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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Have The Merriest Of Christmas

Christmas Eve - hi everyone - no celebrations until this evening and tomorrow so I fit in just One more customer quilt

The rest of the day will be a relaxing - maybe some of my own sewing

I cancelled a plan I had made for today -  due to my binge eating recently I have put on so much weight that even my fat clothes are getting too tight.  I was going to venture out and get a size up in jeans as the ones I have been wearing are cutting of my air - seriously that tight.  Well I managed to find ONE pair that I can still wear and not be cut in half. So Instead of going up a size I'm determined to get back down to a reasonable size -  once you buy those nice fitting clothes you forget about dieting - right.  

Yes I know this is not the best time of year to lose weight and I wont for the next couple of days but I'm not going to give in to comfort and start getting serious and I mean serious about trimming down  - even if its only a few pounds.  I will never be skinny again, I realize that, but it would be nice to fit back into the clothes I bought last year where I had actually gone down a size.  Now I have 2 sizes down to work on - gees.

This is what can happen when you live alone and eat out of boredom or depression.

And.......   I'm going to warn some people.  I did the Nutra System last year and yes lost weight - 20 lbs - but after a while I got sick of the food I gave it up - and that is when I started my over eating.

I was just looking for something to satisfy my "cravings" and after eating NS I just kept looking for that comfort satisfying food.

So if you are like me and try the prepackaged diet foods - be aware its a lifetime commitment - once you stop, boom and balloon.

Everyone, including me, knows exactly how to lose weight, its just a matter of actually doing it.

Lets see what happens

I might have to wear and wash the same jeans for a while but I'm not going up another size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


How stunning is this - I wanted to keep it geometrical so I used a panto called Diamonds Are Forever

After finishing the quilting I headed off for all my before Christmas Errands-  Bank,  Nails, Joanns/Hobby Lobby where I did NOT find the fabrics I was looking for - Menard's - Grocery shopping - lunch with Julie - a short trip to Albion.

Left the house at 8:30 and didn't get home until after 2:00   I almost didn't make it home - and idiot in Albion was at the stop sign - it is not a 4 way stop - semi truck besides, decides he doesn't see me and pulls out just as I'm coming to the intersection -  I hit the brakes and head for the ditch - lucky he saw me and did put on the breaks.  Then he gives me "the Look"  Are you kidding me?????  

I looked in my side mirror after getting by him and he does give me the oops wave.

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tallman House Tour

I have lived here almost all of my life except for early years birth to age 5 or 6.

In all that time I have yet to really explore Wisconsin.

Check off one of my to do's -  with 3 friends we went and toured the Tallman house in Janesville - How wonderful it was.

This has been something I had promised myself for years and it finally happened.

 started tour at Helen Jeffris Wood Museum 

 couldn't resit taking pictures of some of the carpets

 the bed Lincoln slept it
they actually had indoor plumbing - sinks in bedrooms - cold water only
 we were told the quilts were not the original to the house but had been made and donated to the house

 gorgeous velvet in the master bedroom

 double sinks who knew?

 guess who discovered her flash on phone camera lol

 servant room
 indoor toilets  lol why so many and different size -  mama poppa and baby bear

 lower level kitchen and working parts of home where servants prepared meals

there is more to see but you will just have to take the tour yourself

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Just A Few More Days

Still working on customers quilting just before Christmas

Lucky for me I have most of my own finished - most - I will get them done I just know I will

If you havent already seen this -here is Gus's Star Wars quilt

I hope it doesnt scare him

Friday, December 11, 2015

Just For Me

Presently all caught up with customer quilts, now is the time to try to finish up a few of my own.

Starting with a Valentine quilt.

I have a goal to make a bed quilt just for me for each of the seasons and holidays - so far the Christmas was is completed and on my bed for this year.

Today I completed the quilting on a Valentines quilt  - I used the pantograph PS I Love You.

The push is on again - its almost Christmas and as usual I'm doing last minute gifts -  why is it I/we think we have all the time in the world and then its here and I'm rushing to finish the projects that I had planned back in July -

I cant show you what I'm working on just yet - but I will show you these cute clay pot snowmen that I have already given away to a couple of my friends

For the rest of today working on those Christmas presents