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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trees Up

Trees Up pattern by Pieces From My Heart  I tried something new for photo, went outside as I am always complaining about the lighting in my house.  Don't know if any better outside. Shaded on Deck, will try later when sun hits the deck and see if it improves how photos turn out.

This quilt is only 54 x 59 size, but took as long as a big one to quilt.  I customized by doing straight diagonal lines on border and tiny loops in center.  This took over 6 hours to quilt on my long arm.  Normally a small quilt like this takes about 2 to 3 hours with simple stitching.  I really feel this was worth the extra time taken.

Wayne has been working on display racks for the upcoming quilt show and my booth.  One is finished, except he has to put on side chains.  Once these chains are finished I am going to bring in from garage and arrange quilts on it to see how the display will work.  Looking forward to see how this all works out.

Today we are awaiting our 6th grandchild.  Mom and Dad are at hospital waiting for delivery.  So will be staying close to home for phone call from hospital.  It is a girl, we know that, and still no name has been decided upon.  Hope they will name it by the end of day.  

When I was having children, 100 years ago, we never knew the sex before delivery, but at least we had names ready, one for boy one for girl.   They have had 9 months to think about it, wouldn't you say they could have come up with a name in that time.  Oh well, what will be will be. 


Abracadebra Designs said...

Wow, That is one loveley quilt. You are very talented. Congrats on your grandchild! I was just informed that in about 5 months, I will have a new niece or nephew.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Thanks, I checked out your blog, your work is beautiful. Added you to my following, going to be checking more of your work and if I am ever in need I will def be contacting you to purchase. Again, your work is outstanding