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Thursday, January 31, 2013

4th Quilt for Leona

This morning I managed to finish the quilting and the binding on the fourth quilt for Leona - one more to go and that one Kylee will be sewing for her.

The pattern used is my own - Merry Go Round.  I quilted with one of my standby favorites - free motion Swirls.

Like I said one more to go and that will be up to Kylee to come to grandmas and get some sewing done.  Hopefully she can make it over a week from this  Sunday.  I will be picking a quick and easy pattern for her.  Not sure just yet what one that will be.

Our sewing time together is a hit and miss lately, but we really should start to pick up the pace.

After she does the upcoming quilt, I want her to start thinking about what she will be making for the Edgerton Quilt Show - October 19th this year.  Last year she rushed her quilts and I think she can really do a better job given the time to work on one.

Speaking of the show, I had better start thinking of what Im going to enter this year too.

There are a couple of possibilities but I really have to get them sewn and quilted.

So far on my list of to do's.  

Quilt a baby quilt for my cousins newest granddaughter.  Born 1/23/13 - so its a must to do right a way.

Make the challenge quilt for Rock Valley Quilt Guild - due July

Make a quilt for my dil Deena's mother.  This is a must do right a way!!

Finish one of my newest patterns. "Mosaic" - finally purchased the rest of the fabric needed for final border, then I can quilt and  get pattern ready for print and sale.

In between customers  - they Come First!!!!

Birthday Blocks for Connected Threadz event.

Did I forget - these are the blocks I sent to one of the Birthday Girlz - January birthday, so its ok to show you now, she has them and no need to keep the secret.

I have February and March and April blocks finished as well, but cant show you yet.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working Out Our Routine

Gus and I are working on a routine that will work for both of us.

First he is the boss and when he says so, its Gus time.

Until........... Nap time. Then Grandma gets to do what she wants to do.

Catching a few winks, and I get to sew a few stitches.

Many years have passed since having a little one to take care of.  Even though Gus requires much of my attention,  we are working it out so I still can get a few things done during the day.

Wayne is a big help but even when he isn't helping we manage just fine.

A big help has been the addition of a swing in our house.   We have our swing time, eating time, napping time and play time with grandma and grandpa.

By the way Gus likes to watch Gunsmoke and Bonanza with Grandpa

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty Snappy Scrappy Quilt I Say

One of my customers (nameless for now hehehehehehehe)  made this really snappy scrappy quilt.

She is in love with scraps and I'm in love with her quilts.

Every once in a while I give her some of my scraps.  Pieces I no longer want to look at or deal with and she turns them into works of art.

The border color is actually a bright deep purple - my camera really has difficulty picking up purples.

No Gus today so I put in a full day of sewing, and quilting.

Tomorrow for sure - they said Gus will be here.

He and mom and dad stopped by yesterday - brought a swing for Gus.

This is one happy little boy with his cute little hat.  Cant resist those cheeks.

Friday, January 25, 2013


In between making another beautiful quilt for lady in CO - I got sidetracked.

Only have 2 more rows to sew together and then borders and the quilting, binding and it will be ready for shipping.

However, my mind started to wander and thinking about the challenge quilt for RVQG.  The fabric has been sitting in my closet waiting for me to start cutting and sewing.  

Perhaps it was actually calling my name, "Jean come and play with me" "I want to be a quilt someday"

Well anyway, I did decide I had better at least make one block to see if I liked the fabrics and the pattern I chose to do.

I can say I do love the fabrics and the pattern, (MY pattern Forever Diamonds)  I have made a few more blocks just to see what the secondary pattern looks like.  Awesome!!!!!!

That's not all that has been distracting me.

Remember all the beautiful ribbon yarn I got from my daughter Stacy?

I did manage to crochet a few scarves from it .  However it is very very difficult to crochet with and doesn't make a very long or wide scarf as I don't have enough of one color to do a scarf justice.  At least the traditional scarf.

So my itty bitty brain got to thinking.

And then...........

Necklaces made from the ribbon yarn.

The lady that sold the ribbon yarn to Stacy used to make necklaces and they were beautiful.  So I thought why not give it a try.

