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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Change of plans

I have been working on the Lazy Hour Glass quilt pattern using just the 4 colors I previously posted photo.

While I have not finished all the blocks yet I have placed blocks on design board and moved them around to find yet another quilt pattern.  This quilt is being made for my bff Nettie.  I showed her the new design and  the Lazy Hour Glass. Now she has decided, with the colors she chose, she likes the way they look in the new design.  Good thing I didn't sew any of the rows together yet.

Calling this one Merry-Go-Round

I agree these fabrics look better in this pattern than the Lazy Hour Glass.   The thing is, I really liked it as the Lazy, but when I switched up the blocks for this pattern, liked it better.   Just like the Stepping Stones, started with Lazy and it became Stepping Stones.

Now I have to start all over again, with more fabric to do the 4 color Lazy Hour Glass.  Really need to get one done for the photo to be printed with the pattern.  Gees, when will I get the right combination of colors for "Lazy".   I'm sure I will find it soon.  Thinking, going back to the original Red/Off Whites/Dark Browns and Tans.  That really did look the best so far.  Also considering Blues and Beige. Will be taking another trip to Loose Threads real soon.

Friday, January 28, 2011


The Lazy Hour Glass pattern has been sent to be proofed.  Waiting for return to finalize the pattern and go to print.  Hadn't realized how difficult it would be to write pattern instructions.  My little brain is getting fried.  Totally stepping out of my element.  No pun of Stepping Stones intended.

Currently working on Stepping Stones pattern.  I did a rough draft yesterday and today.  I'm Stuck. Waiting for order of ink jet print cartridges. Yeah I know I could have gone to Janesville and bought some, but honestly haven't had the time to make the short trip. Can't do any color printing until I receive this order.  Just don't believe how fast these color run out.

Here is  photo of Stepping Stones in progress, I have since sewn the rows together 6 down and 6 across,  will be putting on borders today or tomorrow.

Also working on another Lazy Hour Glass quilt using just 4 colors as pattern calls for:

 While putting blocks on design board I messed around moving blocks in different positions and came up      with yet another quilt pattern, equally as pretty as these 2 patterns are. 

 Now I'm getting excited about doing another quilt pattern and instructions. 

I never thought just by doing a few original designs Windmills and Star Light Star Bright, I would be thinking of new designs daily.  My mind just keeps on thinking of what if's for more patterns.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Hour Glass Trial Quilt

Finished the Lazy Hour Glass trial quilt.  I call it the trial quilt because now that I know the pattern works, I will be doing another using just 4 colors.  Also because of the problem I had with the rippling, this quilt does not have all of the borders it should.

This quilt was done with scraps from my stash because I wasn't sure if the pattern would work.  I wasn't even sure how much material was needed to make the quilt.  So as I put all the pieces together.  Then determine total yardage and measurements for pieces and total quilt.

This morning I did the final draft of pattern with diagrams.  Now the only thing I need is another completed quilt to take photo for the pattern.  I can't use this one because it is a scrappy and the pattern calls for 4 colors or 24 fat quarters.

I need to find someone (proofer) who will make this quilt using my pattern and proof read my pattern to be certain it is acurate and clear.

Any offers????? 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blind Quilter

This was sent to me in an email by my aunt.
This is amazing.

I am currently working on my Lazy Hour Glass.  Have it quilted, and I was stressing over a few puckers that just would'nt go away, no matter what I did.    Good thing this is my personal quilt and not someone elses.

It was my own fault. 

I have always had good luck when adding borders, to sew them to length and cut off the excess.  Have never ever had a problem with puckers and rippling on bottom of quilt before, but this time I did.  I have heard of horror stories from other quilters of this happening and never experienced it before. 

It is strange that it happened as I measured the quilt and it was a perfect square.  So I cant figure out why the awful rippling. It must be because of the borders.  I actually had it quilted the other day and it rippled.  So I took out every stitch.  It took me 2 days to do this, but thought it would be worth it.  Even bought a better batting, thinking the 80/20 I used was causing a shifting problem while quilting.   Checked the measurements again, before putting on my frame, all was perfect.  All that work and it didn't help, still had rippling.  My only solution was to cut off the outside border and deal with a few puckers that were still showing on the inner borders.  The next thing I did, was to remove the last few rows of stitching, take off the bottom border and reattach.  I had to remove about 2 inches from the border and this helped with the biggest portion of ripples.  I then ran the quilt through the washer and dryer to give it that puckered, used quilt look, which also helps to hide any visible machine puckers.  I don't like to do this to a new quilt, but it was my only way to make this quilt look as good as I wanted it to.

I wont be using this one for my picture on my pattern. At least I dont think so.  Will show to a few other quilters and ask if they think  it is worthy enough to be featured on the pattern.
More than likely, I will have to do another one just for the photo. 

I post picture after I get the binding sewn on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stepping Stones

This quilt is coming along nicely.  Just finished the 36 blocks today and all arranged on my quilt wall.

I have decided to stop working on this one until I quilt the Lazy Hour Glass. 

