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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Printable Quilt Labels

Free Printable Quilt Labels

Do you label each quilt? I have been asked this question 2 x in the past week.

I am so guilty of NOT doing this, and it has been pointed out to me "how will some one know in the way way future who made the quilt and how old it is".

Good point. I tried remembering all the quilts I have made and given away. Very difficult, I keep counting and recounting, and come up with a different number because I forget one or two and have to restart.

When I first started quilting, I didn't take pictures, (stupid me) and cant remember what year it was made. In my haste to present the quilt to the person it was made for, I just didn't take the little extra time to make a label.

Went on line and found the Free printable Quilt Labels. Maybe I will give that a try.

You can also make your own labels, any size and any style. I think labels would be awesome if they were embroidered, rather than using the fabric pen and handwriting. It all depends on how much time and creativity you want to put into a label.

I have good intentions, starting with my next give away quilt, to put on a label. Let's see if I follow through.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gem Stones By Vicki

Got my machine fixed Monday.  Thank goodness, tech is still in Janesville, just have to call a "service" number and they relay information on to him.

Vicki Oaks, one of my best customers has taken one of my patterns, and changed the position of the squares and has come up with a new "pattern" we are calling Gem Stones.

I know there are more quilt patterns to be discovered from my original Lazy Hour Glass block, just haven't had the time to work on them.

She added a "pillow tuck" to this quilt.  Awesome!!!!!!!!!

I used 3 different stitching designs:  Simple meandering on borders and pillow tuck.  On each square I did a Heart Medallion and in the open point areas I used small loops.

Quilt size is 97x97

She did a fantastic job on this quilt and I think her plans are to enter this in some quilt shows before the year is over.

She has me inspired to start playing with the pattern again to see what other patterns can be made.   I know of at least 2 more variations that I plan on working on soon.

How interesting 4 different patterns (so far) from my first original block pattern and cutting technique.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Now

Why is it when you need it the most something breaks down on Saturday or Sunday so you cant get a hold of service or repair.

That's what happened yesterday. I am 1/3 into quilting on my Tin Lizzie 18LS, and poof, all power to machine shuts down.  I checked all connections, power cord and everything is as it should be.  But not machine will not turn on.

I call my "local" repair guy, and get voice mail "this number is no longer taking calls for Tin Lizzie service call 888 etc. Cripes, now I don't have a local repair guy.  So I call the number of the people who are supposed to be the area "reps" service center in Janesville, same voice mail message.  So I call the 888 number leave a message and hope will hear from them next week.

Normally I would call the dealer who sold this to me, but she has lost her father in past 2 days and do not want to bother her for a while.

So I am sitting here looking at a quilt already to be finished and cant do a dang thing about it until I hear from repair/service department.  I know it is a part that will have to be shipped to me (from California no doubt) and I will have to fix it myself. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I have not had any trouble with my Tin Lizzie for almost a year and now this. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Its going to be beautiful when I get it finished.  Lucky for me a I have an understanding customer, and explained the delay in finishing.  She is OK with the delay.

Hoping I will get up and running no later than middle or end of next week. 

I hate this.

The only good thing that comes from this, as I am working on pastel LS and will have borders on this week and ready to quilt, along with Buggy Barn Bloomers, which is ready to quilt. 

Quilt, quilt,quilt,quilt.  If I say it enough, maybe the little quilt fairies will hear me and put a rush on service people and they will get back to me right a way on Monday.  PLEASE

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kylee's First Sewing Lesson

Today our granddaughter Kylee came to visit me today.
I was hoping she would come soon and spend the day. I had plans for her.

Today I gave her, her first lesson on  machine sewing, and she made a tote bag.

She first had to sew all the strips together to get a piece big enough to cut into a (2) 18.5 x 14 and pockets.

I showed how to sew a straight line, and that's all I had to do, she is a natural. 

Grandma did all the cutting, but she did 95% of the sewing.  She also did some of the ironing needed.

Here are the results:

She wasn't happy with some of her stitches, and insisted on removing and redoing one of the handles.

Look how good she did.

Did I mention she is only 10.

I thought I would have to sit right by her the entire time and keep helping her stay straight.  Nope, she took right off and did it perfect right from the start.


It won't be long and I will have her sewing a quilt.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Have The Best Customers

Last night I received a call from one of my customers, Teri Sellers, asking if I was going to be home for a while, she had something to bring over.

I thought it was going to be another quilt she was ready to have quilted. She has been working on one of my patterns Six Flags.

To my surprise she and her husband, Darran, brought and gave to ME a beautiful quilt ladder he had made.

He does woodworking and made this quilt ladder, he said, "because of all the help I had given his wife".  She is a brand new quilter, and I give her help and advise on some techniques when she needs it.

I cant begin to tell you how beautiful it is and I am so grateful to him for doing this for me.

side view

If anyone would be interested in having him make you one, I would be happy to pass on their phone number.

I plan on taking this with me to my next quilt show and telling everyone where they can order one.

It has so much room on it I can display 4 quilts easily. (holding one rung for one I'm working on now) I own a floor quilt rack, but when you put them on the floor model you really cant see the quilts as well as a quilt ladder, and you can only hang 3. I am so excited about this ladder and how fun it will be when the change of seasons come and I can display quilts of the season.

Darran and Teri thank you so very much, I absolutely love it.  Teri what do you want to learn next? I owe you big time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patriotic Stars Quilt

Vicki is at it again!!!!!!

She made this quilt for her sister-in-law who just made Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.  Good Job.

pledge of allegiance

She chose the Stars and Swirls pattern, good choice.

