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Friday, April 30, 2010

Done with phys therapy today, boy that really hurts, but I know it will help in the long run.

My big plans for the day, work on my new blog, and then taking a short trip to one of my favorite quilt shops, Loose Threads just outside of Milton. Will be going with my sister in law Alice.

Hey, know this might sound boring to some, but for someone who has been laid up for 2wks this is a hugh adventure and looking forward to every second not sitting in recliner and watching TV. Dont know how anyone can stand watching daytime tv for more than an hour.

I have had a very trying past year and 3 months. All started year ago Feb, lost my job due to lay offs after 9years for same employer. Devastated by this went home and cried for 3 days. Then I pulled myself together and decided to start my own little business. So far it is slow going but Im loving it.

September 2009 I was diagonised with colon cancer. Went through surgery October 2009 removed my right side of colon. All Cancer was removed, however, doctors advised I do Chemo for preventative reasons. November had my first Chemo treatment, which after a few weeks put me in hospital, I had toxic reaction to Chemo and am unable to continue any treatments. I was in hospital for 8 days and very near death, but I pulled through. Lost my hair of course and waiting for that to grow back, but feeling very well and confident I will remain cancer free. Even after all that I decided to get my left knee replaced as it has become very difficult to walk any distance at all. My orginal plan was to get knee replaced last year, but the cancer put this operation on hold. Now knee op is done and Im doing well.

Now Im ready to get on with living without drama.

New Beginning

Ive never done a blog before, and thought I would try it. I recently had my left knee replaced and have been laid up for 2 wks now. Hating being inactive.

Im a very active person, usually up by 4 or 5am and ready to start the day. My day usually begins by going to my sewing room and either creating a new quilt or quilting one on my Tin Lizzie long arm quilting machine. Will do this for 1 to 4 hrs depending on how invovled I get.

Have to cut this post short, just realized the time and I have phys therapy this morning. I will come back to the blog later