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Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Short Story

Customers quilt used panto  Diamonds Are Forever

Lap quilt for Rock Valley Quilters Guild - raffle quilt - used same panto Diamonds Are Forever

I have the best little grandson Gus -  told him Gma has to get some sewing done today so I cant play with you.  He spent the time with me - sitting at my sewing machine and playing games on Ipad -  brought some of his toys in there just to be close to me - then he went into dining room and played with dinosaurs and playdoh until I was done, took small lunch break with him.  He never complained once -  now he is napping

Love this little guy!!!!

The End!  told you it was a short story

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Guess Not!

Sometimes our plans change just because!

For example - a quilt intending to be given as a gift is no longer being gifted.  The maker and owner of this quilt wanted something special done with the quilting, so I did.

Starting with feathers, matchstick, pebbles, flowers and stippling I gave it my all.

Because the quilter is also a friend I kept sending her pictures while the quilting was in progress.

After seeing the work and overall design from the quilting she has decided Not to give it away but to keep it for herself.  I consider that a huge compliment.  According to another friend our friend has dug through her other completed quilts and will be gifting one of those.

These are some of the pictures I sent her before completion

Each block was an embroidered flower - pretty!  I guess I can see why she might want to keep this one.
Enjoy it Ruth

As some of you know a couple of my friends and I went to a tuffet class - whats a tuffet you say - well here they are along with class photos

Now after seeing our tuffets -and  before we went back to put them all together I made each of my friends a tuffet pin cushion  I just felt if we own a tuffet we as sewers should also own  a tuffet pin cushion

You know I really should write in my blog more often because in between I am doing so much that the blog is becoming like a short story book - so keep reading if you will.  There is more to tell.

Candy (my friend)  and I have been popping up in the most unusual places.

The other night we went to Madison to the Aveda "Trashion show"   for months my dil Sarah has been collection (and thanks to my friends I helped) plastic grocery bags. What for you say?   For a crochet dress -  the purpose to enter in the "Trashion Show" where all the garments were to be made by recycled materials.

It was most interesting as to what they made -  I will start with Sarah's creation modeled by my beautiful granddaughter Kylee

And the lovely designer Sarah

Can you believe the dress is all from plastic bags -  its amazing and the work that went into it cutting all those bags and spending all the hours crocheting it not to mention putting it all together -  Applause Applause Sarah.  Sadly she was only 5 votes away from first place  - but wait until next year - we will see hehehehehe

Here are all the entrants 1-13

this was the first place winner 

first place or not - to me - the Sarah team is First Place
and the dress will be shown again - Aveda has asked Sarah if they could use the dress in another show
pretty good huh?

I dont do selfies much but here is one I did do at the show with Candy

Now you would think I'm done right -  Not quite -  my last commissioned quilt is a "booster towel" quilt.

Never before have I made a terry towel quilt - and I might say - never again.   

It was quite the challenge but its finished and the customer is pleased

Am I done yet - well yes other than - remember Candy and I are popping up all over.  Last night we went to a play at the Janesville Performing Arts Center - a friend of ours was one of the actors and we had never seen her act before..

Date night with Candy we first went out to eat and then to the play.  (your lucky no pictures lol)  the name of the play is See How They Run.  And it was  really fun.

Its becoming almost like a game where will you find me next -  today is another where is she going day -  now to some its just another day of shopping for necessities - I'm talk support for the girls - what?  Yes bra shopping -  why do I mention this because Candy and Annette and I are make a production out of it.  How - by going to a shop that actually measures you - not an off the rack hope it fits kind of support.  These  "girls" of mine need  more attention than just pulling a bra off the rack.   Now picture the 3 of us getting fitted for our "girls"  - I better wear depends or bring extra pants along I think its going to be hilarious.

And no there wont be pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sue's Mini Quilt Show

This has been fun, quilting a few of Sue Haskins smaller projects - sit back and enjoy the show!

 Now wasn't that fun?  

And today will be another fun and productive day - I hope!!!!  -  its a sew day at Candy's completing the tuffet tops with Candy, Julie and myself

Should be interesting to see if we remember what we did last Sunday.