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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bestest EVER Thanks So Much

I have the bestest daughter ever.

She works so hard at her job and since my hip operation has been over here as much as possible. She has cleaned my house - done yard work.

Yesterday she and Ky and Gus came to weed some of the flower beds (no pictures) hahahahaha.

After PT yesterday I was feeling pretty darn good, but then had a setback - strained a muscle which sent horrific shooting pains through my hip.  I honestly thought I had dislocated something, but talking to PT they assured me my hip replacement was fine.

Wayne had to actually lift my leg for me to get into bed and again to get me out. Grrrrrr and weep - made me cry.

Today Stacy took me to an emergency PT treatment -where they did a full massage and pulsating massage.

She is now outside again doing My yard work that I wont be able to do for a while.  Told her it wasnt necessary as what ever happens to the flowers now - will just have to be what is what is.  She insisted on getting it done for me.  She know how I feel about my flowers and yard.

The tomatoes are comng in fast and furious and I have so many I need to can them or set a stand out front which Im not going to do.  Bless her heart in between weeding she cooked up some of them and then froze them.  No food will go to waste around here LOL.

I know she has tons of her own work to do at home, but still she finds the time for old Ma.

She really does pitch in and help whenever needed.

Now if you have known us when she was a young girl especially teen years, you would think we would never be close - what a pain my >>>>>> when she was young.  If I had said it was a nice day she would spout back NO IT ISNT.  We clashed and clashed but in the end there was always love just not liking there.

She has been such a huge help to us whenever we need her - Wayne gets sick boom she is there to do what is needed - I get sick boom she is here to help out.

So this one blog post is just to say a big Thanks to my daughter who was such a little sht when she was young but look at her now.

This is the only picture of Stacy that I could find without her tongue sticking out.  One of her favorite things to do when having her pic taken.

Love You Baby Girl

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two Quilts and A Sew Day

Today was Sew day with the girls.

First one I have been to since July.  It was tons of  fun, with 10 of us all working on different projects.

I took Tula Pinks with me and finished only one..  So much activity going on, and each Tula Pink I picked up (5) I had previously cut at home but what I feared would happen did.  One of blocks was missing a small piece, another one I had one piece cut incorrectly and with all the happy chatter it was hard to concentrate.

Some of the girls were helping others with questions on their projects and a few had me helping them.  This is what makes it so fun, you don't go to sew day to really get much sewing done, you go for the good company and conversation and exchange of ideas.

Before leaving today I did load and quilt a baby quilt for customer:

Also loaded and started a Tshirt quilt which I finished after returning and shortly after supper.

Ha, a 2fer, in one day -  just to clarify - they are small quilts and easy quilting designs.  The baby quilt was free motion clouds and the T shirt meandering.

I do know this, I'm rather tired tonight.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


My first attempt at loading and quilting on my longarm went pretty well today.

Granted it took me longer than usual, and yes I was pretty tired and sore but I did take a few breaks before the final rows.

Don't know if you remember this quilt from a while back - Scrappy - but I thought I better try something easy for the first time quilting.

I used my free motion leaves and loops - its almost fall and this quilt has the right colors for a fall quilt, hence the leaves.

Even the backing was made from large pieces of scraps from my stash.  Little money was used in the making of this quilt. I think I might try to sell it on Etsy for about $100.00 just to cover the cost of batting and my time.

I will be putting on a hand turned binding - giving me something to do while resting in my recliner.

Just had to give it a try today, one of my quilters is dropping a quilt off on Monday - So Yes Im Back and ready for quilts - come on customers bring me your quilts.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Tula Pinks

Sewed blocks 11,12, and 13 this morning.  Bored outta my skull - but each day gets better.  Monday will be the beginning of week 4 from date of surgery.

Wont be long now (I hope) before I'm back to quilting.  What I really want to do is take a walk outside around my flower beds and see how they are doing.  From what I can see from my windows - some are done done done for the year and others seem to be hanging on and missing me I'm sure.

I need to get busy working on the crazy quilt too.  Maybe this afternoon, right now I need a little rest.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Now I know just how my mom felt when she was house bound and using a walker to get around.

I hate this - thankfully for me its short time before I can get back to my usual active life.

Mom must have hated not having anything to do but wait for meals and someone to come and visit her.

Sorry I didn't spend more time with her!!!!!!!

Today is a big day - Wayne and I did dishes together. I washed he dried.  I cant put them away yet so its his job to do that.  I know he hates doing dishes, lol he let them pile up for 2 days before I offered to wash if he dried.  Score!!!!!

Between the yard work and the housework, Wayne now sees how important I am.

For the past few days I have been depressed as hell - you know how busy I like to be and sitting and watching TV - taking naps and watching more TV I'm ready to cut my throat and end it all.

Yesterday I managed to sew a few crazy blocks but it still didn't perk me up - so today I made myself sew some Tula Pinks blocks, 8, 9, and 10.

Stacy is here doing the cleaning - thank you thank you thank you.  Wayne was doing an excellent job so I'm told when I was in the hospital but with yard work that he now has to do alone, he cant do both.  Maybe he realizes just what I do contribute to the work load.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Healing Slowly But Surely

Now that I have been home for awhile (Thursday) I am finally feeling up to a few minutes at my computer.

They surgery went well and my new hip is in place, pain pills are helping.

Wow that was some serious pain after surgery, but it is now manageable.

Wayne has been taking good care of me and the house.

Yesterday I was so bored I tried doing some sewing.  Managed to make a 4 Tula Pinks blocks.  It wasn't an easy task but I got it done.

Block number 4 5,6, and 7 - remember there will be a total of 100 so I have a ways to go

Maybe today I can work on the crazy quilt blocks.

I tried my hand at hand quilting, and realized I'm not a hand quilter by any means.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Birthday Blocks

August 4th today - really???

Surgery was on Monday and everything went well. but ouch ouch ouch.

Today is the first day Ive had without severe pain.

Thanks to my daughter Stacy, I'm now connected again, she brought me my lap top.  She also brought my great grandson Tavyn with her  Which also made my day.  Love being able to see my babies, whenever I get a chance.

I wont be home for a while I don't think but at least I can now keep in touch.

I have, so far reconnected with my Connected Threadz friends = facebook, emails and balanced the checkbook.

No way could I have done any of this until today, but what a difference a day makes.

OK so here are the July birthday blocks.

Gael Purchase - Australia  Blocks are made up from scraps

Michelle Johnston - TX
The one on left is made up and Now I cant remember the name of the other one.  Will have to look it up when I get home.