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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Need A Nap

Seriously I do!!!

Another one of those early early mornings.  Awoke at 3 and could not get back to sleep, so what do I do when that happens?  Yes start sewing.  That is what was keeping me awake.  Thinking of things I wanted to get finished.

First made these Christmas looking table toppers

Well at least they are red and green.  Maybe I should look for more Christmas fabrics.  Even if they don't have jingle bells all over them they look very festive.

Next: 10 Sewing travel bags. I am still sewing on the little Velcro tabs.

And here is Millie checking out the new quilt.

Move over Millie I'm crawling in with you.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Jean you are obsessed! I actually dreamed about quilting the other night - something I've never done - so I must be on the right track. :)

Love your kitty, and I LOVE that quilt!