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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Double Sided

#3 of 11 finished this morning.  Customer requested large simple meandering stitch and don't trim the sides.

She made a custom backing for this one, and the back could be the front etc.:


Whats interesting about this pattern, just by laying blocks differently you can come up with anywhere from 4 to possibly 6 different quilts.  She showed me pictures before sewing together of 4 possibilities.  This is one pattern I am going to use. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

2 down 9 more to go

There's a new addict in town and her name is Vicki.

As fast I can quilt them, she has another one done and ready for the quilting.  Love it.

Here is her second quilt I finished this morning.  This is the one I started and then ripped out rows of stitching because I didn't like the pattern.  This turned out sooooooo much better than what I started with.

Called Vicki to let her know finished, and she will be over to pick up today, and drop off another one she just finished.    She is definitely addicted as I am.  She is working on another one already, and the way she finishes them will probably have done by the time I get the next one quilted. 

She is the customer everyone dreams of.  Need a few more like her and I would be set.   Between her and Nettie, they will be my biggest customers.  Gotta love it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hubby's New Quilt

Now that the quilt show is done, I let Wayne have his new quilt.  Put it on the bed today.  Looks great.  One problem, soon to be resolved.  I have to make a matching table cloth for the side table next to bed.  The one there now is a match to previous quilt.

You might remember this one, 4 Patch Mint Chip, previously blogged from beginning to end.

Also going to get new curtains.  Been way too long since I did anything new in the bedroom.

FYI, if you think quilters don't make mistakes or change their minds while doing your quilts, you are wrong.

I started a new one for customer, did 4 rows before I decided I just didn't like the pattern I was using.  So spent the last 10 hours removing(carefully) the stitching.  Believe me when I say, once a quilt is put together, it is never coming apart.  If you ever had to remove stitching you would know what I'm talking about.  I should have stopped after first row, but thought it would look better with a few more rows.  I was mistaken, I just didn't like the way it looked.  I'm sure the customer would have been OK with it, but if I'm not happy with the pattern, I don't think the customer will be either.  Much prefer doing the extra work to get it right than to pass along with a so so stitching.

Today wont be the day to quilt.  Babysitting little Tavyn again.  He is now watching the Princess and the Frog, so will be occupied for a short time.

I'm also expecting Kelli, friend from Ft Wayne. She is coming for a second lesson on how to attach binding. She and her husband Bill came yesterday morning, and we went for breakfast.  Then came home for a lesson, but we ran out of time before they had to leave for a school soccer meet in Milwaukee.  She now knows how to attach binding to front by machine, today learning the hidden hand stitch.

This is going to be one busy day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My cousin has just become a grandpa again.  So if he is my cousin then his kids are my second cousin, does that now make his kids children 3rd cousins?  I get all confused on this but I think that's the way it goes.

Anyway, he has a new little girl, Evelyn Grace Tonelli, and she is a doll (of course) http// pictures on my fb.

I didn't realize, but Evelyn is his mothers middle name.  My aunt Dee, passed away years ago, but remember her always, and her husband uncle Pete. 

When I was young, every summer I would spend at least a week or two in  Dalzelle Illinois visiting with them, and grandma and grandpa.  These are special memories to me.

We moved to Wisconsin from Peru Ill, when I was very young.  I remember going to kindergarten in Ill, and then moving to first Whitewater, lived in 3 different homes in Whitewater and finally settling in Edgerton.

Seeing his new little granddaughter has made me very nostalgic today.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lazy Day

Well it finally happened.  I'm pooped.  Taking the day off.  Gonna sit and watch crappy TV, work on computer and just sit and relax.  Woke up this morning feeling like that's it, not going to push myself today.  I did manage to clean the quilting machine, after 6 quilts in a row, it was becoming pretty dusty.  Even though I clean it each time it is used, I did a deep clean, removed parts and pieces to get at the lint that collects in inner parts.

I did go to Loose Threads with Dee Dee.  She was buying I was looking.  Now I'm sitting in my recliner and that's where I plan on staying for a good part of the day.

I finally took the pictures of Nettie's new quilt, Turning Twenty, with tone on tone color.

