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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 3 adding sashing

Finished all by 4 patch squares. Next step cut 10, 2.5 " strips, sub cut  into 28, 12.5 " x 2.5 " strips.

Sew a 12.5 x 2.5 " strip between the 12.5x12.5" 4 patch blocks, Again 5 blocks across.

I chose a chocolate brown moda, for my sashing, its your choice of color you would like to use for sashing.

Because I spend so much time placing my blocks in each row, I mark each row at beginning patch with the row number using a piece of masking tape and marking the row number on the tape. This way I don't mix up the patches.  Do this for all 7 rows.

That's all I could do for today. Icing down my knee and giving it a full rest before I do anymore.

You can choose not to add sashing and just sew your blocks together side by side. (see photos and you can decide for yourself)  I prefer adding the sashing as it breaks apart the patches and you can see them better, also will give you a larger quilt.  I am making this one large enough for full size bed.

Wayne has his day planned today, he had the garden rota tilled and is planting tomato plants today.  I think its a little early, but he thinks he will be fine. If not he will be covering the garden at night to keep away any frost.  A friend or ours is going to share our garden this year, so the two of them are out there playing in the garden.

After I finish resting my leg, I am going to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. Maybe pull some more weeds, (darn weeds) and clean flower pots to get ready to plant new flowers.  Not sure when I should plant my flowers, weather keeps changing and still gets pretty cold at night. Don't want to lose any new flowers to a frost.

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