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Sunday, August 19, 2012

August CT Sunday Sew In

Yesterday I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the monthly Connected Threads Sunday Sew In.

This morning (way too early 3:00) eyes popped open and my mind kicked in.  Why couldn't I just roll over and go back to sleep.  Because that is not how my quilting mind works.  Once I get an idea in my head I either have to get up write it down and hope I can go back to sleep, or get up and start cutting and sewing.

The cutting and sewing won out this morning.  First step, start looking through stash for the colors I had in mind.

Fall is in the air.  Yes already.  The cool nights are telling us.

What better colors to work with.

I was going to attempt making a decorative quilt flag to hang outside, but instead, will be making a wall hanging for the living room.  There is a blank wall that needs something to fill the void.

The cutting and sewing began and this is what I have accomplished so far:

I have the circles appliqued to the squares - choices - leave as is and sew it together adding borders quilt and done.  Cut the squares in half shuffle the colors and assemble that way.  Cut into quarters, again shuffle the colors and assemble.  And lastly - cut into quarters and make a Drunkards Path.

Looked at it over and over and still cant decide which way I want to go with this.  Right now it looks pretty good as is, but it seems too simple.  

As the day goes on I'm sure I will finally make up my mind which way to finish this.

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