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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


A friend of mine brought this to me to be given away to anyone that wants to take on the challenge of finishing the hand quilting.

She purchased this beautiful quilt at a rummage sale for $10.00.  She did not realize it was hand quilted and not completed.  She thought she would only have to bind it and it would be done.

After she realized it was unfinished, hand quilted and so beautifully done, she has donated it to me to find a home for anyone willing to take on the finishing of the quilting.

We considered taking out all of the stitching and I would then quilt with my long arm, but the stitching is so beautiful hate to do that.

Not certain of the history, but we had a feeling it was an unfinished quilt from a grandma or mother that has passed and the relatives did not know what to do with it - therefore it went into a rummage sale.

Please any hand quilter give this orphaned quilt a good home.

Contact me if you want this quilt -  if it has to be shipped - you pay the shipping and I will send it to you.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Scraps For Charity

I personally love these - if they weren't  so small  (made for wheelchairs)  I might keep them or give them as birthday presents to friends/family.

They will be getting a good home, I'm sure, at the long term care - wont they just brighten someones day?!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scraps For Charity

Like all quilters we tend to acquire more and more scraps that just keep piling up.

Mine are just getting out of hand - I opened one of my scrap drawers and decided that's it  I'm going to get some of these out of here.   All of the the fabrics, except for sashing  in the quilt, came from one drawer and that drawer is still full.

What better use than to make wheel chair lap quilts to be donated to the Edgerton Long Term Care Center.

A few years ago I donated a couple and its time to do it again.

I made one the other day and quilted it tonight, finished another one today and will quilt tomorrow.

Here is the first one:

Its a beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!  There are more to come

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pushing ON

A somewhat improved day but there seems to be a little of the bad karma hanging around.

Nothing serious, not like the other day but I can feel it lurking around corners waiting to pounce.

Instead of concerning myself with it, I am moving forward and continuing my days as normal as possible.

For example today was a Gus day and a good time was had by both of us.

We played monster trucks for most of the day - one of his favorite activities when I can distract him from the TV - and oh yes he now knows IPads have Games.

Thanks mom and dad!!!! 

While loading a customer quilt this morning, Gus joined me in my sewing room along with his monster trucks, which he lined up and played on the "table" of the long arm.

In addition, he seems fascinated with the tape measure and imagines he is measuring everything.  At one point he was measuring the newest quilt I have on my design wall.

Because he enjoys being in the room with me and keeps himself entertained, I was able to load the quilt without interruption.

Finished it just a few minutes ago - and now look at the time.

After Gus left for the day around 6:30pm I headed to Janesville.  I have been contemplating getting a different vehicle.  Mine is 12 years old and still runs terrific, but I think maybe now would be a good time to trade.

Brought my good friend Annette Vance along with me for the ride and we test drove one that I really liked.

Still not certain I want to take on a car payment.   I do not have any loan payments and not sure I want to start one now.   I will have to sleep on it and make a decision soon.

FYI stopped in at the new Rosati's Restaurant in Newville and let me tell you it was delicious.

Maybe the best pizza I have ever ever eaten.  We had not planned on eating out but the time got away from us again (imagine that) so by 8pm we were starving.

There were only a few rows remaining on the customer quilt - so instead of heading to the bedroom on a pizza full stomach, I worked on the quilt until it was completed.

Now maybe I should consider going to bed!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bad Karma All Day

Ugh to yesterday - it went on and on and on

Starting out the cat had gotten sick during the night in several places - so at 6am I'm scrubbing carpets in bedroom and sewing room.

But the smell - what is that smell - thought it was from her being sick, but now the smell doesn't go away.

OH no she had an accident on my bed -  strip the bedding and start the washer  What has gotten into her - she never does anything like that.

OK so lets forget about it - finished a block for the scrappy - ran out of any extra background fabric so its as big as its going to get.  Pressed it all nicely - shoot right at the end there was an open seam - rip rip and resew.

Dang it - now what -  I know I will load and quilt a customer quilt that always makes me feel better.

NOT:   The bobbin tension was off, ripped out a tiny section - adjusted the tension - proceed - shoot - same thing - rip, adjust, sew - OK stop doing that - do practice on side of quilt -  adjust sew, adjust sew adjust sew,  finally after 2 hours of frustration - finally got everything working correctly - by this time I'm really not happy - #%x* quilted a few rows and decided have some coffee and do a little cleaning.

Spilled half a box of cereal all over the counter - more #%X* so more cleaning.

At this point I'm thinking what is going on with me  - and its only 10am what will the rest of the day bring.

