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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Idle Hands

I have not been working on any new projects physically, but mentally I have so many things going on in my little brain.  Still have not finished the wall hanging, but there is hope to do so by end of this week.

Wayne and I are going on a mini vacation to White Lake, WI, near Antigo.  My brother, Bill and his wife Donna, live there and we are going for a visit.  Wayne's plan, fishing, fishing and fishing with Bill.  My plans to pick the brain of my sister-in-law Donna.  She is a fiber artist - blog "Two Red Threads"  Bill also has a business and blog - "Twisted Branch".  They are both so creative and artistic (must run in the family).  Donna will keep me busy and filling my head with all sorts of things.  She has asked me to quilt a whole cloth, she has an idea about painting on quilted fabric, so will get this whole cloth done before heading out Thursday.

Yesterday our granddaughter Brittany and  great grandson Tayvn, soon to be 3 on June 1st came for a visit.  We had a good visit, and then I took them to lunch at Pizza Hut. Where else would you take a 3 year old for lunch.  He is such a little clown.  Love watching him do his thing.  The facial expressions are priceless.

Today, tackling more weeds.  I manage to get a few pulled everyday, and I've almost got them all.  Ha, darn weeds, I'm gaining on you.  After weeding, shopping for the materials I need to complete wall hanging and doing the whole cloth.  Anxious to see what ideas Donna has come up with for the whole cloth.  Whatever it is, I know it will be terrific.  I will take photos and post for you.

Time to get done blogging, and get busy doing what has to be done so I can get back to quilting and sharing with you.

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