I'm experimenting as I go along trying different lengths and strands, twists and turn.

Don't fret, I haven't given up on the quilt.  I actually do a few hours of sewing and when I get bored I do a little of this and a little of that.

Keeps the creative juices flowing don't cha know.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keeping Ahead Of Gus

Now that my time will be spent watching the little guy, I will definitely be doing some early morning sewing and quilting.

Customer brought me a top the other day to quilt, and knowing I would be having Gus I got right on it.

Man's quilt deserves a mans design.  I used one of my new Pantos (yes panto) Fern Gully and just love this design.   

Its sometimes difficult to find a good quilting design to use for a man but this one fits perfectly.

There are so many pantos and free motion designs to pick from, but for a guy you don't want flowers and frills and feathers, but meandering, or waves and points, or even the landscape stitching really work well.

I'm sure there are other choices for men, just have haven't found that many.  It will, however, be fun looking for them. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewing and Family

This week started watching our newest grandson Augustas (Gus) while his mommy and daddy are working.

He is going to be 2 months the 19th of this month and already at 15lbs.

Gus loves listening to grandpa.  He knows his voice and watches him and giggles and smiles when grandpa is holding him.   I get smiles and giggles but not as much as grandpa does.  Maybe because the 2 of them look so much alike.  Do you think they will have the same personality?  I'm laughing just thinking about that.

Now that I am watching the baby, does not mean that I'm not sewing.  I try to get in at least 2 or 4 hours a day, before Gus arrives.

Currently working on another quilt for CO.

Using my original pattern Merry Go Round, I think this is going to be another beautiful quilt for her.

This morning I spent 3 hours making blocks for our Birthday Block Swap with my Connected Threadz group.  3 Hours and I discarded the block.  You would think after all these years and years of quilting I could make a 12.5" block with no problems. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally did manage to make 2 blocks in 10 minutes once I decided to stop fooling around coming up with a new block and stuck with old stand by's.  Cant show you, these are for a birthday girl in March.

So far January is finished, February all ready to go and Now March.  That is if no one else joins our event.

We have until January 31st for the final sign up day.  For a while each day a new friend would sign up.  Started with just 6 and now list has grown to 19 I think.  Better check later and see if there are any new people.

Most if not all \are excellent experienced quilters and we are all having problems making the PERFECT 12.5" block.   We want them perfect as they are mailed to other quilters and none of us wants to send the imperfect block.

If any of these imperfects were going in our own quilts, we would have no problem them fitting them in.

But, send them to someone else, and the mind wont let it leave the house if it isn't perfect.  Gads, who knew this fun event (and yes it is fun) could be so difficult.

Mabel is first birthday girl and has received most of her blocks but not all.  Here is what she has gotten so far. This is going to be one awesome quilt.

Its amazing to me so many different people making blocks and not One duplicate.  The variety of blocks is fantastic and I cant wait until I get mine.  Well its going to be a long wait.  My birthday isn't until November.

Laughingly - by then they should have the 12.5" down to a science.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Summer Breeze

This may be my favorite one of all the quilts that are going to CO.

With these gorgeous fabrics how could it not be.

Using my own pattern Summer Breeze - this quilt turned out so much better than the original one I did for me.

Now I'm loving the pattern again.

Quilted free motion paisleys and King Tut thread "DeNile", blended beautifully with the fabrics.

So there are 3 done and 2 more to go.  Already working on number 4.

Tomorrow is our CT Sunday Sew In, and I will be working on the number 4 quilt most of the day.

Yesterday I spent some time with Gus, a preview of times to come.  Tuesday is the day I start watching the little guy full time.  We are going to have such fun.

Imagine I get to spend all my time with this chubby little guy.  Sarah tells me he is already at 15lbs. Whew he will be giving grandma and grandpa a workout for sure.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just A Little Something

A while back I put together a small baby quilt for no particular reason.  Other than I had the fabrics and though it was cute.  Quilted it yesterday and put the  binding on this morning.

It only measures 31x38, so its not a quilt you can wrap a baby in, but can be used as a wall hanging or changing mat, or just something to put down for baby to lay on.  

