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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogging is like keeping a journal, so I'm going to include recent activities along with things in the past. Today I posted the making of a new quilt. I will take you through the entire process of making this quilt.

Thought some of you might like to see my workshop where all the fun begins and ends. This is the lower level of our bi level home. I have taken over the entire downstairs for my quilting/sewing room. This room is not only functional but also therapeutic.  When I want to take my mind off of everything else, here is where I go.  I sometimes just go and sort materials, or look through quilt books and patterns and plan and my next project. 

The big machine  you see is a Tin Lizzie18 and sits on a 10ft table. This is the machine I use to quilt the designs on completed quilt tops. Quilting consists of sandwiching , starting with the backing material, batting in the middle and your quilt top on the top of these layers. Then I stitch a design through all 3 layers using my Tin Lizzie, which holds it all together. When finished you have a beautiful quilt.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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