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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Playing With Fabric

Still trying to perfect my Chenille Scarf technique

Using yet a different fabric I made the chenille scarf as instructed and washed and dried again as instructed.

Nope not quite right yet.  I have the layering, sewing and cutting down pat but just need to try one more time getting the right length and look I'm wanting.

I am, however, collecting quite of few practice scarves that are presentable but not what I was looking for just yet.

Chenille on left and made a second scarf with leftover fabrics adding bling to dress it up a bit

My first attempt  like the look just not the length

2nd attempt - getting closer to what I wanted

Been working on my Knot Garden quilt have only 5 more blocks to go and then I can put it together and quilt it.  Sent rough draft of pattern to friends in hopes they can make the block and give me some helpful tips to improve on the pattern.

In the meantime I have running through my head yet another project Im going to be working on with my SIL Donna Kallner.  you can also find her on etsy 

She has given me a few scarves she has made in the past and now I am becoming a scarf person - my mission: finding just the right outfits to go with my scarves, not the right scarves to go with my outfits.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sweet Eye Candy

Yesterday I forgot to get my mail.

After church today I finally got the mail from the box and found a package that was a complete surprise from a classmate Barb Boutwell.

She sent me these wonderful Hawaiian fabrics - and that is what I call Eye Candy

These will go into my cupboard of other fabrics, Until, I decide how best to use them.  It takes days, weeks, months and sometimes a year to finally hit me as to how to use fabrics in just the right pattern.

I will look at them almost everyday - because I actually do go into that cupboard practically everyday to look, pick and chose for my projects.

I know one morning I will be jumping out of bed grabbing these and start cutting and sewing.

Thanks thanks thanks Barb - I love them and will make something so very special from them.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Christmas Quilts

Since Thanksgiving I have been making 5 t-shirt quilts from Wayne's shirts.

Today was our family Christmas and I can now show the rest of the world what I did for my kids and 2 of our granddaughters.




Brittany our oldest granddaughter

Kylee because she was so very close to her grandpa  She actually held his hand while he passed away in the hospital

This label was on each quilt and changed the last part to Grandma 2013 for the granddaughters

Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Block and Quilt In The Making

The other day I came up with a new block and totally different way to make it.

I'm now in the process of making a lap quilt from this new block.  Here is the progress so far.

18 of 30 blocks completed in last couple of days.

Thinking of calling this Dosey Doe or  Pinwheels Revealed - what do you think????

The entire time I'm working on this I'm reflecting the last year and even more so the last few weeks.

It has been a very difficult time, as I'm sure you could imagine.

The holidays are so depressing at times and joyous at others.  I will be glad when all of the holidays are done for a while.  Love being with my family, but there is always that reminder that someone is missing.

Stacy and Toby have been a great help to me, but then there are times that I'm just alone and have too much time on my hands and my mind.  So I try to keep busy, but a person can not sew 24/7 even though sometimes if feels like I do.

If I didn't have my sewing you would find me in a loony bin within a few days.

Tomorrow is our "family" Christmas with our kids and grand kids.  I am looking forward to that, but also looking forward to it being over.

Done sewing for the day and now Im going to make my "FAMOUS" Tom and Jerry Mix for tomorrow.

A Christmas favorite with my family and the recipe was handed down to me by my mom.  It was a secret recipe for years.

When Mom and step dad Rollie, owned The Roost Tavern, she would serve Tom and Jerry's with this recipe and would never ever tell anyone how to make it.  It took 10 years after the sale of the tavern before she finally gave it to me.  Under an oath of secrecy.  LOL I have since passed it on to a very few people, mostly my kids, and also with an oath of secrecy.

It is beyond any T & J mix you can purchase - believe me - there is no comparison.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Practice First

Im trying to perfect making chenille scarves - it is taking a couple of practice ones to figure out how to make them MY way.

Here are my first 2 attempts and now I have the right idea - ordered more affordable fabric on line and cant wait until it comes to make more fun fun scarves.

same scarf just different lighting

Second attempt and now I think I have it all figured out.  