Appliqued a little flower to the front and to the back for a little more interest.

This is going to one of our cleaning customers.  She is due soon and wanted to give her just a little something.

I have several other unquilted tops in my room, and my goal is to get them quilted within the next few months.

Its always nice to have something made in advance, just in case I want to give a quilt as a present to someone.  If I don't give them away, that's not a problem either.

Building my quilt stash back up and then maybe start selling a few again.  You never know what I'm going to do with these quilts.  It cant hurt having a few sitting around, can it?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Im Not Always Quilting

Sometimes I just do other sewing.  But then you knew that.

I started sewing blocks this morning for another quilt, but sidetracked.

On my cutting table I have many fabrics that I pulled for other projects.  Could have put the fabrics in my stash cabinet for another day, but no.  Kept them on the table as a reminder of projects that I needed to work on.

Today was that day.  I needed a break from quilt blocks and grabbed some of that fabric.

Very very soon I will be watching Gus when his momma goes back to work, so I made more burp rags.

You cant have too many burp rags with a baby.

When momma goes back to work she will need her scissors cases she asked me to make.

Made seven of these little cases for her.  I had no idea how much scissors cost and I wont relay the information on to you, but I can tell you this, for the cost of them I would be putting them in protective cases too.  They should be wrapped in bubble wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was fun morning of sewing.  

Our  CT group is having a Birthday Block Swap - basically you sign up and list the colors you want for your blocks.  The others in the group make a block (or in this case we are doing 2) and send them to you for your birthday.  We currently  have 15 girls in this event and its such fun.    I cant show you pictures of the blocks I am making as they are to be a surprise, I can show you the blocks that have already been sent to the first birthday girl.  I forgot to take a picture before mailing but I did make some mistake blocks that I mailed before we decided the block size.  I made these 12 rather than 12.5.  The only reason I have them now, is I didn't put enough postage on the package and it was returned to me.  DUH

Even though they are the wrong size, it was suggested to me to send them on anyway.  She can use them in her backing if she wants.  So they will be sent on to her again.

These are the blocks that did make it - (copied photos from her)

Colors are a little off.  The (white) is actually a tan - the blue is close to color

It is so interesting to see all the blocks that she has already received and more on the way.  Each person sending a block chooses the block pattern they wish to make and send.  The blocks she has received are all so pretty and the colors are working so well together.   You would think with so many girls making their own blocks using their interpretation  of colors requested, might wind up with some pretty funky color combos.  But so far they are all blending like we went shopping together.

I have a long time to wait, my  birthday isn't until November.  It is fun, however, making the blocks for the other girls.  Currently I have 4 sets of 2 birthday blocks ready to be shipped when the birthdays come around.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sew Time With Stacy

Stacy stopped by this morning with a new project she is working on.

She is making infinity head wear and infinity scarves.  Furry, and fun, not to mention warm.  She wants to make these and sell them.   She had one she had purchased in a store and wanted more.  Rather than fork out the$$ she decided to try making them.  She did  an excellent job.

In the meantime, customer dropped of a quilt for me.

Finished just before supper tonight.

Just simple meandering so it only took me a few hours.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday!!!!!

For me anyway.

Its been a very good day.

Quilted another beautiful quilt for one of my customers.  Chose to do yet another Panto design "Crepe Myrtle" by Patricia Ritter.

This is what it looked like while on the machine.  The colors here are truer than the completed quilt.

In addition to quilting, had dentist appointment (ugh) but it was OK just a minor buffing on a filling, home again and dear hubby was cleaning the house for me.  Shock, but true.

Although pantos make beautiful quilt designs, they do take time.  This quilt was started this morning around 7am, went to dentist, and took many many breaks before completing around 4pm.

My friend Charyl, from Spokane WA,called me and we had a nice visit.   Since our meeting up in Houston, we just have to call each other on occasion just to hear the sound of our voices.

Even though we are in daily contact through Connected Threadz, it still nice to actually have a for real conversation.

Texting, and social networks have their use, but a real voice on the other end of a phone is even nicer.

In addition its private!!!