I'm so angry I just kept cleaning to relieve the pressure and I bang my head on a cupboard - that figures.

Done - no more cleaning.

Called Annette and we went shopping for a new light fixture in my sewing room.   She has these wonderful lights in hers, and they will work perfect in mine.

We head to Menard's -after picking up drugs and a few other items at the pharmacy - OF course they are out of the light I want.  Wont have them in again for about a week.

Might as well eat -  mmmmm Olive Garden sounds good -  nope I think we were served leftovers from their lunch.  The bread sticks were not soft and chewy but the longer they sat the harder they became.  Seriously they must have nooked left overs.

I was suppose to meet a quilter at my house but forgot about the time left her a message and by the time I got home missed her by seconds - literally seconds.  She is a good customer and she knows if I'm not there drop it off without me.

She did!

So to protect myself from any injury I chose to put my feet up and watch TV all night.

And that ends the bad karma day - good night.

This morning is a better day - I Seriously Hope!!!

Finished quilting yesterdays quilt

So far so good - the quilt did not give me any trouble at all.  Deep sigh - fingers crossed

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Delays Delays Delays

Its been an interesting past few days.  Well not interesting but not what was planned either.

After finishing that beautiful 3D pinwheels wall hanging, I loaded one of my own quilts -  2 rows done and looking gooooood - boom -  Lizzie (my name for my long arm) quite working.  She was totally dead no life movement at all.

Of course this happens on a Saturday evening and the service shop does not open until Monday.

Tap tap tap - now what - Oh god I'm going through withdrawal -  just knowing I cant quilt can put my mind in stress mode.

Of course I have many other projects I can work on - like piecing another scrappy that I have started a few weeks past.

There is also needle punch to be worked on - so never fear, I have not been sitting idle while Lizzie is in her coma.

On Monday I called repair and as I suspected it was an easy fix WHEW - just a fuse.  Once I was told where to find the dead fuse and new one - Lizzie came back to life just like I had hit her with life support paddles.

Sad for me though.  I was not feeling well all day yesterday, and although I tried to run a few rows of quilting my body and my heart just wasn't into it.

Instead I sat in my recliner watched movies and took about 6 naps - not like me at all.

Walked out the drive to get the mail and so frustrated because the weather was gorgeous and I could have accomplished so much, but alas it was not to be.  The most I could handle was sitting outside watching the cars go by.

Oh yeah getting back to the quilting -  I Finished the scrappy string quilt this morning - she (Lizzie) and I feel much better.

Free motion quilted using meander in border - looping inner border -  EKG for blocks and sashing and half clams in the cornerstones  - half clams is not really a name but don't know what else to call these curved squares - maybe I should call them that?

The applique in corners was purchased in Houston.  They are precuts and backed with steam a seam ready for use -   they can also be purchased through

My good friend Margie - did the hand stitching around the applique, as I have told you in the past I have a terrible hand stitch so I  leave it up to those that can.

Here is another fun project that I will be working on in the future.

My good friend's husband made this PVC wreath for me - I will be decorating with mosaic balls that will be made by my daughter Stacy

Isn't it just lovely

Now here is what happens when you shut the door

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -  I didn't slam it.   I shut it normally walked away and heard "crash"  I didn't even want to look.

Its all broken and bagged - to be returned to be repaired - the good thing its made out of PVC so the rings are in tact but its a big puzzle now waiting to be put back together.

Stupid stupid stupid - Today's Lesson  don't hang a heavy wreath with a thin over the door hanger!!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

3D Pinwheels

For past few days I have been making a quilt using a technique for the block I saw on Face Book

Once I had the technique worked out I just knew I had to make this small quilt using fabrics from my Sister - In - Law Donna Kallner

Her fabrics are amazing.  She sends some to me and lets me come up with a pattern/quilt.

After I finally decide on what works best to display her fabrics I proceed.

Well like I said once I saw and made the practice blocks there was no turning back in the making of this amazing quilt.

Have no idea why the picture flips on it side - tried several times to straighten it - guess you will have to turn your head sorry    although it does look the same on all 4 sides I just know which is top and bottom

The quilting was a little difficult to do.  I had to be extra careful not to hit the seams (6 layers thick) or to catch the open lip of the pin wheels.  Hahaha which I did a couple of times and had to rip out the overlay stitches.

The end results were so worth the effort ( my opinion of course)

I do know this, I wouldn't want to do this on a full size bed quilt.  There is a lot more to making the blocks and sewing down that lip than you would think. 

Good news for me,  Margie brought me back the quilt that she hand sewed the edges of the applique pieces and now Im so anxious to get it quilted.  