I did a various size tear drop swirl.  I have used this stitching in border before, and thought "how would this look all over" ?   I loved it.  As I was quilting along I would change the size of pattern and this made it fun and interesting all at the same time.  Nettie didn't care for the colors in the quilt, thought it was too bland, but after I finished the quilting, it really made it pop.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blue Boy Quilt

Bet you thought I would be taking a break after the show.  NOT. Finished this quilt this morning around 8am.  Started around 5, couldn't wait to see the finished quilt.
3 different stitching used, Landscape/ripples in the water, swirls and large scallops.

Another busy day planned.  After finishing the quilt, cleaned the sewing room (again). Putting away all the quilts I took to the show.  Now Wayne and I have to clean the rest of house, company coming.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

2010 Quilt Show

Long awaited day arrived and I was ready.  Went last night to set up, when I got there this morning, decided didn't like the way it looked, so redid the whole thing.

It was a success, at least I think so.  Well organized and well run.  Lots of foot traffic and I greeted each and every person that came by my booth.  I was please when people commented on the quilts of my customers hanging in the show and of course the quilts displayed in my booth area.

Good news some people recognized me and had many people stay and talk with me.  Lets hope I get some new customers from all this.  Did manage to sell 2 table runners.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Awe Cute

Customer baby quilt:  Nursery Rhymes, so cute:

Customer brought this to me last night she usually quilts her own on her small machine, but in a hurry so asked me to put a rush on it.  I used wiggly lines, scallops around the nursery rhymes, and small stippling around name and birth information squares.

I also quilted a 70 x 85 for friend Nettie, this morning, but have not taken pic, yet.    Will be machine sewing the binding on for her tomorrow morning.  Nettie doesn't do her own bindings, because see is my bff and has given me so much business, I do them for her.

I am getting excited and anxious for tomorrow night.  This is the night we go and set up the display for Saturday quilt show.  I'm as ready as I'm every going to be. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kelli's Tshirt Quilt

Took some photos of the quilt, didn't open all the way up just did a few quick pics

The quilt is quite large 92x95 and weighs a ton, it seems. So I only took a few photos of it before boxing up for customer.  Used a very large meandering as this seems to be the best stitch on tshirts.  This quilt was difficult to stitch as some of the tshirts really wanted to pucker more than usual.  I had to be especially careful and guide the material to prevent puckers. 

Today I started to load another quilt, got the backing on and when I was ready for the batting, discovered customers batting had a large dirt spot. Like some one had dragged across the floor.  So I had to hand wash the dirty spot and now waiting for it to dry before I can finish loading the quilt on the quilter.  This will be the first project tomorrow morning.  I won't be exercising the rest of week, too much to do before Saturday.

Met with new customer this morning (after I finished cleaning).   Small world, she knows our daughter Stacy.

Looking forward to working with her, we spent quite some time together talking quilts of course, and other people we both know.

Hopefully, will get both quilts done by Friday and get everything else ready for Saturday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let The Fun Begin

Finished the tshirt quilt, haven't take pic of it yet.  Worked until 8pm tonight and just not up to laying out and photographing it.

Received a call from potential new customer this afternoon.  She is bringing a quilt to me tomorrow and has plans on having 11, yes Eleven done by Christmas.  So tomorrow, not going to exercise class, must clean the sewing room and make it look pretty for her.  Right now it looks like a tornado went through.  I have material laying all over my cutting board from the table runners I'm working on, threads all over the floor, quilts in plastic bags under my quilter, these will be taken to the quilt show and need to be stacked neatly someplace. There is even pieces of material on the ironing board, binding for another table runner. In other words, WHAT A MESS.  I usually clean up after myself as soon as finished with project, but this week has been so hectic, just been working with and around the mess.  I really don't like working in a mess but because of time issue I've had to endure just to keep up with all that needs to be done.

Wayne was nice enough to cook supper for us tonight, as he knew I was trying to finish the quilt before the evening was over.  He really is a good guy.  Need to tell him this more often.  Note to self, appreciate your hubby more and give him big hug and kisses.

Going to have a dish of ice cream and relax for a little while before bed.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can I be doing too much

For the past 2 weeks, this week being the worst.  My left thumb is throbbing.  Feels like "carpel tunnel" not that I've ever had it before, but by the description from those that have this impairment, def feels like I now have it.  I have been pushing myself to prepare for the upcoming quilt show, and doing customized quilts for others. 

