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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sewing With Kylee Friday

We got a late start today.  Didn't even begin until around 1:30, so the day was over before we began.

She is doing great.  She did become a little frustrated doing the black block. Working with much smaller pieces than the red 9 patch, this requires 1.5" pieces and sewn to a 2.5" block.  She had to do a lot of unsewing, but she stuck with it.   I could tell it was bothering her and she was losing patience, so we quit for the day.  Told her when you just aren't into it, you stop and do it another day.  I don't want her to get so frustrated she looses interest in sewing.  Before we quit, she was making perfect blocks again, so next time she is over I'm sure she will want to sew longer.

By the way this picture is a truer color.  The last block I posted, looked pinkish.

After sewing, she wanted to pick vegetables from our garden.  She picked the cucumbers and tomatoes and started the carrots.   All of a sudden she let out a YIKES, she had uncovered a bunny nest in the carrots and there was a baby bunny which surprised her and scared her a little bit. Another was hopping around under some plants. After that she didn't want to pick anymore veggies.  Laughing, said OK, we had enough for the day anyway.

She kept chattering how cute it was but she didn't want to go near it.  I have more fun with her, she is such a funny kid.  Enjoy every minute we spend together.

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