Spent sometime this afternoon, loading the backing, batting on my quilt table.  Hopefully without any interruptions, I will be able to put on the quilt top and do the quilting tomorrow.

Looking forward to finishing Lazy Hour, get some good photos and work on the pattern instructions and diagrams.  There is a lot of work and detail that goes into doing your own patterns, but I think it will be worth it.  If nothing else, it is a good learning experience.

I do need a "Proof reader" for the pattern.  Suggestion by Mary Kay at Loose Threads, have someone take my pattern and follow instructions to do a block or two, or even the entire quilt, to see if there are corrections that need to be made to pattern before going to print.

Not sure who to ask to do this for me.  Can't ask bff Nettie to do it.  Because of her carpal tunnel, I do all of her cutting of material for her quilts.  So that's out.  I am wondering if maybe one of Mary Kay's employees would proof it for me.  After I finish the quilting, I am going to take the quilt to her for show and tell.  Maybe I will ask her for a proofer then.

Tomorrow night is our Barn Chicks meeting.  Taking along my "Windmills" and "Star Light Star Bright" quilts to show the girls.  I hope they like them as much as I do.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doll Collection

What a great weekend we had.  Packers won!!!!!!!  Whoo Hoo.   GO PACK GO.  Bears won, so we will be beating the Bears next Sunday. 

Wayne and I took our granddaughter Brooklynn home to Rio.  She stayed over for the weekend with Toby and Sarah, and her cuz Kylee. 

The original plan was for her and Kylee to play at Ky's but come over and spend the night here.  However, she asked to stay at Ky's house instead.  Come to find out she is "freaked out" by my porcelain doll collection.  She cant really say why, but the eyes bother her.  I have heard this comment before from grown men.  It seems silly to me as I think they are just plain beautiful  and most collectors of porcelain dolls feel the same.  I actually made these dolls myself. 

Years ago, I would go to class once a week and clean the porcelain, paint the doll faces, hands and feet and  then assemble the dolls adding wigs, clothing, eyes, and even eyelashes.  I have spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours on this hobby. My intention was to give my granddaughters these dolls at some time when they are old enough to appreciate them. 

Brittany, my 23 year old granddaughter already has several dolls I made just for her.  When she was younger, each year for her birthday and Christmas she would get one of my new dolls.  I cant remember now how many she has but I think it is at least 10 or more.  As a matter of fact, her ex boyfriend was one of the guys that said they freaked him out.  PEOPLE STOP WATCHING SCARY MOVIE CHUCKIE

Hopefully, Brooklyn will get over this feeling and she will be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the dolls.  I had already given her one for her last birthday, and I was never told by her step-mom or dad there was a problem, wish they had.   She said that one doesn't bother her too much.  Not too much, what does that mean, hope she is not afraid of that one.   If she is, should put it away out of her room until she feels better about the dolls.

These are just 3 of my dolls, do you think they are scary?

One even took a blue ribbon at a doll show

Anyway, after dropping her off at her parents, Wayne and I met with some old friends of ours from Rio,  Char and Cheryl. Spent the afternoon at BB Jack's/bar/restaurant in Rio watching the Bear game.  It was a great time.  We sat there and remembered many good times we had when we owned the Packer Inn.

In 1996 - 1997 we owned BB Jack's and it was called the Packer Inn.  Totally different from what it is now.  We, of course, had it decorated in green and gold, and hundreds of Packer memorabilia.  The new owners changed it completely turning it into a very nice restaurant and bar.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stepping Stones

Haven't seen my bff Nettie for almost a month.  We talk all the time on the phone, but haven't been able to get together, both too busy right now.  Going through a Nettie withdrawl, got myself going yesterday and travelled all the way to Edgerton (6miles) to her house for coffee and a nice visit.

Of course I had to do a show and tell of all the quilts I have been working on, including "Lazy Hour Glass".  She really liked the pattern.  Nettie is a quilter too, but lately she just can't find the time to get anything done. (time for her to retire I think) Plus her sewing room is downstairs in basement and it's pretty darn cold down there. I know this first hand, as we tried doing a couple of sew days together.  Brrrrrr.

She purchased some fat quarters months and months ago, but never put the quilt together.  Now I have those fat quarters at my house.  She asked me to do a "Lazy Hour Glass" using her fat quarters.

I was actually pretty happy to do this for her, as I wanted to see how this pattern would look with the colors she had.  Various patterns of  blacks/whites and reds/whites.  They are beautiful fabrics.

First thing this morning I went to my sewing room and started cutting up fabric.  Did the first step sewing strips together and doing sub cuts.  Before sewing any pieces together I put some up on my design board, just to see how they would look.  I really didn't care for the Lazy Hour Glass pattern with these prints.  The fabrics were way too busy for this pattern.

A new block is born, this will be called "Stepping Stones"  I have spent many hours on the computer, researching block patterns, to be certain I am not copying someone else's patterns.  Looking through hundreds and hundreds of patterns, I now believe I have 2 original block patterns.

