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Monday, September 12, 2016

2016 Expo - Madison - 2016

At last - the time has come -  went to the Expo in Madison on Saturday with some of my best buddies.

Great time of course - breakfast first - then the show.

My priority is to see the quilts first - vendors after I see the show, then if I'm not too tired or back isn't killing me I will browse the isles.

Main purpose of vendors was to buy threads for long arming -  mission accomplished.

I know I know you have been waiting patiently for the pictures so here goes

This was a special exhibit - read the sign please -  I did not get all 24 quilts pictures
I love a French Braid
Guess who made this one
Wish I owned this one - this is identical to my Millie cat
Until I read the description I didnt get it -  these are all fun decorative socks - she asked her mother to make them into a quilt - it was pretty special 

the Girls I went with this year

 Admiring Marge Pulcine's quilt -  she made it I quilted it

Well thats it for another year -  not all quilts are shown here - but already looking forward to next year.

As a quilter - I take a lot of close ups of the stitching to oooh and aaah over and for inspiration.