kids, allllll of them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final Quilt Before The Move

Whew, got all the quilting done before Christmas and before the move.

Now I'm ready to breakdown my Tin Lizzie, and get her moved to the new home.  So looking forward to being moved and everything back to normal.  If what I do is normal.

Bow Ties, Teri's husband actually purchased this top at an auction and paid only $15.00 for it.

I wanted it to look old and used, so I did a large looping W's and M's which worked out well with the high loft batting that Teri brought to be used with this quilt.  There was some easement issues, but I am now trying a "floating top" method loading the quilt tops and for this quilt it worked out great.

Now its time to stop all sewing and quilting, and do some serious packing and moving.

We are having our Christmas family gathering today, and thank goodness our daughter Stacy is hosting, so I don't have to clean my house or worry about cooking.

After today, Wayne and I can really dig in and pack and move something everyday, until the final big furniture move on the 29th. 

I'm sooooooo looking forward to living in a one level home. Its going to be fantastic and we are so excited about it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kelli's Scrappy Squares

Kelli, Ft Wayne IN sent me ONE  more quilt to be completed by Christmas. Actually she needs this back immediately. Finished this morning and ship to her UPS so she should have it tomorrow. Monday at the latest I would think.

Im thinking this should be the last of customer quilts before the move.  I just have to finish Toby's quilt for Ky so she can give it to her dad for Christmas.

Plan on packing my LA and as much of the sewing room I can starting Monday, with the intentions of getting my sewing room in the new place set up long before the final day of moving.

We picked up the keys yesterday and started moving a few of the kitchen dishes and some misc from kitchen drawers.

I wont really be able to get much more done the rest of this week, with Emma gymnastic meet on Saturday and our family Christmas Sunday.  Not to mention I have to Christmas shopping today to get the grand kids presents bought.

Haven't a clue what I'm going to buy for the grand kids, but if I don't get going it wont be anything.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Neatest Shirt Quilt Every

Kelli, from Ft Wayne IN did this fantastic Pocket quilt. It was a little bit of a challenge to quilt it, but it looks terrific. Nough said::::::  Other than she used mens Ties to do the letters. How cool is this??????

Taking It All In Stride

Yippee, finished the 2nd quilt for Teri.  Feathers, feathers and more feathers.

This is my second attempt at feathers. Each time its quite a process to complete an entire quilt doing feathers all over.  Its an experience and hope to do more and get better and better.

I have more news.  Wayne and I have made a decision, which we have been thinking about for a long time.

We are putting our house up for sale, and going to be renting a 2 bedroom ranch home.  ONE level.  As we  are getting older and dealing with all that comes with it, we are finding this bi-level home is too much for us. The stairs are killing us.  Found this wonderful home to rent, and we are moving end of this month.

Lets see how much more stress I can add to my life.  Customer quilts needing to be done, and not missing a step completing them.  I have my own Christmas presents to finish by the 18th of this month, as we are celebrating our family Christmas that day. 

Have completed LZY Christmas wall hanging top for the Clinton shop.   Really hope I can get it quilted and over there by early next week, as it a little close to Christmas, and not much sense showing it after Christmas.  If not, will have to go to plan C. I say C because the first one (A) bled so bad cant display, plan B is the Christmas one, but if not finished in time, will do yet another one for display using everyday quilt fabrics. At this rate, I'm going to have 3 wall hangings all with the same quilt pattern.

Today is our Sew In Day with Connected Threadz, and my day started at 3:30am.  Couldn't sleep, so I started sewing right a way.  Just taking a short break and will get back at it again real soon.

My mind is racing with all the things that must get done before we move, but I'm confident all will work out the way its supposed to as it always does.

We are so excited about the move and living in a home without stairs. I really think I will get more accomplished in a day than I do now, if that's possible.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One down one to go

Finished one quilt this morning for Teri, have another to do, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Picked Wayne up from the hosp this morning, all is well for now. He had 3 stints put in 2 arteries. Now he is good for another 1000 miles, before his next tune up.


Teri and I have to talk, seriously. The backing was just enough to get pinned to my machine.  I was sweating bullets before I did the final pass, wondering if I was going to hit a pin and break a needle.

Other than that, good job Teri, you always do such nice sewing and quilts are always squared up so nice. Never have a worry about stretching/puckering they lay so flat and roll so nicely.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Making Progress, Slowly

For the past few days, I have had much on my mind, which took away my energy and desire to sew and quilt.

Had to push myself just to do anything.  That's what mind stress can do to a person.

Wayne has been having problems again, and today he was in St Mary's Hosp in Madison, for a heart cath. Found blockages and had to put in 3 stints, but the good news is he is coming home tomorrow.

