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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day A Day Of Labor

Labor day means a day off for the working class.  

For those of us working from home not so much, but that's OK I'm not complaining.

Early morning - brainstorm, light bulb goes on.

Deena and Ken asked a long time ago for a quilted wall hanging for their new living room.  I did make one previously but just wasn't their style.

This morning I came up with, what I think, the perfect pattern.   I had made a quilt with this pattern before and it turned out great, so why not a wall hanging.

Here are the first few pieces I have done - scrappy for sure, but it will make a really pretty wall hanging.

It takes four of these 4 square blocks to make a wall hanging - total of 16 of the small quarter petals.  I'm hoping to get this finished before the 15th so I can give it to them when they are here for the baby shower family/friend party. If not they will get it when we go to Lexi's birthday party in October.

As usual, when I go looking for stash and scraps I manage to totally destroy any and all boxes that might have that hidden piece I need. You would think one of these days I would get this straightened out and sorted, but every time I start I wind up making another scrappy something or other and it never does get cleaned up.

Stacy and I went to Brittany's new place this morning and helped her do some cleaning and settling, they just moved in this weekend.   Cute house needs a little TLC, but Britt will have it looking fantastic in no time.

She wasn't feeling well the entire time we were there, I hope she doesn't give it to me what ever it is.

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