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Monday, March 21, 2011

Look Familiar??????

One of my customers had left overs from her last quilt, so she made a crib size quilt for the same couple.

She said there is no baby yet, and none planned but thought they could just store it away for the day when they do.

Leftovers, or scraps from fabrics can make equally as nice a quilt and the original.  I have so much scraps I could probably make 4 or more quilts without any problems.

Now for the exciting news, Toby our son age 40ish, has finally found the perfect girl (and I do mean the perfect girl for him) and has announced they are getting married this year June 11th.  THIS YEAR!!!!!

No stress involved, it is going to be so low key.  Wedding in our backyard, casual dress, he is wearing shorts, as are the best man and grooms man  Not sure what the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaid will wear, but I think it might be a bit more than shorts.  Pig feed and dishes to pass.   Now that's my kinda wedding.  No hugh plans, no big expense and minimal stress involved. 

Of course, being the mother of the groom and hosting at our home, it will be a little stress level for me to make this PIG FEED as nice as I possibly can and yet stay within in their wishes of no frills and fuss.

I am so excited.  Wayne and I were just not sure he would ever get married, but I had my hopes it would be Sarah.   WELCOME SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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