Last night spent the evening with Toby, Sarah, Kylee and Gus where we enjoyed a wonderful meal and great fun playing with Gus.  Menu:  Lobster, Scallops, Steak and rolls.  Of course I ate too much!!!

Time to get cleaned up, head out and drink wine with Bert while he cooks for us today. Menu Prime Rib etc. 

My family is making sure I get plenty of good food this holiday season.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE - I hope everyone has a very special and joyous day.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nope Still Here!!!

Betcha thought I had disappeared or gone south for the winter.  Nope

You know what time of year it is and you know what that means.  Busy sewing up a storm and quilting for others so they all have their presents ready for Christmas.

In between playing with my own fabrics.

Quilting for others is always a pleasure and when I know its a Christmas present I really enjoy finishing their quilts.

Yesterday morning I finished quilt one for a dear friend Julie:  It took 2 days but so worth it.

stencil diamonds

piano keys borders

you can see here the different stitches I used

I addition to sewing and quilting, Annette Vance and I hosted at my house a Christmas party for some of our quilting buddies

Everything else I have been doing you cant see until after Christmas.............  Including some customer quilts that we cant reveal just yet,

Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sew Creative

Customer quilt - she designed this and used scraps. No this is not a test pattern but the number of a race car.

How clever of her - yes?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Counting Down The Days

Its that time of year where we are all counting down the days to Christmas.

For some its to be certain we have all our shopping done -  I can proudly say I'm done with the shopping and the wrapping.  

For quilters its "can I get just one more quilt made before Christmas"?.  The answer to that is yes there is still time.

I just finished a customer quilt this morning.

I found this quilting stitch on one of my website that I visit - watched a brief video and liked it so gave it a try on my own.

Simple but adds just a little extra something to this quilt.

For now all the customer quilts are done and now I can start to concentrate on what I think I'm going to be doing for our Christmas. 

There is always time to make plans and even change those plans if necessary - no rush no stress just keep counting down the days!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt For Indiana

This is one large t-shirt quilt, but oh so nice.  Someone is going to love this Christmas Present.

64x105 - quilted with large meandering.

After doing my sewing and quilting since 4am - showered picked up Annette Vance and we headed for Janesville where I got my new glasses ordered and prescription sunglasses -which by the way - I use for driving only - OH wow you are all so lucky I didn't see you (or not see you) while driving.

Could not believe the difference in having a pair of glasses that actually let me read the road signs.

Don't laugh, I had my other glasses for quite a few years and from the day I got them I never ever had a clear vision while driving.  I could see cars of course, but road signs or street signs - always a blur until I was right on top of them.  I had complained to my previous eyeglass shop and they adjusted them and sent me on my way still not seeing correctly.

Never going back to that shop again!!!!!  I always knew something was drastically wrong with my glasses but they wouldn't listen to me.

The regular glasses will be here in about 7 days and cant wait to see (no pun intended) how they will be.

Mind you Ive been doing OK with the glasses but again, I waited too long to get my eyes checked.

At the cost of glasses I have always put off visiting the eye doctor until I couldn't stand it anymore.  Its like when you know you should change the blade in your rotary cutter but keep telling yourself, I can cut well enough and then you change it . Wow you say "why did I wait so long"?

After spending $$$$$$ for glasses - went to lunch - then Annette stopped at Bath and Body and I dropped a few more coins.

I had an entire shopping list I was going to be certain to get, however, after glasses, BB and oh yeah bought some really nice earrings (didn't need but wanted) - I cut my list in like half and proceeded to pick up just what was necessary.

I will have to quilt a few more quilts for customers before I complete my shopping list.

At least I have enough food to keep me nourished for a few more weeks, then I'm eating cat food.

LOL  not really things aren't that bad, but if I don't keep my debit card in my wallet I'm going on an even more severe diet.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Buggy Barn Baskets

Margie made another BB baskets quilt -- I just got a new panto and thought how perfect for this quilt.