So now he is good for another few miles.

I did manage to do all of the Christmas Lazy Hourglass wall hanging blocks, Will have to assemble the blocks, add borders, quilt and bind, I feel I can get this done quickly, now that my mind is clear.

This year I made the decision not to put up a Christmas tree.  Its just Wayne and I here and nobody really comes to visit at this time of year.  We always do our celebrating at our daughters home.

I will put out some Christmas decorations here and there but no tree.

Now that I have made this decision, I am going to be giving my tree ornaments to our kids and grand kids.  I have been collecting crystal ornaments for years, and love the way they look. 

Pulled out the box of ornaments and looking through I realized I also have porcelain ornaments that I had made many years ago, when I was into making porcelain dolls.

I used to love making these, cleaning the bisk, painting the faces and assembling the dolls.  This was before I started quilting.

Both of these hobbies, are expensive, so gave up on the doll making and continued the quilting.

I get such pleasure out of making quilts, giving them to people I love.  Some I keep for myself, but most are gifts to others.

Then of course there is the quilting for others, that I really truly enjoy.  And lets not forget the designing of new patterns.

Quilting is a big part of who I am, and after I get Wayne home tomorrow, I can back to it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Its A Do Over

Remember the Lazy Hourglass wall hanging I just finished???

Well I cant use it for demonstration anymore.  I had a brilliant idea to wash it and give it that "quilty" look.

The reds bled, washed it with color catcher and everything. I have washed this 8 times and it just gets worse.  I thought those color catchers would save the day. Nope.

So now I'm doing another one but this time I'm using Christmas Fabrics, which I like even better than the previous wall hanging.

Not gonna try being cute with this one, leave it alone. Don't fix what isn't broke, right?

Have 4 of 12 blocks done, and the rest of the fabric is cut and ready for me to sew together.

Maybe will get it done by Wed at the latest. Really should get it to Twin Turtle Quilt Shop by end of this week, seeing as how I'm using Christmas fabrics, would be nice to show it off before Christmas is over.

The push is on, but kicking in my "Jean Mode" and everything will be done on time.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanks Teresa @ Twin Turtle Quilt Shop

Teresa from Twin Turtle Quilt Shop Clinton, WI, wrote this about me and my patterns on Face Book. I appreciated it so much and her kind comments, wanted to share with you.

Stepping Stones by Jean Romack.

by Twin Turtle Quilts on Monday, November 28, 2011 at 12:54pm


I met Jean Romack in September when I had my booth at Quilt Expo. She noticed my sign advertising my new quilt shop and asked if I would be carrying other designer's patterns besides my own. She had published a few of her designs and had not gotten into any shop yet. I remembered how hard it was just starting out and that fear of contacting those first few shops. I told her to stop by the shop and we'd work something out, without even seeing her designs yet. Well, Jean has a real eye for design and I'm currently carrying four of her patterns. They fit in well with my own patterns. Quite frankly, most are similar to my own designs; complex looking but very simple to piece.Stepping Stones by Jean Romack

Jean, of Milton, Wisconsin, has also graciously let me borrow of few of her quilts and they are hanging in my shop. One of the patterns, Stepping Stones, has been intriguing me so much that I just had to stop what I was working on and try it out. Jean's quilt is done in a variety of greens, browns, reds, and golds; it's dark, earthy and gorgeous. I wanted to see what it looked like done in brights. Not having a lot of time, I decided to do just a portion of the full size quilt and make a crib size. I took 4 fat quarters of my pastel baby fabrics and paired them with 4 bright fat quarters. Wow, what a difference! Many customers don't believe it's the same pattern at first!Bright Stepping Stones by Teresa Popanz

The pattern was very simple to follow and the piecing was fairly easy. I quickly completed the crib size top in just a few hours. It's definitely one that I would make again. In fact, as I stare at it I picture it in other fabric combinations. I may just have to find time to play with it some more!

Besides Stepping Stones, I also have Jean's Floating Stars, Forever Diamonds (I get many compliments on this one), and Lightning Strike (I wish I would have thought of this design! It's so fun; I think I'm going to have to play with this one, too!). After the holidays I'll get Jean to come down and teach a few classes. She'll probably have a few more designs by then, too.

I appreciate so much her allowing me to have my patterns in her shop, and look forward to showing her more patterns as they are completed.
The next quilt I will give to her for display is the wall hanging
Lazy Hourglass that I just finished quilting and binding today.
As a free hand quilter, I am always trying to come up with stitching designs, and have been thinking about this one for over a month or so, finally decided to try it out on this quilt and I am very pleased with the results

Love doing freehand quilting and love it when it works out the way I imagined.