I know I should be going outside and picking up pooh but when you weigh the options, pick up pooh - quilt, what do you think I will choose?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In Love With Downton Abbey

Not only do I love the series but the fabrics are do die for

This is a customer quilt - and keeping with the theme of the century I quilted it using a panto called Antique Lace

I'm sorry I'm actually drooling over this one

Maybe you aren't a fan of the show or even the fabrics, but for me they really do something for me.

As I'm quilting this I'm re watching the show in my mind.

Now I think I have to watch this all over again starting with season 1 episode 1

Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick Show And Tell

That's it - free motion quilted swirls and flowers

End of show and tell for today.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Double Bubble

Customer quilt - I used panto Double Bubble - wish you could see this for real the pictures kept coming out washed out - the true colors are a deep dark gold against a deep dark brown.

Its so rich looking in person.

The weather today was absolutely outstanding

Went to lunch with Julie and Annette, and from there I went to backyard to check pond. Didn't even put on a jacket and stood out there for quite some time.   I thought I could see some fish action but so far all I saw was a few bubbles coming up from the bottom.

Does this mean there are fish down there moving around creating the bubbles.  I hope so.  Its been hard  trying to keep the pond cleared of snow so the sun can shine through.  Seeing as how the darn (2 of them) pond heaters quite working.

Fingers are crossed we have turned the corner from winter - clocks are set ahead one hour - temps are rising, giving us hope that soon we will be enjoying some wonderful warm days and nights.

Realistically we could get hit with another bout of cold and snow but at this point we are confident that it would only last a short period.

The anticipation of spring is so very strong this time of year its almost giddy.

Time to ponder on and plan upcoming events for this spring/summer and even fall.

My plans are set for my personal get a ways and so looking forward to each and every one of them.

There wont be a Houston trip this year but have many other wonderful activities planned.

Of course I will fill you in on all the details .......  later ......... 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Reproduction.......... Chain

Sounds naughty doesn't it?

Actually its the name of the pattern used for this quilt.   (I'm also make this one)

Love the back.

Great use of extra fabrics and if your back needs  enlarging - why not make it pretty.

It works best if the extra fabric design is off center going horizontal or offset vertical - this makes it easier on your long arm quilter so she doesn't have to figure out where to place the backing.  If you wanted the designed back to be in a specific location it takes some special care and measurements to get it where you expect it to be.  Most important to the quilter - the backing must be squared before taking to be quilted.

If your measurements are off (and it happens ask me how I know) the design could be a real mess instead of the well intended pretty backing planned.

Many people don't realize the squaring up of the backing is as important as the front being squared up.

If backing isn't squared the "quilter" will have a loose fitting floppy mess that she has to deal with while making your quilt look good.

I have had this happen and in order to fix the problem had to cut off some of the backing which can also be a problem if there isn't enough of the backing to fit the top after being squared.

So be kind to your quilter and yourself, square up those backs please.

End of lecture........

Friday, March 6, 2015


Margie made this cute little quilt using a Sudoku pattern.

I have never ever tried a Sudoku puzzle let alone a quilt -  had to look it up on the "net" to even know what it was all about.

Way too much thought has to go into this process - I think you must have a very ingenious mind to work one of these puzzles.

A high loft poly batting was used - really puffs it up -  poly is OK for a small quilt if it is quilted on a long arm, but I wouldn't want to do a large bed quilt with it.  There is a lot of maneuvering while quilting with loft poly just to keep the wrinkles and puckers out of the quilting.

No matter the batting used it is a cute quilt.

Another bright springy looking quilt.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Springing Into Spring

You know how you get that feeling I just cant take it anymore (winter I mean)

Even if its snowing, like right now, my mind is thinking of spring and all it brings.

So in honor of spring I made myself a new wall hanging - just to brighten up the walls and make me smile.

This is one of my patterns "Summer Breeze" and instead of following the pattern regarding the yardage I used a charm pack, cut background fabric into 5" squares and came up with this 36x36 piece.

Had thought about giving this away, but I liked it so much decided its mine.

The original reason for even starting this was to refresh my memory on making "Summer Breeze" as I will be doing a demo at the next Strip Cub meeting on how to make EASY PINWHEELS and this pattern is perfect for just that.

Close up of the blocks:

Close up of the stitching - I was trying something new in the borders (need practice hehehehehe)

Heavy stitching like this makes a piece very stiff and cardboard feeling, even though it would have been a nice baby quilt its way too stiff for that - results:   I get a new wall hanging!!!!