Perhaps, without knowing it, I have been putting too much pressure on my left hand.  I really don't think I had done this, but cant think of any other reason I should be having such pain.

Last night I had to push through the pain and hand sew the binding on 2 table runners, needed for my booth at the show.  Still working on place mats and more runners.  My goal is to do as many as possible for sale by Saturday.

 Used Green sashing and binding on these 2 runners.

This morning I sewed, but have not yet quilted 4 place mats.

Because of the throbbing in thumb, thought maybe today, give it a rest.

So, went for breakfast with friends.  Came home, made beef stew to simmer on stove. Watched the Packers lose again, and made an apple pie. 

Hopefully tomorrow, my hand will be rested enough to get more quilting done.  Even if it isn't, I am still going to be quilting.  I still have the large t-shirt quilt to complete and get mailed back to Ft Wayne.

Wayne is upset with me, as he puts it, "don't know when to quit".  He is right, I am pretty stubborn when it comes to finishing what I start.  Not sure if this is a good trait to have or not, but I have always been that way.  Drives me crazy when I have unfinished projects.  And even when I'm finished, I think of something else to work on and start the process all over again.

 Like I said I'm an addict, and probably need help.

That darn pink bunny has nothing over me. I just keep going and going and going.  But you know, I am happier when I'm busy.  So whats a little pain. :)  Besides a person can rest when they're dead, I plan on doing all I can every day.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stretched Thin

Today I am feeling anxious and stretched too thin.  Only one more week before the quilt show and I have many things to do before I am completely ready.   All the display quilts are ready, and I put the pocket on my show quilt yesterday.  However, I am now working on as many table runners and place mats as I can possibly make before the show.

Up at the crack of dawn and down to the sewing room, where I put together 2 table runners and they are now on the long arm, and 1/3 finished.  

Bless Wayne's little heart, he made breakfast again and called me up from sewing room.  So I'm taking a break and catching up on emails, and blogging.  Then its time to get dressed, back to sewing room, break at 1pm.  Taking my show quilt to the drop off location where a group of the quilt committee is accepting the quilts and getting them ready for the show.

After leaving drop off, must run to Janesville pick up batting for a t-shirt quilt sent to me by friend form Ft Wayne IN. 

Sometime soon, I have to pay attention to my house again.  It needs another vacuuming.  Wayne was supposed to do this yesterday, but he got busy with his own thing and forgot.  Dang it, I knew I he would forget while I was gone with the girls yesterday. 

Took all the lumberjacks out for fish fry last night.  All had a good time and good meal. 

Well, break is over back to work.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Road Trip

Went on road trip today with my BFF Nettie and sister-in-law Dee Dee.  Stopped in Rio to visit with baby Lexi. 

She still loves her gma, had smiles for gma and settled right into my arms.  So precious.  Nettie and Dee Dee enjoyed holding and cooing to her.

Then off we go on a mission.  Went to Waunakee to Mill House Quilt Shop.  I got so excited when I saw Asian/Oriental fabrics.  Had to hold back on buying anything. I could have come out of there with yards and yards of gorgeous material.  Looking to make a quilt for Toby's (son) girlfriend Sarah.  She is going to be decorating bedroom, and thinking of using Oriental fabs for bed quilt.  I couldnt contain myself when I saw the broad selection in this shop had to call Sarah  to tell her all about them, now she is all excited.  Cant wait to take her up there to see what materials she picks out.

I pulled into my driveway and UPS driver came in right behind me.  Brought me a quilt to be quilted from my friend in Ft Wayne IN.  Its a biggy 92x95. 

Last night went to Friendship Stars Quilt Guild meeting, and had a great time.  So many beautiful quilts were brought in for show and tell.  I didn't bring one this meeting but I will the next.  After leaving the guild meeting, I was inspired to make more quilts.  Like I need another one, but once you see  other peoples quilts you want to make more.  Its addictive.  Some day I might have to join a group like AA for quilters.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winter Quilt

Just finished the customized quilt for Margie, entering in show.  Took 13 hours to do, but I think it was worth it.

I never even got out of nightie today, started right in working on this quilt, stopped long enough for breakfast that Wayne cooked for us and then back to the quilt.   Too late to get dressed now, so I'm ready for bed.