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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who Likes Purple?

Pretty much everyone likes purple I would think especially when its put into a quilt.

 Kathy is a new quilter, and pretty much doing a self taught thing.

This is a beautiful quilt, but became a problem child before ending.  Lesson needed in adding borders.

I had to stop quilting remove the quilt from the frame detach and reattach the bottom border removing about 4" -  she, like so many of us had to learn, does not know how to add borders and square up your quilts.

There were some pretty tense moments while doing this trying to get all the excess (4") folded into the quilt without making it look just plain awful.

After finishing, called her and she came over.  I gave her print outs and instructions on how to measure and cut for borders.

Thankfully she is willing to learn from her mistakes and takes constructive criticism well.

I offered to help her with her next quilt before she added the borders.  Hope she takes me up on my offer.

You wont be hearing from me much for a few weeks.

I'm off to play with my sister in law Donna at the Sievers School of Fiber Art on Washington Island.

So looking forward to this, but before I leave much to do.

Clean house (unchecked)
Mow lawn (unchecked)
Water flowers (soon to be checked)
Pack (unchecked)
Last minute shopping (unchecked)

There are a lot of unchecked on that list. Better get going and get them checked off.

Monday, July 14, 2014

For Gus He Does Love His Quilts

Have had this sewn for quite some time, and at least today I managed to get it quilted.

I used a panto designed by Patricia Ritter Urban Elementz  Built Tough.

This one stays at Grandma's house -  He always wants me to put one of my other quilts down for him - and some belong to customers - so I cant let him have them.  Now he has one just for Gama's house

He is so silly as soon as he sees a new one, he oooh  pretty.and wants to touch.

According to mom he is very territorial about his vroom vroom quilt at his house.  He kicks everybody off his quilt

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting Caught Up

It's been a pretty busy past few weeks.

Between yard work, quilting a holiday and Gus. I have been keeping myself rather busy

Have completed all of the customer quilts as of this morning

It's been awhile since posting can't even remember what I have shown you and what I haven't. Here is what I've completed this week.

Throw 4th of July in the mix:

And then.......  dedication ceremony for Veterans Memorial  Milton WI

And lets not forget.......... more blooms - each day there are more and more  - while others blooms are done for the year - some are just coming into full bloom

this was a surprise, a Pink Carnation Poppies - where there were none now there is one

Another cycle..... time to revisit some of these beds to take out the weeds.   I worked in the front yesterday and that is done. Hahahahahaha - now to move around to these, clear them up and just in time to start the pond and front again.  What can I say - it never ends but then look at the rewards.

At least that is what I keep telling myself when I'm bent over tugging and digging and yes there are a few choice words that I might mumble.

Thank GOD for Kylee, she is my biggest helper.  She never refuses to help me when I ask.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celtic Knot A Tribute To Mary Jane

Thank you Connie for having me quilt this amazing quilt.

The blocks are all hand appliqued - duh me didn't take a picture of the backside before quilting, so you could see the perfect stitching this woman did

Mary Jane taught me how to hand quilt many  years ago.  Back then no rotary cutters, used templates to cut the pieces, hand stitch the blocks together and then hand stitched the quilt.

I had big dreams of making a full size hand sewn and hand quilted quilt for Stacy.  Had all the fabrics and some of the blocks cut and finished.  Which in the end turned into pillows instead of a quilt.  Working full time, raising 3 children and many other interests I finally gave up on my hand quilting.

Too bad for me.  My intention is to someday give it another go.

Hmmm I wonder how long I will live to finish all the plans I have.

At least I have good intentions - we will just have to see how much I really do get accomplished before..........