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Friday, June 28, 2013

Badger #2

Vicki made yet another gorgeous quilt using Bucky Badger theme.

Just in time for graduation party this weekend.  Now all's she has to do is put on the binding.

Gus came into the sewing room with me today while I worked on this, he played with his toys until he got bored while Gma sewed.

He is wiggling and all over the floor now.  Can't call it crawling yet, but its getting real close to it.

He is now at least getting up on all 4's before his arms collapse and he pushes forward with his chubby legs.

Once he gets going, Im going to be on the run all the time - the plan shut every door to all the rooms in this house - he will have the living room and kitchen and hallway to roam around.

Lucky we dont have any stairs to concern ourselves with.

I remember when Kylee was first crawling, we did put up the baby gate at the stairs, but she was all over the house, I was constantly following her around or trying to find which direction she was headed.

I do believe I will get plenty of exercise.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Im Going To Need A Boat

Wow the rains just never stop.

We are getting hit daily and not just showers but downpours.

While getting some sewing time in Wayne brought it to my attention the water flowing in the yard.

I sit right by a window but never even looked up or out to see what was going on during the early morning rain storm.

View from my sewing room.

Backyard and all around the ground is saturated and ground water running everywhere.

For a while we thought perhaps the pond would overflow and the fish would swim out, but thankfully the rocks kept the water from overflowing.

 Made me a little nervous for a while thought we might have water come into the house.

Finally rains stopped and sun is shining

Monday, June 24, 2013

Quilt Show Rosemont IL 2013

Four very happy quilters load themselves into Julie's car and venture to IL for the show.

Chatter chatter chatter all the way with great expectations of having a good time.

We were not disappointed:

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day Today!!

Happy Fathers Day to dads, husbands, grandfathers etc etc etc!!!!!!

Breakfast out with Wayne and friends, and surprise Toby/Sarah/Ky and Gus showed up at the same restaurant.

Home again and for me its sewing day.

I haven't been up to much sewing lately but I was determined to stick with it today.

Made July Birthday Blocks, and no you cant see them yet.

After many months of waiting, I finally loaded and quilted the quilt that Ky made for her Grandma in WY.

Its DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She just needs to add the binding.

So beautiful, I'm taking it to guild with me on Tuesday for show and tell.

She is going to show this at the Edgerton Quilt show this October, then it can get mailed to WY.

Let her choose her own quilting panto - she chose Double Bubble by Patricia Ritter,

Its hard to see the quilting in this one - because of the dark colors and busy fabrics, plus I used black thread.

Gees I hate working with black thread sometimes.  Its so hard to see, but lucky with a panto, I just have to follow the laser light and trace the lines.

This is one quilt where the quilting does not take anything away from the quilt.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Birthday Blocks

By now the girlz have received their blocks so its safe to share with you.

Deb Woods - Holts Summit, MO

Churn Dash

Baby Bud
Debra requested French General fabrics or similar to them - Many many years of quilting I had never heard of French General - so I went looking. Now I have another new love of fabric color line - these aren't French General, but the colors and designs are so similar they worked fine.

This just goes to show you there are hundreds maybe thousands of fabrics, designs yet to  be discovered and explored.

I'm doing my best to find as many as I can!!!

Cindy Cullen Evansville WI:

The one on the left is made up from the additional HST  - the one on right is Next Door Neighbor

The one on left looks very much like Amish Diamond other than I placed HST in each corner.

Its been a while since I made these and mailed them. Normally I send a copy of the pattern to the recipient and keep one for myself so I can use for future reference.

I thought no need to keep a copy........ I can remember an get the pattern anytime I want. Yeah if you have a good memory. I could not for the life of me remember these so I spent some time going to the "quilters cache website" where I go to get new blocks.

After searching over and over the hundreds of blocks I remembered I made up the one on the left.

Note to self : keep copy of block patterns and write down the ones you make up!!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cant Turn Down Free Labor

Boy did I hit the jackpot today -

4 young people came to help me with my gardening and Gus came along as foreman.

These young  people were offered to me by DIL Sara, and were here from around 8 till 2:30 - and believe me they worked hard helping me with the weeding, planting trimming and mulching.

Who in their right minds would turn away fee labor - Not me

They did as much for me today as it would have taken me to do in a week by myself.

Whoo hoo - whens the next visit to my house?????????

These are pictures before all the cleanup and mulching -