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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Day

What an absolutely beautiful day.  Kinda windy, but temp wise, perfect. I love it when its a little windy. The lilacs are blooming and with wind blowing them around can smell them all around the house.  I for one would rather have this kind of weather rather than the cold of winter and or the heat of summer.  Dont get me wrong, I like summer too, but like most people, spring and fall in Wisconsin is the best.

I worked on quilt this morning.  All the singel rows are sewing together, and now ready to put the rows together.  You will need to cut 12 2.5" strips and then sew the strips so you have 6, 2.5" x 69".  Sew strips together with a miter seam. (photo)

Sew these strips between your rows.

When adding second row to first strip, be sure you match up the sashing between blocks from 1 row to next and pin to keep in place. Sew together with 1/4" Seam and press away from you. Do this for all 7 rows.

I have now completed the center of the quilt. 

Met my best friend at Loose Threads quilt shop and purchased additional material for the inner and outer borders for this quilt.  After shopping went to lunch with her and then home.

 Like I said its a beautiful day.  Sat outside on front porch and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Dont get so involved in sewing you forget to leave your sewing room and go outside. Take a walk or just sit and breath in the fresh air.

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