Cute cute cute quilt and cute cute cute panto  "Gerber Daisy's"

Today I had a dr appointment for usual annual checkup, mammogram, and also got flu shot and a Whooping Cough shot.

Wow does that shot hurt now - no problem getting it but my arm is so sore - Had no idea my arm would hurt so bad.

Wanted to get this last year and put it off - seeing as how I'm watching Gus I wouldn't want to take a chance on getting this and passing on to him.

Next step is the shingles shot but they said I should wait a couple of weeks before getting that one.  Hmmmm seems to me that one is going to hurt too.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Progress One Day At A Time

Cute bed runner for customer and Friend Linda

Neighbor down the street called (her name is Linda too) asked if I had time to do a small quilt for her.

No problem bring it over -

60x42 - no problem getting this cutie done today

Still have a couple of other customer quilts to do - and another one coming in next week.  

You can tell its almost Christmas, everyone is getting their last minute sewing done - me included.

Not complaining at all - all of this sewing and quilting helps make the days go faster, but sometimes it seems like the days are just rushing by.

Don't you just wish sometimes you had your camera in your hands 24/7 - that happened to me today

While taking a break I look out my kitchen window and see a red fox passing through the yard.  So pretty against the snow. I watched until he was out of sight.

Been seeing deer in the backyard daily - 2 doe and a buck - I'm sure deer hunters would love to live where I do.  No way do I want anyone shooting my deer.  I enjoy seeing them and wonder where they are when they don't come to visit me.

Always brightens my day when they stop and eat the fallen apples in my backyard.

When I see them I think of Wayne, he enjoyed watching them too.   For many years he would go deer hunting, but after a while, he just didn't enjoy killing them, and I was happy.  

When we moved here, and would see them so often he would look forward to their visit too except when they wanted to feast on his garden.

A high fence surrounding the garden and everyone was happy, the deer with their apples and us watching them.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Plenty Going On Here

I have to almost laugh at myself and I have so many projects going on this time of year.

Yesterday a friend of mine (Linda) came over with some florals and a sleigh she wanted decorated.

Pretty huh?? She has to pick up some more small greens to fill in the sides but for now I would steal from her wouldn't you.

Here is a baby quilt I just quilted for her - she dropped it off the other day but had to bring me the backing and batting.  I got up early this morning and quilted it for her.

After quilting I decided to make yet another wreath

Still have a bed runner to quilt for Linda and another customer quilt to be quilted by end of this week.

In addition to all of my own little projects I'm working on  for Christmas.

Like I said plenty going on here.  I never have a dull moment lately.  And that is Just Fine With Me.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Little Projects

Playing around in my sewing room - Like I don't have anything else to do.

Made these cute little makeup bags.  Surprise for some one  - not saying who !!!!!!!

Wrapped a few Christmas presents last night.  The tree always look better once there are a few presents under it.

Much to do today, but first company is coming around 1 this afternoon, so better get my shower over with.  Yes that's right I'm still in nightie.

I will never get out that terrible habit of sewing before dressing.  Ive been caught a few times still not dressed, and keep telling myself I should dress first and then play.  But that is no fun at all.  The challenge is can I stay in Jammie's and make a quick change just before people start showing up.

For someone that lives alone I sure can make a mess out of one simple task of wrapping presents.  Better pickup the house and vac. Oh can anyone say boring!!!!!!

Im wondering after the holidays will I be as busy as I am now.  I hope so, the days are flying by and before you know it, it will be another year.

Who would have thought this year would have ended the way it did.

It will be interesting to see what 2014 brings.

I know I have said it before and I will say it again, I have the best people looking out for me and love them all so much.

XOXOXOXO to all of you

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanks To Kylee

I have my house all decorated for Christmas thanks to my beautiful and very tall granddaughter Kylee.

With her doing the tree there was no need for a step ladder - so I let her do the tree, I decorated a little outside and the rest of the house inside.

There is more to see but you get the idea

Next we made another wreath I started it and Kylee helped me put on the decorations.

Present for ?????