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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back From Houston

There are no words to explain how wonderful my trip was.

First - I have never flown before and really enjoyed it.  I was a very  brave girl and did not have any anxiety about it. No preset ideas as to how it would be, and I think that might have helped.  I let things happen as the happened and went with the flow.

 I do have to thank Julie Churchill for making my first flight experience stress free.  She got me through the airports, security and onto the planes without any problems.  Even let me have the window seat.  My only problem was getting used to the pressure in the plane, it is really hard to keep your ears popped and in most cases they were just plugged until I got off the plane.

Had I not forgotten to purchase additional batteries for my camera, I would have tried to get pictures of the evening flight with all the city lights below.

The Houston downtown is beautiful and the skyline is amazing. I only have a few pictures of Houston but would like to share a few with you.

I actually had to copy and steal these from one of my friends as I realize I only took one picture of the buildings.  What a shame I didn't get one of the skyline, because it was awesome.

Note to Self:  Take tons of batteries for camera.

My reason for going to Houston - at least what we tell our Husbands, the quilt festival.  I'm told this is the largest quilt show in the world.  If anyone knows of any larger show, please let me know.

oops this one was not suppose to have its picture taken, I didn't see the sign until after I snapped the shot

And Then My Camera Died!!!!!!

I do have more pictures of the rest of the trip and I will post another blog with more details of this awesome amazing trip.


Tracy Johnson said...

I am so jealous but glad you went and shared photos with us. I am so near, (Austin), but yet so far, I could not break away to go sew such beautiful work.

Linda said...

I also took some pics of "no photos allowed" quilts before I noticed the signs! Glad you had fun in Houston - it was SO, SO nice to meet you!!