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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quilting For Donna

Another completed one for SIL Donna Kallner aka
using her gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.

Variation Rail Fence pattern - quilted with panto Fern Gully -  one of my favorite pantos.

Love the movement this stitching gives the quilt.

Yesterday took Gus outside and we played for 3 hrs.  Blowing bubbles - writing with sidewalk chalk, played in sandbox -  I wonder if he was as tired as I, when he got home.

Its so beautiful out again today, after nap time we will head back out. 

Now I have the entire pond fenced in - not to keep out birds of prey this year, but to keep Gus out.  He is so curious now and moves a lot faster than gma thinks possible.  The other day he climbed up the backside of the pond and was looking down into the water,  Yikes - scared the ....... out of me.

Hence - more fencing has been purchased and installed - giving this lady less stress.  

It might even be possible to do some minor yard work while he plays this afternoon.  I wont have to be constantly watching the pond.

That doesn't mean I can take my eyes off him for a minute, those little legs can really travel and before you know it he is not where he was seconds ago.

Hmmmm still considering dog harness.  Although at this point I don't think it would work for him.  Smarty pants would probably figure out how to get out of it.

He manages to take everything apart now.   Toys have a new look after he get through redesigning them.

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