I have many fine quilt customers, but I always enjoy doing one of Vicki's.  She does such a great job picking her patterns, and fabrics. She also does an excellent job sewing her quilts together and most importantly, squaring them up.  When she brings me a quilt I know it is machine ready.  I don't have to repress top or backing, clean up threads or worry about squaring up. 

Vicki brought me another quilt to do, but need just the right color thread, so taking a trip to quilters store tomorrow.

FYI, I finished the main top of one of my UFOs.  Buggy Barn.  So very glad this is put together, but still need to put on borders before it is finished.   First I have to purchase the fabric.  I rarely buy the fabric for borders at the same time I buy the fabric for the main quilt.  For what ever reason, I like to do the top first and then decide on borders after I see how the rest of the quilt looks.  I have been caught off guard doing this sometimes, as the fabric I decide on, might not be available again by the time I am ready for borders.  Thats just the chance I take in waiting.  Guess I will just have to take trip to the quilt shop too, or checking on line to see if I can find fabric for less $.

Like I said, things are back to normal.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Margie's Flower Wall Hanging

Here's another example of simple, and quick, floral panel with borders added.

She requested simple stitching as she didn't want to spend too much money on this.  Because it was so small I did a little extra stitching using variegated thread, at no additional charge.

Its almost mid day, and I think I will go work on some UFOs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Whew Finally Back To Normal

All the wedding activities behind us, Wayne home from his fishing trip and I'm feeling like everything is finally back to normal.

What is normal?   Who knows.

In between quilting for others, which I love doing, I have 3 UFOs I am working on.

Barn Chix challenge top left.  This is pattern not for the faint of heart.  Top right Stepping Stones.  Bottom right Lightning Strike.   I don't usually have this many projects going all at the same time, but it has just worked out this way because of all the recent activity around here.

I have patterns for reference pinned to a wall hanging just above my sewing machine.  This really helps me when sewing pattern pieces together, especially the Buggy Barn pattern.  I can just look up and there it is.  Notice my Butterfly Pattern still there, I had planned on doing a larger quilt from this pattern, but so far that is on hold until I finish a few of these UFOs.

Guess I better get off the computer and back to sewing.  Maybe I can get the rest of my 20 blocks done of the Buggy Barn today.  Only have 5 more to do.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wiggle Lines

Here's a quilt from Texas, and thanks to one of the blogs I follow I used wiggle lines to quilt it.

"Crafty Sewing & Quilting", check my blogs I follow list.  I visit her blog often and she showed these wiggle lines on some of her quilts and I just had to try it.

The wiggles worked perfectly with this striped pattern.

Thanks again to Marcia from Crafty Sewing & Quilting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its Ok To Cut Corners

What do you do when you need a quilt by the weekend.  Cut corners, and find a pretty panel add borders, take it to your favorite long arm quilter (if she can put you at the head of the stack) bind and your done.

That's what one of my customers did.  Panels can be just as pretty as those 1000's pieced quilts. 

I have done this myself a few times.  Makes for a great present and the receiver (if they don't quilt) thinks you spent hours and hours just for them.

Here's a confession: I take my husband for granted, do you???

Wayne has been gone on a well deserved fishing trip with friends.  While he is away, this is what I have had to do that he normally does, and I don't even think about.

Fill bird feeder, squirrels knocked it right of its post and emptied it.  Now we dont buy a little bag of birdseed, we buy the biggest bag and its heavy.  At least it was only half full when I got to it.  Water flowers, vegetable garden and new grass.  Now that doesn't sound hard, but you gotta see how far I had to pull and haul the hose, just to reach all the flowers and garden and then back again to water the front yard flowers.  Lug and re wrap the hose.  Take the garbage to the curb for next day delivery.  Finish cleaning up back deck from some of the Saturday party.  Again, this doesn't seem like a big job, but before I did this I had to clean the house.  I had been so drained from the Wedding, I rested Monday and there was vacuuming to be done.  Drove our son Toby (new groom) to Madison to pick up his car that had been in repair shop.

Late afternoon, I quilted the above quilt.

By 8 o'clock I felt I had made up for the lost day of Monday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Of The Week

I have been honored as Blog of the week winner through American Quilters Society.

AQS is one of the many sites I try to visit every day or every other day.  They can be found through Face book, search and if you "like" you will receive posts from them.  I enjoy seeing other quilters works and comments through AQS, and I like to post pictures of my quilts.

Much of my computer time is spent viewing my quilters "friends" blogs and websites.  The Internet has become a useful tool for learning and meeting other quilters.

Today is my computer catch up day.  Not much time in past few days to see whats happening in my quilters world, but today I did make up for lost time.


Perfect Day

We had a perfect day, not too hot not too cold and no rain for the wedding

I wont bore you with all the family photos.  And as far a getting a GOOD picture of the happy couple, didn't happen on my camera, hopefully other party guests got better pictures.  Our son Toby is just like his dad, hates to pose for pictures, so a professional photographer was not hired.  No fancy photos for him or bride.  I know our niece took some very nice pictures and she is giving us all copies. 

I am exhausted.  It is Monday and I am still wiped out. 

Saturday Wedding, Sunday clean up from Wedding and then off to great grandson Tavyn birthday party

Love this little guy.   Then home to try and relax and rest up.

Nope not for Wayne, he is packing up this morning to go on a 2-3 day fishing trip to Mississippi. 

I am going to be resting for a day and then back to quilting.

Oh cant wait to get back to my normal routine.