Lazy Hour Glass, picture is actually better than how it looked on board. I felt just too much going on with all the prints.

Oh just to let you know, my Lazy Hour Glass is sewn, still have to get it quilted and post pics as soon as I finish it.  I am very pleased with the end results.  I will be doing another, (not using scraps), will buy 4 colors to see how that works.  At least I know now, keep the fabric patterns simple.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Baby

Yes I feel like I am giving birth (with out the pain of delivery) but with all the excitement of seeing a newly arrived baby.  Now I know a quilt cant REALLY compare to the birth of a child, however, creating this new design has been a very rewarding experience. 

The new "Lazy Hour Glass" quilt is almost complete.  I am sooooo excited and can't wait to get her finished and quilted.

Managed to find enough reds/whites/tans and browns from my stash to complete the blocks needed.  Went to Loose Threads today, to find the fabrics for the borders.  Mary Kay was most helpful finding the right color choices to blend with my colors used from my stash.  She also gave me a suggestion for the borders.  Slightly different than my original idea, and as it turns out, has given the quilt an even better look.  I was very pleased to hear her positive comments on the quilt design.

Tomorrow, after finishing the borders, comes the next step. Writing out and typing the pattern instructions.  This won't be as much fun as it was creating the quilt, or maybe it will.  My plan is to market the pattern.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Design

Had a great weekend. Saturday, worked on my new quilt for awhile.  Took Wayne to lunch then went to visit with friends. Came home in time to watch the Saturday playoff football games.

Met same friends for breakfast buffet, on Sunday, then went with daughter Stacy, granddaughter Brittany, and great grandson Tavyn, more shopping (for them not me) and lunch at Pizza Hut.  I was too full from breakfast to eat lunch, but did have one tiny piece of pizza.   When she first asked me to go along on little shopping trip and lunch she said we would just go to McDonald's so Tavyn could play. Now I can pass by eating at McDonald's for breakfast and did.  Then she informed me we were doing the Pizza Hut thing instead. Dang it, I love pizza and would have skipped breakfast for that. Oh well, just enjoyed being with them, food wasn't the important part of the day.

Back home in time to watch football.  Packers Won. Whoo Hooo. But I almost had a nervous breakdown last four minutes of game. So close to losing that one.  Next game Saturday night.  I don't like night games, after its over, win or lose, I cant sleep for a couple of hours.

In between all of this social life, I did manage to work on the new quilt for a while.  I was playing around with some of the squares before putting them together in the "Lazy Hour Glass" block pattern.  Finally decided on the name of the quilt block.  Still thinking of a name for the quilt pattern.

Lazy Hour Block pattern

Second Option

Third Option

 From one idea, more quilts will come.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creating Another Design

I don't have any quilts to work on right now.  Had to turn down a lady the other day because her quilt size was too big for my quilt table. Dang it. Hopefully she calls me again, when she makes a somewhat smaller size.

Enjoyed making new quilt designs using the Stack and Slice/Shuffle method, but now I have decided to venture on and design a new pieced quilt pattern.

Here is just the beginning:

Presently using scraps, shades of reds, creams, off whites and browns.  I hope my stash of these colors hold out. Not sure if I'm going to have enough to do the size I want.  If not, will go to my scraps and find other colors that will work with these.

No name yet for this pattern, any suggestions:  Each block has 4 hourglasses in it. Count them. What would be a good name for this pattern???

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Down Time

For the past few days have had nothing to do re: quilting.  So I consider this downtime.

Some of my time I spend browsing some of my favorie quilting websites, one being Quilting Club found on Facebook.

I enjoy this "club" because it allows you to post photos of your quilts and see other quilts posted from all around the world.  There is also a discussion group you can join or start your own discussion.

Quilters from all over the world are fans (like) through facebook.  Sharing photos, tips, suggestions and patterns.

It seems I am spending quite a few hours on my computer, when not sewing.  All of this is for a purpose of expanding my knowledge of quilting, regarding both the creating of quilts and quilting them.

Of course I also manage to visit Leah Day quilting blog I try to visit her blog daily.

I also visit my Blogs list, just to keep up with what others are doing.  

My computer has become my door to so many interesting people, I would be lost without it.  It is so wonderful to be able to chat and comment with people all around the world.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Field of Butterflies

Baby/crib quilt

54x54, freemotion machine quilting, with one of my favorite border patterns, loops, 4patch butterflies & polka dots, stitched with what looks like butterfly wings. Simple x's in chenille to keep in place. 

Chenille makes for a nice soft blankie, but it sure makes a mess while sewing with it.  Back to clean up in sewing room.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Star Light Star Bright All Done

Happy New Year Day to All.

Finished the hand sewing binding on Star Light Star Bright last night.  I can't tell you how much I like this quilt.  First because it was an original by me, second because it turned out so pretty.

I am really excited about making my own quilt designs and having them turn out just as I dreamed up in my head.

I quilted it using freehand stars and loop.

Next time, maybe I will blog the entire procedure. I already have an new one floating around in my head.